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Project Officer (Mine Risk Education)

Project Officer (Mine Risk Education)

Vacancy Announcement


Handicap International that runs its program under the operating name Humanity & Inclusion (HI) seeks for a Project Officer to implement Mine Risk Education project activity in Mae La camp, for its Thailand Site in Mae - Sot, under Myanmar-Thailand Regional program.

Closing date: October 22nd, 2018

HI reserves the right to not accept applications submitted after the deadline.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for testing and interview.

Also, HI reserves the right to contact any shortlisted candidates before closing date.


Background: HI is an independent and impartial aid and development organization working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. We work alongside disabled and vulnerable people to help meet their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights. For further information about the association:

HI implements 4 projects in Thailand alongside Thai-Burma border: a) Risk Education in 9 camps, b) Disability and Social Inclusion in 5 camps, c) Growing Together in 7 camps, and d) Rehabilitation project in 5 camps as well.

All projects implemented alongside Thailand-Burmese border are enrooted into the Myanmar & Thailand Regional Program Strategy for the period 2018-2020.

All projects are managed by designated manager coached by the Operational Manager, Site Administrator and Country Manager in Thailand. Thailand mission is supported by the Regional team in Yangon for all issues related to logistic, administration, finance and accountancy as well as by the South East Asia Regional Logistics Advisor who make regular visits to Thai site.


Main objective of the Project Officer position: Under direct supervision of Mine Risk Education (MRE) Project Manager and indirect supervision of Operation Coordinator in Mae Sot, the Project Officer ensures the following tasks;



Responsibility 1: Plan, monitor, implement the MRE activities and ensure care quality

Aim: Ensure the activities are implemented on time with the clinical quality of services

Benchmarks: Qualitative community MRE services have been provided to clients with effective plan, case managing, monitoring and implementing activities


  • Assist the MRE project manager in formulation and development of the project planning document, planification action Project,
  • Contribute towards the development of BBP plan of action toward short, mid and long term strategy for the sector,
  • Produce monthly work plan based on project planning and report achievements during weekly team meeting,
  • Support the MRE project manager in determining appropriate methodology to be used in the project,
  • Remain overall responsible at the field level for the proper implementation of the MRE project objectives,
  • Contribute to the identification of the tools needed for implementing the project activities and to their development, review and adjustment,
  • Support the MRE project manager in developing a participatory monitoring and evaluation (PME) framework, methodology and related tools,
  • Support the MRE Project Manager identifying and mobilizing any technical or documentary resources or additional skills for guaranteeing the quality of the project,
  • Prepare the purchase requests and ensures that supplies/ material/ equipment needed in the camp MRE activities are sufficiently available for the smooth implementation,
  • Participate to the recruitment process for the camp staffs under his/her responsibility and train them,
  • Collect of field level MRE project data’s , check its reliability, compile into monitoring tools and use the data to analyse the performance of project’s activities and provide recommendations,
  • At the field level initiate and facilitate exchanges and linkages across the different projects,
  • Input into monthly team meeting,
  • Report to his/her line manager.


Responsibility 2: Empower, build capacity and coach camp based staff / community staff

Aim: Build capacity of MRE community staff to be able to provide the quality of community MRE services.

Benchmarks: Camp based staff is able to provide community MRE services with appropriate technique.


  • Carry out the training need analysis of the MRE camp team,
  • Develop appropriate training materials and tools to be implemented at the camp in collaboration with the project manager,
  • Build the capacity and coach of the community MRE camp staffs,
  • Carry out assessment of his/her team members as per the guidelines,
  • Identify partners’ needs for capacity building,
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of capacity building response,
  • Identify potential stakeholders with whom partnership can be developed in MRE activities, maintain the networks and working relations with the stakeholders/partners at the field level in order to strengthen the HI current actions.


Responsibility 3: Ensure communication, networking and coordination at field level for MRE activities

Aim: Under the supervision of his/her line manager, ensure implementation of good practices and good communication

Benchmarks: the project service is involved in mainstream CBO, moreover partners, camp authority and camp committee recognise HI and MRE activities


  • Ensure that the internal regulations, operating procedures and security rules are applied within his/her team at the field level,
  • Responsible for good internal communications, maintain good team spirits and the efficient circulation of information among the camp staff, and the partners,
  • Communicate the MRE project achievements and contribute at the regular BBP coordination meeting, and other coordination meetings with the project team,
  • Link with the HR & Admin. unit to obtain permission from local authorities for persons and materials to enter the camps when required,
  • Enhance HI’s visibility in the refugees’ camp network, and NGOs,
  • Create relationship between hospital and CBOs outside camp,
  • Organize events around MRE activities and use movie with local group for mass awareness,
  • Organise group discussion with different target group for information exchange on thematic issue about MRE,
  • Develop regular monthly and statistical data’s as per the guidelines and requirement of the MRE project,
  • Ensure that the MRE PM is regularly informed and reported about concerns or difficulties faced at the field level,
  • Contribute to the analytical report on the pilot activities with achieved results, constraints and recommendations based on lessons learned with work plan for future action,
  • Input into the identification and analysis of the MRE project good practice.




  • At least Bachelor degree in community development, social work, general education, or related subjects from a recognized University.
  • Minimum 2-year experience with NGO’s or grassroots organization implementing activities.
  • Experiences working in camp context and working with local authorities.
  • Good skills in training/ capacity building, and people management
  • Good skills on counselling, advocacy or lobbing.
  • Experience in facilitating and implementing awareness raising campaigns/events.
  • Experience in coordinating with stakeholders.
  • Good level of Karen or Burmese and English Language is a must
  • Good in Thai is an advantage



Remuneration: starting from 24,645 Baht depending on a candidate background and experiences. Attractive package with accommodation and travelling allowance.

We offer also: nice working environment; 20 days of annual leave with 15 days of public holidays, group health and life insurance, social security fund, phone-card credit, bonus at the end of a year (13th salary); seniority of 2% after the 1st year of employment, training possibilities.

Start preferably: November, 5th 2018

Fixed Duration Contract, with duration 12 months renewable.



  • In the subject line of the email please write “MRE Project Officer”
  • IMPORTANT: In the content of the CV please outline responsibilities and tasks from previous & current work, volunteer experience, and training received.



Humanity & Inclusion is an equal opportunity employer.

People with Disabilities, women and people living with HIV are strongly encouraged to apply.

The successful applicant will be expecting to comply with HI’s Prevention of abuse and safeguarding policies, namely Child Protection and Protection of beneficiaries from sexual exploitation and abuse.


Contact :


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