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Consultant for Civil Society Organization (CSO) mapping in Thailand

Terms of Reference (TOR) 

Name of the activity: Civil Society Organization (CSO) mapping in Thailand

Project title: Ending All Physical and Humiliating Punishment (EAPHP)


Physical and Humiliating Punishment is problematic and highly pervasive across Asia as it is deeply rooted in social norms and culture. It is the most common and widespread type of violence against children in most communities, wherein children are physically punished and degraded in different settings such as homes, schools, and childcare centres. Further compounding the problem is that teachers, parents, and caregivers often lack knowledge on non-violent discipline methods. It is an egregious violation of children’s fundamental rights to dignity, physical integrity, healthy development, education and participation as upheld by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). PHP jeopardizes children’s wellbeing and has harmful and lasting impacts on child development, which impedes their ability to become self-reliant adults and negatively impacts society. Despite this recognition, physical and humiliating punishment is a widespread phenomenon in most countries. The Philippines, Myanmar, Viet Nam and Thailand have been proactively working to prohibit PHP in their respective countries as well as regionally.

Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and other child rights advocates have urged the Royal Thai Government to review its child protection policies and other relevant laws that do not state clearly that all forms of PHP – regardless of the circumstances and however light or severe the punishment – are unlawful. In June 2014, the Thai government launched its National Strategy for the Prevention and Eradication of Violence against Children and Young People (2014-2019). The strategy aims to outline a direction and improve mechanisms to better prevent, respond, and safeguard children from violence in all forms. However, it does not give a clear message to end all PHP of children. Similarly, although PHP of children in Thailand is unlawful in schools and in the penal system, it is not yet fully prohibited in households and in alternative and day care settings.

As PHP is highly pervasive in Thailand, successful interventions must utilize a wide range of actors and existing channels in reaching out to parents, caregivers, and professionals regarding the dangers of physical punishment, and how to use positive and non-violent child-rearing practices. CSOs are instrumental in mobilizing social capital to promote change as they are well positioned to engage with the general public and lawmakers. Therefore, CSOs will play a key role in implementing a comprehensive and coordinated national and regional strategies to prevent and respond to violence against children of all forms, particularly PHP.

At the regional level, while strong regional platforms exist and have made commitments to addressing PHP, they have been ineffective in facilitating country-level reform, as they lack coordination with civil society and their practices have been disjointed. While some CSOs have been working for a legal ban on PHP within their respective countries, their efforts are disconnected and uncoordinated. Many CSOs lack advocacy skills necessary for promoting legal reform regionally. The EAPHP regional programme aims at strengthening coordination mechanisms between regional level platforms and CSOs, and improved implementation and monitoring of regional plans of action. The project will ensure CSOs receive technical support to develop strategic plans, acquire relevant information and tools, and increase their capacity to advocate for policy change. With adequate resources, CSOs will be strengthened to become key players in implementing a comprehensive and coordinated regional strategy to prevent and respond to all forms of violence against children, particularly PHP. 

Purpose and scope of work

Save the Children International (SCI), Thailand Country Office, Ending All Physical and Humiliating Punishment (EAPHP) project is seeking a consultant to conduct a Civil Society Organization (CSO) mapping in Thailand in order to identify CSOs with expertise on child’s rights, child protection, legal reform and policy advocacy at national, regional and international levels, work with regional and UN mechanisms; networking and coalition building.

The consultant will work closely with EAPHP Project Coordinator and Program Development and Quality (PDQ) unit on all objectives. The consultant will receive support from Programme Implementation and Program Development and Quality (PDQ) units as requested and/or appropriate.

Objectives and Deliverables

The consultant will deliver on the following objectives:

  1. To gather organizational and programmatic information on relevant Civil Society Organizations(CSOs) in Thailand;
  2. To analyse each CSO’s expertise relating to child’s rights, child protection, legal reform and policy advocacy at national, regional and international levels; work with regional and UN mechanisms; networking and coalition building with reliable samples of good practices, work or evidences;
  3. Mapping of CSOs working on child rights, child protection, legal reform, policy advocacy at different levels in Thailand and compiling a brief profile on these CSOs;
  4. Selection of 8 – 10 potential CSOs based on pre-defined selection criteria with whom SCI Thailand CO could potential partner with for the EAPHP regional programme
  5. Do a SWOT analysis of the selected 8 – 10 CSOs and recommend 5 top CSOs.

Key Actions



Preparation stage:

-       Design key assessment area

-       Develop data collocation tool

-       Design data collection plan

1.1  Data collection tool

1.2  Data collection plan

4 working days

Data collection stage:

-       Gather data collection (primary and secondary data)

-       Submit of 1st daft report (key finding)

2.1  First draft report

2.2  CSO database in desirable format

8 working days

Reporting stage:

-       Presentation on key finding

-       Submit of final report

3.1  Power point of   presentation on key finding

3.2  Final report

3 working days


The consultant will report to EAPHP Project Coordinator, Save the Children International, Thailand.


25 October – 9 November 2018

Consultancy fee

The consultant(s) is asked to propose the budget. The financial competitiveness of the fee will be considered in the selection process. Costs involved in the research, such as materials, travel, accommodation, translation and applicable taxes, should be included in the proposed budget.


The consultant can invoice as per the following schedule, with payments made based on satisfactory deliverables during the invoicing period (as approved by EAPHP Project Coordinator)

The travel costs and accommodation during this consultancy period will be covered and arranged by the consultant.

Qualifications and degree of expertise:

  • At least 5 years of experience working on the context of child’s rights and child protection in Thailand and ASEAN;
  • Excellent knowledge about NGOs and CSOs working on child’s rights, child protection, legislation and policy advocacy in Thailand and ASEAN and their networks;  
  • Expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methods;
  • Strong analytical skills and ability to clearly document and present findings;
  • Ability and necessary skills to write high quality reports in Thai and English;
  • Strong and positive interpersonal skills;
  • Ability to work within strict deadlines.

Submissions for the consultancy

The submission must address the terms of reference and include:

Name and contact details of applicant

A cover letter outlining the relevant experienced and expertise of the consultant and initial ideas on the approach to be taken the achieve consultancy objectives

A draft summary proposal of the research scope, design, methods, and field implementation approach (maximum 5 pages)

A detailed quote in THB. (including travel and other costs)

Close date for submissions: 

Applicant should submit their interest by 18 October 2018.

Submissions should be addressed to:

Close date for submissions: 18th October 2018

Please indicate in the subject as “Civil Society Organization (CSO) mapping in Thailand _Name of candidate”

Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

“We need to keep children safe so our selection process reflects our commitment to the protection of children from abuse.”

Contact :


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