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Emergency Shelter Lead

Job Title:                    Emergency Shelter Program Lead

Job Status:                 Full-Time

Location:                    Mae Sot, Tak, Thailand

Responsible to:           Daniel Nyan, Asia Director

About Global Child Advocates

Global Child Advocates is an international NGO registered as a Thai Foundation and a U.S. 501c3 nonprofit. Our teams have been protecting children in marginalized communities since 2008.  Our mission is to strengthen the layers of protection around children to prevent abuse, trafficking and institutionalization while empowering through education and advocacy. We are a faith-based organization that seeks to follow Jesus and reflect his character and love in all that we do, without agenda. We are grateful to work in extremely diverse contexts with people of all faiths and backgrounds.

Program Description

Global Child Advocates’ Emergency Shelter is a family-style, temporary safe-haven for women and children who are victims of trafficking and/or abuse. Cases are often referred to us by government agencies or local organizations looking for a safe place to temporarily house clients during criminal proceedings or investigations involving the perpetrator. In cases where it is unsafe for children to return to their family of origin, our caseworkers recruit family-based alternatives that are in the client’s best interest long term.

Emergency Shelter Program Lead Responsibilities

This role oversees the development and operation of Global Child Advocates’ Emergency Shelter for women and children. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Provide ongoing support and care for all shelter staff and all clients in Global Child Advocates’ emergency care. Provide necessary staff and client reports to appropriate staff
  • Ensure that each client feels safe and is able to process their experiences in a healthy, confidential environment that respects their individual needs, privacy and boundaries
  • Follow Global Child Advocates’ policies and procedures for the emergency care shelter and align with Global Child Advocates’ values
  • Ensure there is a warm, family environment within the shelter and engage other staff and clients in healthy communication and relationship
  • Assist caseworkers in following care plans for each client in the shelter, monitor progress and provide updates to each client’s case manager. Assist with case conferences as is appropriate
  • Build relationship with the clients through active listening and empathy
  • Facilitate client’s participation in programs and Global Child Advocates’ activities as is fitting
  • Invest in relationship with other Global Child Advocates staff to build a strong community within our organization
  • Ability to stay onsite as necessary - No male visitors over 12 years old are allowed at shelter
  • Willingness to keep shelter location confidential to those outside of Global Child Advocates

Person Specification

This is a full time position for a skilled and motivated person, with a desire to work directly with children and families*. Essential requirements include:

  • Female with a reputation of exceptional character and integrity with the desire to minister directly to women and children who has experienced trauma and loss
  • A Degree or Certificate in social work or in a social service field is strongly preferred
  • Experience working with women or children who have suffered trauma and/or abuse
  • An understanding of Thai law and protocol in relation to Child Welfare in Thailand
  • Must be a self starter who takes initiative
  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to analyze information
  • Ability to work with diverse groups of people, both within our team and Mae Sot communities
  • Ability to manage shelter’s monthly budget and track spending and receipts as necessary
  • Must be fluent in Burmese, conversational in English, and the ability to speak Thai language is also desired
  • Must have a right to legally obtain appropriate documents to work in Thailand

*All new staff begin with a 3-month probationary period prior to full-time position being offered.


This is a salaried position, to be based on skills and experience.

  • Housing is available onsite
  • Visa and work permit covered by GCA
  • Monthly allowances for fuel and mobile phone usage will also be paid, as well as work related transport costs.

Application Procedure

Applicants should apply to with a resume and a cover letter explaining how they meet the role description and person specification. Professional and personal references will be required during selection process.

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