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Consultant / Service Contract on

Knowledge and Experience Sharing Session

I.              Introduction

Plan International Thailand is currently implementing the Stopping Exploitation through Accessible Services (SEAS of Change) project through the support of Plan International USA, Plan International Sweden, Plan International Finland, Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida), Kesko Corporation, The Richard and Helen DeVos Foundation, and the Finnish Government’s Finnpartnership Programme.

 SEAS of Change looks at critical entry points along the fishing supply chain to develop a multi-pronged approach to fortify it against exploitation and abuse. It envisions a fishing industry that is free from hazardous exploitative child labor and offers decent work opportunities for all, especially girls and young women among migrant populations.


Following a ‘net-to-napkin’ approach, interventions occur from source communities in Cambodia and destination communities in Thailand and engage retailers in consumer countries, like Sweden and Finland, intermediary buyers, suppliers and brokers to promote transparency and accountability down the supply chain. Project activities aim to improve outcomes in four areas, namely education, livelihoods, social protection and supply chain engagement.


Due to the wide scope of the project, the implementation of project activities involves Plan International Thailand, Plan International Cambodia, Plan International Finland and Plan International Sweden and Plan International Asia Regional Office.


II.              Background

In a recent year, Plan International Thailand have conducted capacity development workshops for small and medium-sized fisheries and food processing companies in Rayong and other provinces nearby. The objective of the workshop is to enable them to improve policies and procedures in compliance with labor standard, such as Business Social Compliance Initiative (BSCI), and also raise awareness of fundamental of human rights, especially labor rights. Since September 2017, two four-day sessions have organized in Rayong and Trat, with approximately 40 representatives from local companies.


III.              Objective

Plan International Thailand envisages for constructive cooperation between business entities in the Thai fisheries and food processing industries in which best practices on human rights and human resource management are transferred across technical staff. The knowledge and experience sharing through the session would finally lift up industry standard on the employment of worker and encourage companies to incrementally improve working conditions.


We are seeking for a consultant/trainer that is able to facilitate the session, and share knowledge on social audit programme, labor law and audit preparation. He or She is expected to develop a training curriculum and lead the session in which representative of local companies and private-sector stakeholders of SEAS project’s Change for Migrant Children and Youth (CMCY) Coalition participate.     


  1. Tasks


1) In consultation with SEAS of Change Project at Plan International Thailand, developing agenda with detailed activities and clear objectives for each section of the one-day sharing session

2) Preparing presentations for the session

3) Facilitating one-day sharing session  

4) Drafting an event report on the session, up to 5 pages, describing objective achievement during the session with recommendation for future activities and a few photos from the session.


  1. Deliverable/Schedule


Item No.

Desirable Outputs

Due Date


An agenda with detailed activities and objectives (Task 1)

5 working days before the sharing session


One-day sharing session (Task 3)

Date will be specified together with consultant.


Event report (up to 5 pages), a few photos from the session, and presentations used during the session (Task 2 and Task 4)

5 working days after the sharing session


  1. Consultant’s qualification
  • Experience in training facilitation in Thai for Thai audience
  • Understanding on social audit, Thai labor law and audit procedure
  • Understanding on migrant worker rights and practices of industries they work in
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills and able to demonstrate respect for people in different socio-economic backgrounds and beliefs.


  • How to apply?

Candidates should submit the following documents:

  • A curriculum vitae with training curriculum


All the above mentioned documents must be sent by e-mail to Mr.Supornchai Nawataweeporn at and Ms.Saowanit Supannon at by 25 December 2018 at the latest.


Contact :

ที่ปรึกษา / Consultant


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