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Fundraising Technical Assistance

The Freedom Fund is seeking a technical assistance provider to provide support to improve the fundraising capacity of its Civil Society Organisation (CSO) partners in its Thailand hotspot program. The work will require technical support to strengthen the fundraising strategy of 6 partner organisations. This will include assisting partners to evaluate their current program strategy, analyse the domestic and international funding landscape and articulate their individual fundraising strategies. In addition, the consultant will help the CSO partners with a practical fundraising application if possible.

  1. Overview of the Freedom Fund

The Freedom Fund is a philanthropic initiative designed to bring financial resources and strategic focus to the fight against modern slavery. Its primary objective is to achieve a measurable reduction in modern slavery, by addressing trafficking, exploitation, forced labour, child labour, and debt bondage. The Freedom Fund partners with local organisations in targeted geographic regions to support them to protect those at risk of slavery, liberate those enslaved and help them recover, and prosecute those responsible. We work to establish conditions that enable sustainable freedom.

  1. Background of the Thailand Hotspot Program

Through the Thailand Hotspot Program, the Freedom Fund is dedicated to preventing and addressing labour exploitation within the seafood sector. The Thailand Hotspot works with six implementing partner organisations to deliver projects that support migrant workers to claim their rights and advocate for improved regulations and systems to promote the welfare of migrant workers working within Thailand.

  1. Fundraising Technical Assistance

The Freedom Fund is currently seeking proposals to provide the following technical assistance.


Goal: To strengthen the fundraising capacity of 6 Freedom Fund partners in the Thailand hotspot. This will include assisting partners to evaluate their current organisational program strategy, donor relationships,  analyse funding trends within the fields of business and human rights and articulate their individual fundraising strategies. The consultant will help each partner to develop a current fundraising proposal to put skills learnt into practice. In addition, with the current phase of Freedom Fund’s Thailand hotspot program near completion, the chosen provider will also facilitate partner organisations to reflect on the next phase of their program strategy, taking into consideration strengths of their current programs and areas for improvementand hence what areas they may wish to fundraise on.

Key objectives & deliverables:

  • Work with 6 partner organisations to critically evaluate their current organisational program strategy and implementation, including strengths, weaknesses and overall contribution to high-level change, in order to help identify areas that the partner organisation should fundraise for in future.
  • Support each partner to set their own fundraising agenda and develop a detailed funding strategy.
  • Assist partners to analyse emerging trends and opportunities within the field of business/human rights. Facilitate partners to reflect on how they can position themselves to make the most of these opportunities and achieve sustainable funding for their work, whilst also maintaining a consistent program strategy and clear fundraising agenda.
  • Work with partners to develop a current fundraising proposal, including providing writing support during the process.
  • Conduct, with partners, a donor mapping and donor engagement/relationship building exercise.

Timeline & Travel:

The technical assistance consultancy will commence in September 2020 and will be a series of workshops over a period of 5-6 months.


The partners are located: Songklha (1 partner), Phang Nga (1 partner), Chang Mai (1 partner), Bangkok (2 partners), Samut Sakhon (1 partner). If government health advice allows, travel will be required to each partner office for a workshop or series of workshops (socially distanced).

  1. Management and Monitoring of the Assignment

Freedom Fund Program Advisor Roisai Wongsuban will monitor and coordinate the consultancy by:

  • Coordinating initial contact with Freedom Fund partner organisations.
  • Monitoring progress of the consultancy through meetings by phone or in person, as needed.
  • Providing and facilitating inputs from the Freedom Fund head office on the drafts of all deliverables.
  • The selected consultant will be expected to be self sufficient in coordinating visits.


  1. Key competencies required


  • Demonstrated experience of working in the fundraising space within the Thailand non-profit sector.
  • Knowledge of both the domestic and international funding landscapes, with particular experience of the business and human rights field.
  • Demonstrated experience developing and implementing program and funding strategies.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and Thai.
  • Knowledge of development sector and NGOs in Thailand.
  • Demonstrated experience working with civil society organisations in Thailand.
  • Demonstrated ability to carry out the activities and meet the objectives as described in Section D.
  1. Submission Process:

Please submit a full proposal, including budget (including travel – please see timeline and travel section above) and CV of key staff, by Sunday 11 October   to Sophie Hicks at and Roisai Wongsuban at Questions on the submission process can be sent to Sophie Hicks.


Following submission, the Freedom Fund will review and request additional clarifications as needed. Please identify a contact person and provide contact details with your submission should additional interaction be required.


Contact : and

Contact : Sophie Hicks at and Roisai Wongsuban at

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