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Consultancy position - Thailand researcher

Consultancy position - Thailand researcher

Organization : มูลนิธิความร่วมมือเพื่อต้านการค้าหญิง

Consultancy position - Thailand researcher

Written on 02 November 2020.

Terms of Reference

Consultancy - Thailand Researcher

The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women is seeking to recruit a researcher to carry out research with migrant and/or trafficked Thai women who have returned from Europe.

About the Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW)

The Global Alliance Against Traffic in Women (GAATW) is an Alliance of more than 80 non-governmental organisations from Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas working to promote and defend the human rights of all migrants and their families against the background of an increasingly globalised labour market. GAATW sees the phenomenon of human trafficking intrinsically embedded in the context of migration for the purpose of labour and calls for safety standards for migrant workers in the process of migration, and in the formal and informal work sectors - garment and food processing, agriculture and farming, domestic work, sex work - where slavery-like conditions and practices exist.

GAATW prioritises the value of experiential knowledge and the role that community-based organisations and women themselves can play in creating new knowledge about and fresh insights into issues affecting women’s lives, including migration and work. Such feminist knowledge is crucial in evaluating the effectiveness of existing labour migration regimes, and advocating for labour migration and anti-trafficking policies that protect the rights of women.

About the Project

Under the project “From Southeast Asia to Europe: Strengthening migrant and trafficked women’s rights to inclusive re/integration”, GAATW seeks to amplify migrant and trafficked women’s participation and visibility in labour migration processes in countries of origin in Southeast Asia and countries of destination in Europe with the larger aim of influencing policy change. Utilising participatory research and action, the project aims to create robust feminist analyses of the impact of the current migration and development frameworks on women migrant workers – specifically on the social inclusion and sustainable reintegration options available to them. This analysis will be used to jointly influence national, regional and international policy-makers, as well as undertake actions for change with migrant and trafficked women.

About the Position

GAATW International Secretariat is looking to recruit a researcher to conduct Feminist Participatory Action Research with migrant and/or trafficked Thai women who have returned from Europe, and prepare a report with the findings.  This is a part-time, task-based position. While periodic meetings with GAATW team and the Project Advisory Team will be necessary, the work can be done remotely and the person does not have to work from GAATW-IS in Bangkok.

Specific tasks:

  • Conduct individual interviews and focus group discussions with around 35-40 Thai women (cis and/or trans) who have returned from Europe as either victims of trafficking or migrants (regardless of sector of work, migration status, duration of stay, etc.)

  • Conduct one focus group discussion with some of the research participants and civil society organisations to validate and findings and outline potential advocacy points

  • Prepare a short report (preferably in both Thai and English) of the findings.

  • Maintain regular communication with GAATW International Secretariat and the Project Advisory Committee to update on the progress and the research findings

  • If available and interested, participate in an event to share the findings with policy-makers, civil society and media, and any subsequent advocacy actions


The research is to be completed between January and August 2021.


  • Masters Degree or higher in Sociology, Anthropology, Gender Studies, International Relations or other related subjects

  • Experience in conducting qualitative research with women; experience with Feminist Participatory Action Research methodology is a plus

  • A good understanding of the socio-economic and cultural context of Thailand

  • Proficiency in English language and ability to write simple reports is a must

  • High proficiency in English language and ability to write a report of high standards is a plus

  • High proficiency in Thai is a plus

  • Experience of working in the areas of migration and human trafficking in Thailand and/or Southeast Asia is a plus

  • Existing contact with communities of returnee Thai women and/or organisations supporting them is a plus

Contract conditions

GAATW will support the researcher to reach out to civil society groups who work with Thai women returning from Europe to recruit women and conduct the research.

GAATW will support the researcher to familiarise her/himself with the principles of Feminist Participatory Action Research, if necessary.

GAATW and its advisory group for this project will provide the researcher with feedback on her draft report.

Remuneration: depending on qualifications and experience, up to 4,000 Euro

Application Procedure

To apply for this position, please send your CV, two writing samples, a short cover letter outlining why you are qualified for this position (of max 1,000 words), and the contact details of two people who know your work and can serve as references, to before 1 December with a subject line Consultancy – Thailand Researcher.

Contact :

ผู้ประสานงาน / Coordinatorนักวิจัย / Researcher


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