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Facilitator for National Forum on A Roadmap to Sustainable Supply Chain

Terms of Reference on Facilitator for National Forum on A Roadmap to Sustainable Supply Chain

Terms of Reference (TOR) are written by the report’s commissioning manager. They should be used as a way of getting consensus among key stakeholders (e.g. regional staff, OI affiliates, or partners) about the campaign report’s purpose, content, and tone as early as possible in the process, and therefore a draft should be shared with others for commenting. Writing of the report should not begin until the TOR is signed off.




Project Team:

Commissioning Manager:



Project Manager

Distribution Manager


Private Sector Engagement Officer


Proposed title:

Consultant on SCP Public Forum Organization

Project title:

Forum on Sustainable Consumption and Production for Food Supply Chain in Thailand

Campaign: e.g. OI + MTF


Lead publisher


Publishing partner



Expected length (give page extent and equivalent word count):





Why is this being commissioned, and why now?

Please include an overview of the campaign strategy and how this report fits into it. This should include launch events, key dates, and events at which the report will be used 12-18 months after publication.

Also, if known, how the report and summary will be used as a basis for other campaigning materials.

In order to facilitate the retailer leadership and provide actionable recommendations to them to improve their policies and practices, we will organize public forum on “sustainable food sourcing”. The goals of this forum are as follow:

1) To provide space for discussion on voluntary guidelines and practices that can help raise sector standards and identify domestic resources to ensure continuity of changes after the project

2) To showcase best practices of sustainable sourcing policies, the national SCP, UN guiding principles and practical tips on overcoming key sourcing barriers and SCP in the oversee retail sector

The one of the outcomes of this public forum will be a creation of space for retailers to show their commitment to public ensuring their advancement of ethical and responsible sourcing in their food supply chain.



What is the campaign report’s core argument and policy recommendation(s)? What impact will this have on poverty? (Summarise in one paragraph).



Oxfam engages supermarkets and their consumers and stakeholders as one strategy to promote sustainable supply chains and responsible business practices. This has been proven useful especially in northern markets where supermarkets and other retail chains are sensitive to pressure from consumers and other stakeholders.


In Asia, supermarkets are beginning to play an important role in bridging producers and consumers. Rapid urbanization saw the increasing spread as well as importance of retail chains and supermarkets. Supermarkets and retail chains in Thailand have broad consumer bases, carry a wide breadth of products, including those produced by small scale farmers, fishers and workers, and are generally conscious about their brand image. These factors that make these supermarkets and retail chains viable targets for advocacy and campaigning.


This activity aims to be one of the mechanisms which will influence supermarkets and retail chains in Thailand towards addressing inequalities and sustainability issues in its value chains. The activity hope to see the policies and practices of supermarkets as well as their retail chains be consistent with the sustainable approaches.




For whom is it being written? Who are we trying to influence? What kind of tone/style will the paper adopt?

Please list primary and secondary audiences. What are your plans to launch to these audiences? Which are the key target countries?


The target participations are from top managements of retailers, CEOs of wet markets, small producers and suppliers and the business news media (approx. 80 people in total) 


We also aim at reaching to specific audiences includes government organization, NGOs/INGOs, UN agencies, and general public/urban consumers especially those in working age.




List the contents of the campaign report in detail, including estimated page extents for each section.


Include killer facts where possible and identify how you will incorporate gender justice issues.



The key contents of the forum can summarize as follows (tbc).

  1. How does the sustainability/sustainable sourcing important for all relevant stakeholders?
  2. Where we are on the road to sustainable sourcing in food supply chain.
  3. Voluntary guidelines from coalitions to be presented for discussion as an iconic to success sustainable sourcing in retail sector.
  4. Identifying challenges for creating sustainable sourcing in food supply chain?
  5. Showcase best practices of sustainable sourcing policies, the national SCP, UN guiding principles and practical tips on overcoming key sourcing barriers, etc.
  6. Role and Responsibility of each stakeholders emphasize on role and responsibility of supermarket.
  7. Practical steps to achieve sustainable sourcing and commitment from retail sector.





An online public forum will be co-hosted with well-known, specialized thinktank and/or private organization, we aim at a 2 day-long forum targeting retailers, wet markets, small holders, small producers, medias, etc.



Role & Responsibility of Facilitator


Pre-event organization:

  1. Conduct pre-event planning which include conceptualization, agenda planning, speaker and participant mapping and coordination, thematic and technical etc.
  2. Management of all logistics and preparations 
  3. Generate publicity using local media (traditional and new medias) includes preparation of media materials (press release, media brief, info graphic, etc.), media liaison (if needed)   
  4. Advertise locally

Event organization:

  1. Conduct and faciliate the forum organization, responsible for all technical and coordination making sure smooth and successful forum

Post-event organization:

  1. Follow-up immediately after the forum with speakers, participants for event evaluation
  2. Provide summary report of the forum which include all the recommendation, commitment, suggestion made by audiences/speakers during the forum
  3. Debrief on accomplishments and lessons learned



Expected Outputs


  1. A successful online public forum
  2. Summary report of the forum
  3. At least 3 leading retailers participated in the forum with a significant contribution and/or commitment on sustainable sourcing policies and practices



Connections with national/regional campaigns and programs:


How will the campaign report link policy to Oxfam’s programme experience?  Which countries will be involved? Will it be based on national research, or on global research?


Please attach a fuller document on the research requirements for this report, describing what already exists, and what new research will have to be commissioned, and a time frame for this.



The coordination across SWITCH ASIA countries and global BtBp team will be made for this forum, we aim to bring their expertise and best practices from global north and/or regional on sustainable sourcing policies and practices that could be duplicated here in Thailand.



Look and feel:

What images and graphics will be included? How will they meet the needs of the target audiences?

(Include information on the key countries and concepts).

 (A full design brief should be completed, following discussion with the Publishing team Designer).



This public forum will be provocative yet encouraging the participants to be pioneer and taking advance steps for sustainable sourcing policies and practices for the benefit of their own business, suppliers, consumers, social equality and sustainable environment.



Will the summary be used as a separate communications tool? If so, how, and will the audience differ from the one above? Will images and graphics be included? If so, what will be their purpose?


The summary will be part of this activities. This can later be used to develop press releases and other campaign materials.



What are the risks in publishing this campaign report?

(E.g. risk to staff security or to the programme; risk to Oxfam’s reputation; risk to Oxfam’s identity; quality of product and content; consistency with plans and priorities. If there is a risk that the research commissioned will not suit the purpose of the document, causing delays to the schedule, what implications would this have for the campaign?)




The forum will involve many stakeholders, especially supermarkets and retail chains. Oxfam must take the necessary precautions against possible legal action by the companies. To mitigate this risk, the coordination team will ensure that:

  1. All publicly disseminated materials of this activity undergoes libel check
  2. All data relevant to countries are signed off by team lead
  3. Mood and tone of the event should not show up as blaming the supermarkets but should be in the way of encouragement.


Translation requirements:

Specify whether the full text needs translating into Oxfam’s core languages (French, Spanish, English).

List any other languages needed, explain how they will be used, and confirm that there are funds allocated for this.

Please note: if the full text is to be translated, all language versions must publish together. English language papers will not be made publicly available in advance of the others, but will be held until all versions are complete.




Libel Check:

(Will this campaign report require a libel check by a legal expert? (for example, if company names or individuals are mentioned or are identifiable and there is the potential for libel)




Project schedule

Mid January 2022


Consultation Round 1

September 2021


Second draft due by:

November 2021


Regional and Affiliate Sign-off required:

Note: policy sign-off will be managed by the CM and obtained in advance as policy proposals are defined

Sign-off for related products needs to be agreed – preferably one decision maker plus regional sign off on case studies and images as necessary.

 [Libel check sign-off, if required, should take place before OI sign-off)

November 2021












Design format and publication…etc

November 2021


Publication date:
(mention any specific pegs or events, and whether an embargo will be in place)

Early January 2022







Mid January 2022

How to apply:

Interested applicants are reqyest to submit thier proposal and CV via by 11 August 2021.









Key Milestone for Outputs/Deliverables

September 2021

November 2021

January 2022


  • Finalize facilitator for the event
  • Activity kicks-off
  • Team consultation meeting
  • Prepare for the venue




  • Finalize key panellist
  • Finalize venue
  • Finalize key issues
  • Prepare for media materials


  • Organize one forum
  • Provide summary of the forum




















Contact :

ที่ปรึกษา / Consultant


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