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Research Fellow – Peri-Urban Environmental Research Project

: The Tea Leaf Center Co., Ltd
: 23 Nov 2022
30 / December / 2022

Job Description: Research Fellow – Peri-Urban Environmental Research Project

(Thai and English Language)


Deadline As Soon as Possible until position is filled

The Tea Leaf Center

The Tea Leaf Center Co., Ltd. is a social enterprise research and training consulting firm based in Thailand. We support locally-led research by providing tailored coaching and training, on-call support, and platforms to connect researchers.

The Tea Leaf Center was registered as a company limited in Thailand in 2019. Since its formation, the Tea Leaf Center and its directors have conducted evaluations and other research for international and local NGOs and conducted trainings on writing and research for local organizations working in environmental conservation, land rights, public health, migrant education, human rights and other areas. We have also worked with a local university to support quality academic research in Myanmar.

The Position

The Tea Leaf Center is hiring a full-time Research Fellow. The Fellow will split their time between an environmental research project (50%) and other Tea Leaf Center projects (50%). There is a possibility of extension based on project funding support. The Fellow will work on data collection in peri-urban spaces in Chiang Mai that includes a mixed methodology approach. It may include desk reviews, key informant interviews, focus group discussions, surveys, and randomized control trials. The position will offer an opportunity for the Fellow to co-publish in research journals and conferences. The position will also support the Tea Leaf Center’s online learning platform and other research training and/or monitoring and evaluation projects.

The position will involve a one-year contract with a three-month probation period. The Research Fellow will be supervised by the Tea Leaf Center and collaborate closely with Chiang Mai University and the University of Hawaii on the environmental research project. Through this position, the Research Fellow will advance their research and training skills, including by analyzing and writing up research results, co-authoring and supporting journal articles, and expanding the Tea Leaf Center online learning platform.

This position will be full-time. The Research Fellow will be based in Chiang Mai but may be required to travel within the region.

The Research Project

The environmental research project under this fellowship is part of a project led by researchers at the University of Hawaii and Chiang Mai University, funded by the US National Science Foundation. The project overall explores the haze and air pollution situation in Chiang Mai from a Science and Technology Studies perspective, looking at sources of air pollution (using GIS), and knowledge generation and usage around air pollution within different communities in Chiang Mai and the connection between urban and rural spaces. The Tea Leaf Center’s portion of the project is still in development, and is led by Jonathan Rhodes, a co-director, who will supervise the Fellow. The data generated for this project will be used for publications co-authored by the Fellow, as well as for Jonathan’s PhD research.



  • For the environmental research project (approximately 10 days/month):
    • Support the Tea Leaf Center in data collection, using mixed methodologies, including arranging stakeholder meetings and data collection activities, conducting interviews and other data collection activities, and supporting translation, under the supervision of Jonathan Rhodes;
    • Attend and support the Tea Leaf Center in collaborative meetings with Chiang Mai University and the University of Hawaii;
    • Conduct desk reviews and draft reports;
    • Lead and support analysis;
    • Co-author journal articles and research reports;
  • For other Tea Leaf Center work (approximately 10 days/month):
    • Support the Tea Leaf Center’s online learning platform, including supporting needs assessments and development of online research training materials;
    • Lead or contribute to research trainings for local civil society organizations in Thailand or elsewhere in Southeast Asia; and
    • Participate in other Tea Leaf Center research projects.

Qualifications (required)

  • Fluent in Thai and proficient working English (spoken and written).
  • Self-motivated and willing to learn diverse skills.
  • Able to work independently and as a team.
  • At least a Bachelor’s Degree and relevant 3-5 years’ experience doing research or a Master’s Degree in environmental science, social science, development, international relations or other relevant field.
  • Experience conducting qualitative research, including, interviews, focus group discussions, structured observation and/or participatory research.
  • Experience working with local or international non-profit organizations.
  • Commitment to empowering local communities and civil society organizations.
  • Demonstrated ability to work respectfully and inclusively with people of diverse backgrounds, including ethnic and religious minorities and other marginalized populations.

Qualifications (preferred, one or more)

  • Experience conducting trainings or facilitating workshops, especially related to research.
  • Experience conducting research with diverse stakeholders.
  • Experience in helping with online trainings, webinars, meetings or other activities.
  • Other regional languages, including Shan or Karen, would be considered an asset.


The research fellow will receive monthly pay between 25,000-30,000 baht per month, based on experience and qualifications. The fellow is responsible for any moving expenses. The Tea Leaf Center will support costs of any research-related travel, including transportation, per diem, and accommodation if required for work.



How to Apply

Send the following application materials to info@thetealeafcenter.org with the subject line “Environmental Research Fellow” by December 30th (applications will be reviewed when received and a decision may be made before the deadline):

  • CV/resume;
  • Cover letter explaining relevant experience and reasons for applying;
  • A writing sample from a recent research project (early draft if possible); and
  • The names and contact information of two references, including at least one with direct knowledge of the applicant’s research experience/skills.



Contact : info@thetealeafcenter.org


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