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PCF Thailand - Call for Proposal 2018


OPEN: 20 August

CLOSED: 30 September 2018 17:00 PM

BUDGET: range from 5,000,000 – 15,000,000THB

DURATION of Implementation: up to 36 Months


Pestalozzi Children’s Village

The Pestalozzi Children’s Foundation (PCF) is a Swiss non-profit organisation which works worldwide. PCF’s vision is for all children and youth to have access to quality education and thereby contribute to a more just and peaceful world. We seek to provide them with access to quality education and to strengthen their intercultural competences in 12 different countries in Central America, South East Asia, East Africa and South East Europe. To get more information about PCF, please have a look on following website:

PCF is implementing projects through local and experienced partner organisations which are responsible for the planning, the implementation, the monitoring and evaluation of the joint projects.

PCF in Thailand

Emanating from its vision, the main effect PCF’s intervention aims for is to contribute to more peaceful societies, the peaceful living together of people (impact) through the achievement of improved access to quality education for children (long term outcome).  PCF Thailand Strategy 2017-2020 focuses on working with children in most vulnerable situation such as indigenous/ethnolinguistic minority who continue to face challenges of access to quality and relevant education partially due to the language barriers and cultural insecurity in the classroom among others. In order to contribute to the improvement of access to quality education for children, PCF seeks to support projects that can influence change at different levels.

  • At policy level, after evidence based success of MTBMLE implementation in public schools, it is desired to have MTB-MLE in public schools be supported by the government funds including the support for teacher assistants where needed to enable schools to implement MTBMLE.
  • At institutional level, MTBMLE approach, Intercultural Education and Child Centre Approach are applied by teachers.
  • At individual level, the desired change is that children and youth who belong to ethnolinguistic minority groups in the PCF supported schools have increased their basic skills in intercultural multilingual competencies.


1       Objective of the Open Call

This call for proposals invites applications from local organizations with experience in realizing education projects with children in the following areas: mother tongue based multilingual education, intercultural education, child centre approach and other innovative approach that addresses the problems or education needs of the aforementioned children. In particular the project must address the need of the children on language barriers issues relating to language of instruction in classroom and support them to build effective multilingual skills including their mother tongue.


2       Requirements for the organisation

  • The organization is selected in accordance with PCF’s country programme strategy and outcome.
  • The organisation is experienced in implementing programmes or projects in the area of access to quality education, intercultural education or children’s rights.
  • The organization is legally constituted and registered according to national law and regulations.
  • The organisation has a strategic body/board of directors and an operational body/executive management with well-defined and separate roles and responsibilities.
  • The organisation is capable to open a separate bank account for the project to be used for all funds of the project (PCF funds and other sources).
  • The organization has the required organizational capacities and experience in view of delivering the proposed project results.
  • The organization has a well-developed network and existing partnerships.
  • The organization has experience in Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education


3       Application Content



General presentation of the organization (Comply with above stated criteria (pls. see point 2), including recent major accomplishments, source of funding with contact person(s) and addresses, existing network at local, national, international level with contact person(s) and addresses


Problem Tree 


Stakeholders analysis 


SWOT analysis 


Project Concept 


Supporting Documents:


Last annual and audit reports


Copies of statutory and bylaws and legal registration


Long term strategic and financial plan if available


Child protection policy if available


4        Application and Evaluation processes

Interested organisations, please request the application form from Ms. Rattanaporn Ananyavong at Note that this call for proposals is only the first step of an application process. Selected applicants of the first round will be requested to submit a more detailed application proposal package based on PCF’s methodology. The deadline for submitting the proposal with supporting documents to for the first round is: 30 September at 17:00 PM.


Contact :


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