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Request for Proposals for a Consultancy Assignment on End of Project Evaluation for Multi-Country South Asia Global




 Reference No: 2018/02


A Consultancy Assignment on End of Project Evaluation for Multi-Country South Asia Global Fund HIV Programme for APCOM based in Bangkok, Thailand


Multi-Country South Asia (MSA) HIV Programme

“Reducing the Impact of HIV on MSM and Transgender Populations in South Asia”



Dear Sir/Madam,


APCOM hereby invites RFP from individual professionals or firms for a consultancy assignment to conduct End of Project Evaluation for Multi-Country South Asia Global Fund HIV Programme under the Multi-Country South Asia HIV Programme, where Save the Children-Nepal  is the Principle Recipient and APCOM is Regional Sub-Recipient.


The contract period is from 01 September 2018 to 21 September 2018  (inclusive). The recruited Consultant is expected to develop detailed study paper on the MSA programme 2014 -2017, including but not limited to success stories, challenges and failures. In order to prepare a responsive proposal, interested consultants or firms are expected to examine in detail the RFP documents:

Annex 1. Proposal Instruction Sheet (PIS)

Annex 2. Terms of Reference (TOR)

Annex 3. Evaluation Methodology and Criteria

Annex 4. Format of Technical Proposal

Annex 5. Format of Financial Proposal

Annex 6. Proposed Sample of Contract


The interested consultants or firms will be selected based on the Evaluation Methodology and Criteria indicated in Annex 3.


This letter is not to be construed in any way as an offer to contract.



Yours sincerely,


Kularb Khongtaisong

Senior Finance Officer

APCOM Secretariat



  1. Proposal Instruction Sheet (PIS)



Instruction to Proposers

Specific Requirements


Deadline for Submission of Proposals

Date and Time: 7 September 2018, Friday, 6:00 PM

City and Country: Bangkok, Thailand (for local time reference, see

This is an absolute deadline, proposal received after this date and time will be rejected.


Manner of Submission

☒ Electronic submission of Proposal (PDF converted file) only



Address for Proposal Submission


Your offer comprising of technical proposal and financial proposal, must be completely separated and submitted in two (2) separate files with clear subject as [Financial Proposal: RFP ref No: ] and [Technical Proposal: RFP ref No: ]


Both the proposals should reach the following email address


Technical Proposal

Finance Proposal


Not later than 7 September 2018


Language of the Proposal


English. The Proposal as well as related correspondence should be written in English.



Proposal Currencies





Proposal Validity Period commencing after the deadline for submission of proposals


5 days



Technical proposal


Technical proposal shall not include any financial information. A technical proposal containing financial information may be declared non responsive. Consultants or firms must use the forms included in this RFP.



Financial Proposal

The financial proposal shall be prepared using the proposed RFP forms (can add rows for new line items)



Clarifications of solicitation documents


Requests for clarification shall be submitted 3 days before the deadline for submission of proposal.



Contact address for requesting clarifications on the solicitation documents


Requests for clarification should be addressed to the e-mail address:

Proposers must not communicate with any other personnel of APCOM regarding this RFP.

This Email Address is for clarifications only. Do not send or copy your proposal to this e-mail address, doing so will disqualify your proposal.


Opening of proposals


 APCOM will open the Technical Proposals in the presence of an Evaluation Committee formed in accordance with its Operational Manual




Refer to Annex 3




Negotiation in the RFP is allowed with the short-listed suppliers only. The purpose of the negotiation is to help and clarify ambiguities, correct mistakes, discuss on technical matters, deficiencies in order to improve in both the technical and financial aspects of the offers.




Award of contract


APCOM reserves the right to accept or reject any Proposal, and to annul the solicitation process and reject all Proposals at any time prior to award of contract, without any obligation to provide any notice, explanation or justification therefore.

Prior to expiration of the period of Proposal validity, APCOM will award the contract to consultant/firm who obtains the highest score according to the Evaluation Methodology and Criteria.


APCOM will send the successful bidder the Contract which constitutes the Notification of Award. Within 5 working days of receipt of the Contract the successful bidder shall sign and date the Contract and return it to the APCOM office.





Information relating to evaluation of Proposals and recommendations concerning awards shall not be disclosed to the Consultants who submitted the Proposals or to other persons not officially concerned with the process, until the publication of the award of Contract. The undue use by any Consultant of confidential information related to the process may result in the rejection of its Proposal.



Annex 2. TOR-Terms of References


Title of Activity


End of Project Evaluation for Multi-Country South Asia Global Fund HIV Programme



Multi-Country South Asia Global Fund HIV Programme (MSA)

Period of Consultancy


15 days

Reports to


Deputy Director, APCOM



APCOM Foundation APCOM Foundation | 66/1 Soi 2, Sukhumvit  Road, Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110,Thailand


  1. Background: APCOM is a regional organisation based in Bangkok. Thailand, working on the health and rights of key populations affected by HIV and AIDS. Currently, APCOM is implementing the Multi Country South Asia Global Fund HIV Programme (MSA) which aims to reduce the impact of, and vulnerability to HIV of men who have sex with men (MSM), hijras and transgender people through Community Systems Strengthening (CSS) in seven countries: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. Save the Children, Nepal is the Principal Recipient and APCOM is the regional Sub Recipient in the implementation of the programme.


Since the start of the programme in 2014, APCOM has launched various capacity development initiatives including, but not limited to:



In addition, APCOM extended technical assistance to SR Partners in Bhutan (Lhak-Sam) and Nepal (Blue Diamond Society) with aim of strengthening the organisational capacities and identifying advocacy priorities respectively. The assessment activities, which focused on Governance, External Relationships and Advocacy, has highlighted that strengthening organisational capacities are linked to effective advocacy activities at the ground level.


In December 2017, APCOM documented in a report titled “Here to Where” the contributions of the activities under the MSA Programme in bringing about anticipated changes/impact, to examine which factors have proved critical in helping or hindering changes to draw lessons for future.


  1. Objectives: The overall objective of for this consultancy are as followed:


  1.  Conduct an evaluation of the MSA Programme as implemented by APCOM covering the period 2015-2018, against stated goals and objectives of the program. The evaluation will cover program implementation, finance management, and partnership with country SR partners.
  2. Assess the performance of programme-related structures such as partnerships and implementation arrangements, relationships, and responsibilities between APCOM, and sub-grantees, in contributing to the achievement of the Initiative’s stated goals and objectives, and recommend changes that would enhance program performance;
  3. Identify and document notable achievements of the MSA Programme and factors which contributed to these achievements;
  4. Identify and make recommendations for ongoing opportunities and activities for APCOM that will build on the achievements of the MSA Programme to date.
  5.   Prepare consolidated final report for the project donor including identification of problems, causes of potential bottlenecks in implementation, and providing specific recommendations


III.        Methodology: The consultant will undertake the listed below. APCOM Secretariat is based in Bangkok, and will be available for face-to-face interviews or participation in focus groups as required. Other interviews or focus group discussions may take place by conference call if necessary


(1)  Desk review of relevant project agreements, project narrative and financial reports, publications, media reporting, and previous evaluations of the Initiative;

(2)  Face-to-face and telephone interviews (10-15) with key stakeholders from the Save the Children Secretariat, APCOM Secretariat, government representatives, and country partners;

(3)  Draft key stakeholder interview questions; arrange and conduct interviews with assistance from APCOM;

(4)  Draft focus group discussion questions; arrange and conduct FGDs with assistance from APCOM;

(5)  Document, review, and analyse results of key stakeholder interviews and FGDs to inform the findings of the evaluation.

(6)  Write and distribute draft evaluation report to key stakeholders for feedback, in consultation with APCOM.

(7)  Address feedback from key stakeholders as appropriate and finalise evaluation report.



(1)  Methodology for the evaluation;

(2)  Key stakeholder interview questions.

(3)  Focus group discussion questions.

(4)  Draft evaluation report.

(5)  Final evaluation report including executive summary, table of contents, methodology, findings, recommendations, citations/references, and bibliography.


  1. Payment Schedule and Milestones


Payment will be made through bank transfer

Payment Schedule


First payment (20%)

Output 1, 2 and 3

Second payment (40%)

Output 4

Third and final payment (40%)

Output 5







  1. Knowledge and Skill Requirement


Education: Master’s degree in Public Health or other relevant field

Professional Experience:

3 to 5 years of professional working experience and providing consultancy services, preferably in the field of HIV and Key affected populations

Functional / Technical Knowledge

  • Demonstrated experience in implementing a similar scope of work including developing training modules.
  • Possess adequate knowledge on MSM, Transgender related issues and has an understanding about HIV intervention programmein SA countries
  • Excellent communication skills and able to translate hard concepts into simple and easy language to the participants.
  • Excellent written communication skills in English, especially drafting meeting report.


  1. Reporting & Communication


The recruited consultant/firm will closely work with the APCOM’s Programmes, Programme and Advocacy unit.




ANNEX 3. Evaluation Methodology and Criteria


Evaluation Methodology: Combined Technical and Financial Proposal


The weight of technical Proposal is 80 percent with 800 maximum points. Any technical proposal with a score below 65% is rejected, and the financial file will remain unopened at the end of the selection process.


The Technical Proposal calculation is as follow: (80 (% technical proposal weight) x Company total points) / 100 (maximum points) = X%


The weight of financial proposal is 20% with a maximum of 200 points

The Financial Proposal calculation is as follow:

Lowest bid proposed = maximum points = 200

Other bids are calculated as follow: (200 (maximum points) x lowest price evaluated) / price under consideration = number of point


The Proposals will be ranked according to their Combined Technical and Financial Proposal scores.


The Company achieving the highest combined score will be invited for Negotiation and Contract Award.


Evaluation of technical proposal:

The quality of each technical proposal will be evaluated in accordance with the following technical evaluation criteria and the associated weighting (total possible value of 800 points):



Expertise and Capability of Consultant/Firm

Points obtainable



One page value statement indicating why he/she or the proposed agency is the most suitable to carry out the assignment.



Past and ongoing assignment/project details with results (relevant to the proposed assignment)



Approach and  Methodology

·         Establishing Approach, objectives and expected results (as mentioned in the ToR)

·         Methodology and Techniques

·         Outline for costed action plans

·         Timeline ( with define milestones)



Detail timeline and Quality Assurance

·         Proposal Detail timeline

·         Strategy / Steps for quality control and check



Outline of; Report and Work plan for data collection synthesis and writing




Detailed CV/Profile of the consultant/firm (Detail any specialized knowledge that may be applied to the performance of the TOR. Include experiences in the region.

If it is a firm, then please include the team composition and CVs of all, but only the CV of lead consultant/trainer will be used for scoring)

·         More than 2 years of experience o Proven experience in developing web bases platform

·         Proven experience in developing web bases platform

·         Experience working with UN, INGO, and Community-led organizations is a plus

·         Experience working in the region is a plus

·         Excellent command over language (English)



65% of 800 pts = 520 pts needed to pass technical





A proposal shall be rejected at this stage if it fails to achieve the minimum technical threshold of 65% or 520 points of the obtainable score of maximum of 800 points for the technical proposal.



ANNEX 4. Format of Technical Proposal Proposals


Proposals not submitted in this format may be rejected. The Technical Proposal should include the following details,


Covering Letter (use the sample provided, please submit signed copy with organization seal)


To: Date:

Kularb Khongtaisong, Senior Finance Officer

APCOM Secretariat

66/1 Sukhumvit 2,

Klongtoey, Bangkok 10110



We, the undersigned, hereby are pleased to submit the Technical Proposal in response to the RFP Reference number (XXX).


We, the undersigned, declare that we have read and understood the Terms of Reference, evaluation method, sample contract. We at this moment declare that all the information and statements made in this Proposal are true and accept that any misinterpretation contained in it may lead to our disqualification.


We have followed the Proposal Instruction Sheet and accordingly prepared our submission. We understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest evaluated proposal or any other proposal that you may receive.


Signed: _______ [insert date of signing]

Name: _____ [insert complete name]



Technical Proposal


  1. A) The proposer is requested to include a one-page value statement indicating why he/she/consulting firm is the most suitable to carry out the assignment.
  2. B) The Past and ongoing assignment/project details with results (relevant to the proposed assignment)
  3. C) Technical Proposal
  4. D) Proposed detail timeline and Quality Assurance
  • Detail timeline for project
  • Strategy/Steps for quality control and check
  1. F) Detailed firm’s CV (Detail any specialized knowledge that may be applied to performance of the TOR. Include experiences in the region)





Important submissions


  • Soft Copies or Link of previous work: Website, application, design.



ANNEX 5: Format of Financial Proposal Finance Proposal


 Finance Proposal


The Financial Proposal must be prepared and submitted as a separate PDF file from the rest of the RFP response as indicated in (Annex 1). The components comprising the total price must provide sufficient detail to allow APCOM to determine compliance of proposal with requirements as per TOR of this RFP.



  • Use the most recent daily consultancy rate (attach evidence, recent contract)
  • Include airfare round trip (only economy) and daily stay and allowance estimated cost.

( subject to project/assignment requirement )

  • Include any other ground travel or incidentals expected expenses based on your experience ( subject to project/assignment requirement)
  • Please provide explanation/notes for each line item for clarity during evaluation
  • Include any tax (%) applicable for this assignment as per your country law.


A. Consultancy cost

Task (as mentioned in the ToR)

Number of days

Daily rate

Amount (USD)


Deliverable 1





Deliverable 2





Deliverable 3





Deliverable 4





Others (pls specify)





B. Operational cost (if any)

Airfare round trip to and from duty station










Terminal cost (ground travel)





Visa fees





Other (specify)










Total A + B





C. Applicable tax (0%)





Grand Total A+B+C





Contact :


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