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Terms of Reference Consultant or Firm to conduct Baseline Survey


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Targeted CSO Baseline Survey

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February 2021

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Terms of Reference

Consultant or Firm to conduct

Baseline Survey




Raks Thai Foundation, a Thai non-profit organization, is working to improve the adaptive capacity of smallholder farmers in Thailand through the “Advancing an inclusive, resilient and equally represented society through climate-smart agriculture” project. The four-year program is taking an inclusive Climate Smart Agriculture approach to build resilient of smallholder farmers in different regions in Thailand. 


The purpose of this consultancy is to establish a baseline measurement for the project’s objectives, results and indicators.


Project overall objective: “by 2030, local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Local Authorities (LAs) stakeholders in Thailand effectively drive transformative change of conventional agricultural practices to create an innovative and inclusive climate smart agriculture system that will enable sustainable growth while reducing sector-specific inequalities, advancing SDGs 10, 1, 13, 17 and 2”.


Outcome 1: Knowledge and skills of local CSOs and selected LAs stakeholders in 4 regions of Thailand are strengthened on climate-smart agricultural systems

Outcome 2: Innovative climate smart agriculture practices at the farm level are developed, piloted and scaled up by small-scale farmer networks in targeted areas in 9 provinces in 4 regions of Thailand

Outcome 3: The climate smart agriculture concept and approach is integrated into community development plans at 12 piloted sub-districts

Outcome 4: Thailand Climate Smart Agricultural Network is established, advancing SDG 17 and resulting in a knowledge platform for favoring policy advocacy towards the promotion of an inclusive climate-smart agriculture system


In close collaboration with the Program Manager and M&E team, the consultant is expected to lead the baseline assessment process.


The consultant will create the sampling strategy, methodology and data analysis plan (along with the schedule of fieldwork, specifying how the information will be collected, organized and analyzed according to the information needs specified in this Scope of Work and through consultation with the program team.)


In addition, the consultant will review, test and finalize a survey tool using draft questions provided by Raks Thai and set guidelines for the use of the tool as well as documentation of the baseline study process.

The consultant will manage data collection in the field, provide daily debriefs, respond to data collection challenges, and collect, clean and analyze data. The baseline survey will be conducted in 12 targeted subdistricts (across 9 provinces) where the project is being implemented. The consultant will be supported by the Raks Thai Foundation (RTF) and Sustainable Agriculture Foundation Thailand (SAFT) field staff in arranging the first meeting with target rice farmer communities.


To achieve this aim, the consultant will have the following responsibilities:


  1. Establish baseline measurements for the project’s objectives and outcomes (disaggregated by sex, age, and location).
  2. Develop and oversee the successful implementation of the baseline assessment, ensuring that all deliverables are met on time.
  3. Test and finalize survey protocols and questionnaire. (Code into XLS for ODK Collect)
  4. Design sampling methodology, pre-analysis plan, and schedule of field work.
  5. Train survey team on survey methods, interview skills and digital data collection.
  6. Supervise and actively participate in data collection
  7. Analysis of data collected, including coding and interpretation of qualitative interview notes.
  8. Write baseline study report with review by RTF
  9. Present findings to RTF and SAFT, including presentation of final report and slide deck with summary findings.


The study will be conducted in 12 targeted subdistricts in nine provinces in 4 regions of Thailand, including:


  1. Mae Suek Subdistrict (in Mae Chaem District, Chiang Mai Province)
  2. Dong Phaya Subdistrict (in Bo Kluea District, Nan Province)
  3. Ban Puang Subdistrict (in Thung Hua Chang District, Lamphun Province)
  4. Ban Kam Subdistrict (in Nam Phong District, Khon Kaen Province)
  5. Pek Yai Subdistrict (in Phon District, Khon Kaen Province)
  6. Thamo Subdistrict (in Prasat District, Surin Province)
  7. Bu Phram Subdistrict (in Na Di District, Prachinburi Province)
  8. Wang Dan Subdistrict (in Kabin Buri District, Prachinburi Province)
  9. Sa Khwan Subdistrict (in Mueang Sa Kaeo District, Sa Kaeo Province
  10. Chum Kho Subdistrict (in Pa Tew District, Chumphon Province)
  11. Na Ka Subdistrict (in Lang Suan District, Chumphon Province)
  12. Wang Yai Subdistrict (in Thepa District, Songkhla Province)


The selected research consultants will be responsible for the following tasks:

  1. Detailed Workplan: Including pre-work, pre-analysis plan, survey tool design, testing and coding, training plan, data collection logistics and management plan, data collection debrief, and final deliverables schedule to include dataset, final report in English, presentation with slide deck of final report and summary findings.
  2. Pre-Analysis plan: Comprehensive sampling note, variables to summarize and levels of disaggregation, analytical approach for analysis, strategy for leveraging baseline data in future analysis (midline or endline)
  3. Finalized and tested tools in Thai. Tools must be coded in XLS or CVS file for ODK Collect.
  4. Specialized training on interview skills, digital data collection, and survey questions for data collection team
  5. Final datasets in XLS or CSV file (raw and cleaned files)
  6. Final report in Word format in English (20 pages max, excluding annexes) to include sections such as:
    1. Executive Summary
    2. Introduction
    3. Background
    4. Methodology
    5. Sampling Plan
    6. Key Findings
      1. Impacts of climate change
      2. Capacity to cope with climate change
      3. Livelihood situation
      4. Status of farming systems and vulnerability of farmers
      5. The agricultural governance context
    7. Completed target table (Template will be provided by RTF)
    8. PowerPoint presentation on summary findings
    9. Presentation of findings to program team



The baseline survey will be conducted between March 1st, 2021 – May 31st, 2021  


  1. Contract will be made to one consultant or one firm that will enable to the total study to be completed within 35 working days;
  2. Contract will be based on an agreed fee per day and a total number of days;
  3. Travel costs and all incidental expenses that relate to survey activities will be borne by consultant(s).


  • Technical expertise in data collection and survey design
  • Four-year university degree (Master’s Preferred) in agriculture development, social sciences, or other related field
  • Strong participatory facilitation skills
  • At least two years of experience conducting field research, including designing and conducting baseline and/or endline assessments, development of M&E systems, program startup M&E activities, evaluation of agricultural/market systems programs, technical assistance, consultancies, etc.
  • Familiarity with digital data collection methods in general, and ODK Collect and Ona in particular. Experience digitizing questionnaires into XLS or CSV files preferred.
  • Fluency in both English and Thai with highly professional report writing capabilities (samples will be requested)
  • Experience with agriculture/market systems development programs strongly preferred
  • Professional Fluency in both Thai and English, spoken and written
  • Locally based consultants are encouraged to apply


Consultants/firms that meet the requirements should submit expression of interest, which should include the following:

  1. Qualifications & Experience (including CVs) or company profile including CVs

of survey team

  1. Detailed response to TOR, with specific focus addressing the purpose and objectives of the assignment, methodology to be used and key selection criteria (max. 2 pages)
  2. References from previous (similar) work
  3. Cost proposal (including all incidental expenses) 


All applications including required documents must be email to RTF contact persons no later than February 28th, 2021 before 17.00 PM.

Submission of documents is by e-mail to:

Khun Wissuta Kraithawin        Field Officer     

For inquiries on the TOR, please contact:

Khun Wissuta Kraithawin        Field Officer  

Mobile: 099-384-7925


Contact : KEY CONTACT PERSON All applications including required documents must be email to RTF contact persons no later than February 28th, 2021 before 17.00 PM. Submission of documents is by e-mail to: Khun Wissuta Kraithawin Field Officer For inquiries on the TOR, please contact: Khun Wissuta Kraithawin Field Officer Mobile: 099-384-7925

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