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Impact and Learning Officer (Re-Post)

Role Overview: Impact and learning officer require to have interpersonal skills to help develop and implement an approach to planning, evaluation and learning that drives stronger impact on human rights and organizational priorities. Impact and Learning officer will be a thought partner for staff and will cultivate staff capacity for effective project planning, monitoring and evaluation. The person will be a key contributor in building an organizational culture that utilizes learning and innovation to help deliver meaningful outcomes.



  • Manage the Impact & Learning Team and the design and implementation of Amnesty’s impact and learning system.
  • Ensure that outcomes of Amnesty’s monitoring, evaluation, learning and assessment processes provide a clear evidence base for organizational decision-making; Identify and leverage opportunities to shape and improve Amnesty’s global strategies based on these outcomes. 
  • Provide strategic support to Amnesty’s Team on planning for impact; Facilitate high-level analysis of internal and external trends that affect delivery of Amnesty’s Strategic Goals.
  • Improve organization-wide impact through development of sustainable knowledge management processes, tools, and practices to harness learning for more effective planning.
  • Embed reflection, strategy adaptation, and results-based review as a core way of working across AI project teams.
  • Establish a standardized approach to monitoring, evaluation and learning across the organization.
  • Design and conduct internal evaluations of AI Thailand projects, and oversee evaluations conducted by external researchers, partners or consultants.
  • Monitor MEL advancements in the NGO sector so that AI Thailand’s performance systems benefit from proven best practices.
  • Lead Amnesty’s approach to internal and external accountability; Oversee development and implementation of policies and frameworks that drive greater accountability and transparency of Amnesty’s work.
  • Establish and implement share learning and database system of organization effectively and secure.
  • Provide support to operation team in relation of organization development if needed


  • Coordinate with Security Team of The International Secretariat or Regional Office to consult or implement security policies.
  • Ensure proper security of the premises and other assets of the organization through outsourced security arrangements and maintenance of current approved security plan.
  • Work with Operations Manager to ensure that the office is run efficiently and effectively and staff are working in a safe and secure environment.

Person Specification

Education &Certifications  : Bachelor’s degree, preferably in Social Science, Political Science, Statistics, Economics, Business Administrative and other

related discipline is required.

Essential Experience : 

  • Minimum 2 years
  • Extensive demonstrable knowledge and experience in impact-oriented planning, implementing monitoring and evaluation frameworks and systematizing organizational learning.
  • Extensive experience in improving organizational accountability and transparency; in establishing consistent reporting frameworks across complex organizations.
  • Proven ability to design and implement effective systems and methodologies for tracking progress, opportunities and risks across a large portfolio of work.
  • A demonstrated commitment to and understanding of human rights; of the drivers and challenges for affecting human rights change. · Extensive experience in developing global strategies; in collaborating within a multi-location, multi-stakeholder context to adapt and assess strategies.
  • Proven ability to drive organizational change in a complex, high-pressure environment.
  • Excellent judgment and interpersonal skills with a wide range of stakeholders, including ability to negotiate and influence, and build and maintain cooperative relationships.
  • Excellent facilitation skills and understanding of the use of participatory approaches
  • Connection to external networks and movements; Ability to identify and contribute to innovative practice in the wider human rights sector. 
  • Demonstrated ability to think strategically; Excellent political judgement and problem analysis skills.
  • Management experience, ability to set, manage and monitor plans and budgets
  • Ability to lead a diverse and high-performing team, to guide, support and encourage team members.
  • Proven ability to work under pressure including the ability to cope with deadlines, multiple tasks, and competing demands.

Essential Knowledge

  • Familiar with development and human right issues in the country
  • Knowledge of and/or experience of the Not-For-Profit, NGO and/or Development sectors

Essential Skills

  • Leadership and management
  • Strategic thinking
  • Excellent analytical and risk management skills
  • Planning, organization, time management, and coordination 
  • Fluency in written and spoken both in Thai and English


  • Work on own initiative with minimum supervision and to stay on task
  • Work under pressure and tight deadline


  • A committed
  • Attention to detail
  • Analytical skills and critical thinking
  • Facilitation skills

*** Please submit your CV and cover letter (both in English) to by 19 Feb. 2021


Contact :

ผู้จัดการโปรเจค / Project managerทรัพยากรณ์มนุษย์ / Human resources


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