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Senior Program Manager

ROLE: JUMP! Impact Senior Program Manager

LOCATION: Bangkok, Thailand


CONTRACT TERM: 2 Years with options for extensions

SALARY RANGE: THB 773,800 - THB 1,008,000 per annum*.

            *Depending on experience. Portion of annual compensation is variable and performance-based.

              *To reference Cost of Living Equivalent for Thailand click here



The JUMP! Foundation is a non-profit organization that believes in inspiring, empowering, and engaging youth through collaborative and innovative experiential learning programs. JUMP! offers a series of leadership activities suited for students at international schools and universities, including in-school workshops (JUMP! Schools programs) and outdoor adventure trips (JUMP! Experiences programs). We facilitate participants to develop personal, community, and inter-community leadership skills. To help realize our vision for a world in which young people fulfill their true potential, JUMP! donates a proportion of its revenue to support experiential youth-focused development projects around the world.

JUMP! is committed to employment equity. We encourage qualified applicants from members of minority groups, indigenous people, LGBTQ+ people, and all those with the knowledge, skills, and values to engage effectively with diverse communities.

For more information, you can visit our webpage ( and social media pages: @jumpfoundation (Twitter); the JUMP! Foundation Facebook page and blog.



JUMP! Connected:

World-class innovative virtual educational experiences take place through Zoom and engage students in interactive activities to explore leadership, community connections and Global Citizenship in a virtual environment.


JUMP! Schools:

High-impact programs which take place on a school campus. JUMP! Schools programs are typically 2-5 days in length and explore leadership training, facilitation training, design thinking, and global citizenship education.


JUMP! Experiences:

Off-campus programs take students out of the classroom and into the field. Programs are typically 1-2 weeks in length and take students out of their comfort zone; be it hiking in the Himalayas, or exploring history and culture in Indonesia.


JUMP! Impact:

Through the JUMP! Impact Fund, JUMP! partners with local NGOs to implement social innovation programs where under-resourced youths receive training, design Impact Projects for their communities, and implement their projects with seed funding and mentorship. To date, JUMP! Impact has served over 3,000 youth in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.




  • Experiential education will be more important than ever as cities, schools, and communities start to open
  • JUMP! has an essential role in creating experience and programs that support youth and schools to build community connections, experience the natural world & foster leadership skills.
  • COVID-19 has forced JUMP! to refine its vision for how and where it will work. JUMP! will be focusing on building out partnerships, programs, and impact in Thailand, China & Canada
  • Our new vision is matched by a new structure and approach to our organization.
  • We are excited to be creating new and innovative roles in the organization to achieve this vision.
  • We are looking for people to join our team that are outrageously passionate about all that is written above.



The JUMP! Impact Senior Program Manager will be a key member of the JUMP! Impact team while providing support to the JUMP! Program team when needed. We are looking for someone who is a self-starter and has a results-driven approach to work, with a passion and background working with youth in underserved communities. The J! Impact Senior Program Manager will be able to successfully manage competing priorities and liaise with local school officials, community organizations, and project stakeholders. If you love the vision and mission of JUMP! and are excited about creating life-changing experiences for young people, then this job is for you.




The Impact Senior Program Manager will have competence and flexibility in a variety of responsibilities including but not limited to:

  • Program Management Support:
    • The JUMP! Impact Senior Program Manager will support the JUMP! Impact team in co-designing and delivering JUMP! Impact Programs throughout Thailand. Support will look like designing program schedules, facilitating activities with youth, liaising with local school officials and partner organizations, filing expense reports, analyzing program data, and creating end of program reports and other program-related documents. The Impact Program Manager will be responsible for all on the ground program logistics and organizing efforts.


  • Monitoring and Evaluation:
    • The JUMP! Impact Senior Program Manager will support in creating and managing evaluation surveys and provide assistance to our partners in writing a project report.
    • The JUMP! Impact Senior Program Manager will participate in evaluating data throughout the year to analyze the effectiveness of our programs and partnerships in order to continuously improve the work of JUMP! Impact.


  • Organization Support:
    • The JUMP! Impact Senior Program Manager will need to occasionally support ongoing organizational projects not directly connected to Impact Programs but more aligned to the growth and development of the organization.


JUMP! Program Team - Responsibilities

  • Facilitation:
    • The JUMP! Impact Senior Program Manager will occasionally be required to facilitate with students on JUMP! Schools and JUMP! Experience programs, and when doing so will need to set an example of JUMP! professional integrity with contract facilitators and local partners.




  • Strong written and oral proficiency in Thai and English
  • Bachelor’s degree in a related field
  • Excellent stakeholder management with strong interpersonal and networking skills
  •  2+ years' background working with youth aged 8-17 years
  • Knowledge of the Thai public school system and Thai university system
  • Can conduct short- and long-term planning processes and management for programs
  • Highly proficient in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and Google Suite
  • Familiar with budgeting & financial management principles
  • Team management experience
  • Detail-oriented and organized
  • Cultural competency in multicultural settings
  • Able to work individually and as part of a team
  • Experience with group facilitation skills
  • Flexible and able to travel extensively within Thailand



  • Passion for and commitment to community and youth development
  • Self-starter and the ability to learn quickly
  • Compassionate and empathetic individual, with a keen approach to collaboration
  • A commitment to personal and professional growth through learning
  • A personal commitment to delivering high-quality work
  • A passion for working with youth
  • A passion for education


REPORTS TO: Director of JUMP! Impact



Applicants are expected to comply with the JUMP! Foundation’s Child Protection Policy. This includes:      

  • Signing a personal declaration stating any criminal convictions, including spent convictions.
  • Providing the name and contact information of three references (at least two professional) they have known for no less than two years, excluding family members. These references must be included within the application form.


Successful candidates will be expected to comply with the following as a condition of employment: 

  • Both acceptance of and commitment to our Child Protection Policy and Code of Conduct for working with children. 
  • Submit a formal background check before employment gained from the candidate’s home country or more most recent country of residence. Withholding a criminal record will be grounds for immediate termination. 


See JUMPs full Child Safeguarding Policy: Link to Policy




Please submit and upload the following information via the relevant link on JUMPs Recruitment Portal: Recruitment Portal

1) CV / Resume  
2) Letter of motivation

3) A 5-minute video or audio recording with your response to each of the following three prompts: 

  • Tell us about a significant achievement of yours
  • Tell us about a personal or professional failure and what you learned from it
  • How will working at JUMP! give you a sense of purpose?

Contact :

ผู้ประสานงาน / Coordinatorเจ้าหน้าที่ประจำสำนักงาน / Officerเจ้าหน้าที่ภาคสนาม / Field officerนักกิจกรรม / Activistผู้จัดการโปรเจค / Project manager


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