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Co-Consultant, SGBV in Emergencies

Project objectives and outcomes

The overall aim of the study is to provide better evidence and understanding of the current level of prevention of and response to SGBV programming in selected ASEAN member states and to provide recommendations for improved preparedness and response during disasters and the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The objectives of the study are as follows:

  1. To provide an overview of SGBV prevention and response in disasters and the recent Covid-19 pandemic in Thailand, using secondary data and key informant interviews;
  2. To develop a set of contextualized minimum standards for SGBV prevention and response in disasters and the pandemic, specific a select country, and designed to be useful for ASEAN member states and national authorities;
  3. To develop a summary document of the completed studies, updated to include relevant information on the Covid-19 pandemic
  4. Support to the finalization and launch of the 2018 studies in Cambodia and Viet Nam;
  5. To monitor how the results and recommendations of the 2018 SGBV study are being used in the related countries (Indonesia, Lao PDR, and the Philippines).

Expected Outputs

Based on the study objectives, the expected outputs of this Co-Consultant are as follows:

  1. Baseline study of SGBV in disasters and crisis in Thailand, with a focus on how public authorities and humanitarian actors currently prevent and respond to SGBV during disasters and the Covid-19 pandemic, documentation of good practices, and recommendations for improved prevention and response. Questions to guide the research can include, but are not limited to:
    • What characterizes SGBV during times of disasters and the recent pandemic in Thailand? How does SGBV, during and in the direct aftermath of disasters, affect boys, girls, women and men and people of diverse SOGIESC differently?
    • To what degree is a protection, gender and inclusion analysis incorporated in the national disaster risk management laws and policies?
    • How can the existing legal and policy framework be strengthened to better address gender (including participation of women) and prevention of and response to SGBV, including prevention of sexual exploitation and abuse (PSEA) issues?
    • What kind of response system exists or needs to be developed for helping SGBV survivors during and right after disasters when traditional, essential services have broken down?
  2. Presentation materials for a report launch, as applicable

Below is the anticipated timeline for the project:





Study implementation




Final Report writing




Final report editing and layout



1st week


Method of delivery and reasons for selecting that method

The Co-Consultant will work closely with the Lead Consultant and IFRC to establish a suitable methodology for the research to be conducted in Thailand, and to reach the objectives outlined.

This position does not require travel. All work is to be conducted remotely.


Support to be provided to the consultant

All relevant IFRC and ASEAN documents will be shared with the consultant, including the previously published research, policies, and procedures related to SGBV.

Support and management of the consultancy will be provided through the Jakarta Country Cluster Delegation. Technical support on PGI/SGBV will be provided by the Bangkok Country Cluster Delegation.


Schedule for payment of fees

1. The first payment is 30% of the total consultancy fee, upon the submission of the Results as stated in the Timeline  (October 2021)

2. The second payment is 30% of the total consultancy fee, upon the submission of the Results as stated in the Timeline (October – December 2021)

3. The second payment is 40% of the total consultancy fee, upon the submission of the Results as stated in the Timeline (November – December 2021)

4. The IFRC reserves the right to withhold any taxes and dues from the Consultant’s fee and other elements of his/her remuneration, should it be obliged by the taxation laws and regulations in Thailand.

5. The amount is to be paid by the IFRC upon the receipt of the invoice and the consultancy results, as referred to the Terms of Payment.


Time Allocation, for budget purposes




October 2021

  • Contract signing
  • Kick off discussion with IFRC and ASEAN Secretariat on the study
  • Draft methodology proposal from the consultants
  • Draft detail plan of action of the research from the consultant
  • First payment: 30% of the total consultancy fee – after inception report approved by IFRC and ASEAN Secretariat

Inception report provided to IFRC and ASEAN Secretariat

The inception report will be a scoping exercise for the study and will include the proposed methodologies, data collection and reporting plans with draft data collection tools such as interview guides, the allocation of roles and responsibilities within the team, a timeframe with firm dates for deliverables, and any logistical arrangements for the team.


October 2021 – December 2021

  • Draft of updated summary report for completed SGBV research (November)
  • Draft materials for report launch  (November)
  • Implementation of research in Thailand
  • Contextualized minimum standards for select country in SEA Asia
  • Second payment: 30% of the total consultancy fee – after presenting initial findings and recommendation
  • Progress report per October 2021 (covering October and November 2021)
  • Presentation of initial findings and recommendation

November 2021 – December 2021

  • Prepare and submit draft final reports
  • Review of draft final report by IFRC and ASEAN Secretariat – for clarification
  • Presentation of final findings and clarification by consultant for query from IFRC and ASEAN Secretariat
  • Submission of final report with related annexes to IFRC and ASEAN Secretariat
  • Final payment 40% after final reports received and approved by IFRC and ASEAN Secretariat
  • Final report per December 2021 (covering November - October 2021)
  • Presentation of final findings and recommendation
  • Final studies report provided to IFRC and ASEAN Secretariat and approved by IFRC and ASEAN Secretariat


Management of consultancy

This consultation contract will be managed by IFRC and the Consultant will be reporting to IFRC. During the consultation period, the Consultant will be coordinating and work closely with IFRC CCD Indonesia Partnership Senior Specialist and the related IFRC and ASEAN technical team.


Consultant requirements

  1. Education: Advanced university degree or equivalent in gender, social sciences, public health, or other relevant field.
  2. Work experience: Minimum 7-8 years of progressive humanitarian experience in the field of SGBV; at least 5 of which should be related to coordination in emergency contexts.
  3. Technical knowledge:
    • Strong knowledge of SGBV in emergencies programming (prevention, response, and mainstreaming/risk mitigation);
    • Experience in SGBV Coordination
    • Experience in SGBV programme management
    • Experience in evaluation of SGBV coordination mechanisms
    • Ability to collect, collate and analyse data in an efficient and effective manner;
    • Analytical, methodical and precise style of writing;
    • Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skills;
    • Communicates effectively to varied audiences, including during formal public Good communication skills
    • Ability to work quickly and deliver products in line with agreed timeframes
    • Excellent English writing skills
  4. Language: Fluency in English and Thai is required.



  • The consultant will be contracted by the IFRC and the standard contractual terms will apply.
  • Agreed travel expenses will be reimbursed at cost in accordance with in the IFRC’s relevant regulations.
  • (This project is supported by : SDC,  IFRC and ASEAN Secretariat)


Materials to submit for application

  1. Current resume or CV
  2. Cover letter detailing relevant experience in SGBV coordination and/or programming
  3. Desired fee (including a breakdown by output) for the consultancy
  4. Draft methodology for conducting the proposed SGBV desk study and suggested timeline for completion of additional deliverables

Contact :

ที่ปรึกษา / Consultant


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