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Consultancy: Bookkeeper and Accountant

Location: Home-based

Asia-based consultants are strongly preferred for this position



Embode is an international human rights consulting agency focusing on social protection and responsible business, with a particular specialisation in issues of child labour, human trafficking and labour and migration. Our work continues to be at the cutting edge of corporate accountability and labour protection, where we work as an independent expert voice between industry, governments and civil society. Based in Asia, with a small international team, Embode prides itself in being on the ground in locations where many of our projects are focused. Our clients include organisations across the UN, NGO and corporate sector, and our work consists of research, field assessments, training, strategy and policy development, workshops and more. See for more details about our work.


Embode is seeking a part time or freelance home-based accountant and bookkeeper, preferably based in Asia.


Responsibilities of the Role

The role would entail the following deliverables at minimum:

  1. Monthly bookkeeping using QuickBooks and accruals-based accounting
  2. Formulation of monthly, quarterly and annual financial statements
  3. Providing insights and analysis to Managing Director on financial report trends, strengths, or areas for concern.
  4. Supporting and coordinating of annual auditing and other jurisdictional requirements per office
  5. Supporting budget preparations for Internal and external use, as needed.
  6. Support growth of small, international business
  7. Regular reporting to Managing Director and team
  8. Ensure compliance with Hong Kong and Thailand regulations and other jurisdictions where Embode operates.

Qualifications and Requirements

The following qualifications and experiences are required:

  1. Proven capacity to work across multiple currencies
  2. Adept at supporting the growth of a small international business
  3. Excellent attention to detail
  4. Capacity to formulate and read financial statements
  5. Ability to work with accrual-based accounting methods
  6. Willingness and capacity to familiarise oneself with international accounting systems
  7. Reliable and efficient in timekeeping
  8. Proven capacity to work virtually
  9. Background working in similar business or an NGO would be highly valuable.


Application process

Interested applicants are requested to write to by Friday 4th December. The application should include the following:  

  • A cover letter demonstrating how you meet the consultancy profile and required competencies with a proposed day rate (no more than 1 page)
  • Curriculum Vitae (no more than 2 pages)
  • At least two referees (these will not be contacted without prior consent)


Contact :

ผู้ประสานงาน / Coordinator


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