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Consultancy for Subject Content Support for Math & Science

Terms of Reference

Consultancy: Subject Content Support for Math & Science


The Basic Education Support towards Transition Project (BEST) Phase III is funded by the European Union to the amount of 2 million EUR, for implementation from March 2017- End Feb 2019 and the PREPS IV phase is funded by the Australian Government (DFAT) to the amount of AUD$500,000 from July 2018-end June 2019. The BEST/PREPS project contributes to the achievement of durable education solutions for the refugee camp population in Thailand by supporting the provision of quality basic education for students in nine refugee camps along the Thailand-Burma/Myanmar border, supporting teachers to build education capacity, and facilitating progress towards sustainable education solutions.

Save the Children (SCI) leads the BEST/PREPS project and works with partner organisations to implement the activities i.e. Adventist Development Relief Agency Thailand (ADRA), Right to Play (RTP) and Jesuit Refugee Service (JRS) in cooperation with Karen Refugee Committee Education Entity (KRCEE) and Karenni Education Department (KnED). RTP is working in seven predominantly Karen camps, whilst JRS is in two predominantly Karenni camps. ADRA addresses infrastructure needs and manages tendering and procurement for textbooks and other teaching and learning materials in 7 Karen camps. As the project lead, SCI provides managerial oversight.

The BEST/PREPS team developed an integrated teacher professional development framework to improve teacher professional development in the refugee camp context of the Karen camps. The new framework was rolled out in 2017. Subsequently, an evaluation was carried out between May and August 18 to capture the current state of teacher professional development in light of implemented changes.

Consultancy Description

Based on the evaluation outcomes, teachers shared that they desired to have deeper subject content knowledge, especially in upper grades and specifically in Math and Science. Currently, subject specific trainers in Math and Science are lacking for high school level in the Karen camps. In this regard, limited support is provided to teachers to help them prepare lesson plans, create teaching and learning resources and review subject content for future lessons.

As such, the purpose of this consultancy is to plan, develop and deliver Grade 10-12 Math and Science subject content training to camp-based teachers and trainers across the 7 Karen camps. The aim is to strengthen subject content knowledge of camp-based teachers and support them in developing classroom resources to deliver quality lessons for children. 

The consultant is expected to:

  • In consultation with camp education authorities and BEST/PREPS partners, review Math and Science subject content for Grade 10-12 and identify topics that teachers require additional support and guidance
  • Design and develop Math and Science training modules and materials jointly with camp education authorities and BEST/PREPS partners
  • Jointly plan and schedule to deliver a 1-week training session each for Math and Science subjects across 7 Karen camps (some camps can be consolidated into one location)
  • Subject to approval from authorities, video record the training sessions of each subject for future content support
  • Develop pre-/post-test evaluation forms for monitoring purposes
  • Deliver training according to agreed schedule and timeline

Objectives and Deliverables  

The consultant will deliver on the following objectives:

Key Actions


·    Consultant to submit a detailed work plan

·      Work plan

·   Consultant to design and develop training modules and materials for Math and Science subjects jointly with stakeholders

·      Training materials and modules

·   Consultant to revise training modules and materials based on feedback

·      Revised evaluation tools

·   The schedule to deliver trainings needs to be submitted to camp authorities at least one month prior for approval;

·      Schedule for delivery of trainings in the camps

·   Presentation provided on the success and challenges

·      Presentation to SCI

·   Consultant to submit a report on the outputs as well as to document the successes and challenges

·      Report


The consultant will report to the BEST/PREPS Project Coordinator and work in close coordination with the SCI Senior Education Specialist, MEAL Coordinator and Officer as well as members of the BEST/PREPS team.

Time frame

1 October to 30 October 2018


The applicant is requested to submit the proposal, work plan, and detailed budget (including number of days required and estimated cost per day) with their application. The quality and financial competitiveness of the application will be considered in the selection process. All costs associated with delivery must be included, SCI will not pay for travel, per diem, translation, supplies, or any additional staff support time needed.


  1. Proven technical experience in delivering capacity building trainings particularly in the area of Math and Science subjects for teachers; please provide CV(s) of lead consultant(s) and team (if any)
  2. Masters’ degree in a relevant area
  3. Thai or international
  4. Proven track record or expertise working in refugee settings preferred
  5. Ability to work independently and meet tight deadlines
  6. Language proficiencies required include: English, Sgaw Karen, Karenni, and Burmese; kindly include a clear plan for language proficiencies in the team and/or translators included in the team
  7. Flexibility to travel to remote areas

Submission for the consultancy application and include:

  • Name and contact details of the applicant
  • Resume of the lead consultant
  • A cover letter outlining the relevant experience and expertise of the consultant as well as initial ideas on the approach to be taken to achieve the consultancy objectives
  • A draft summary proposal of the research scope, design, methods and field implementation approach 
  • A detailed quote in THB (including travel and other costs) 

Submissions should be addressed to:

Close date for submissions: 13 September 2018

Please indicate in the subject as “Consultancy for Subject Content Support for Math & Science_Name of candidate”  Only shortlisted candidates will be notified.

“We need to keep children safe so our selection process reflects our commitment to the protection of children from abuse.”

Contact :


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