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National Research Consultant for Digital Data Governance

National Research Consultant

ASEAN Policy Implementation Project

Short -Term Technical Assistance



IBI International is an international economic development consulting firm whose main client is the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Founded in 1996, IBI is headquartered in the Ballston neighbourhood of Arlington, Virginia.


This Task Order supports the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) at the institutional level in developing key policies in a wide range of areas. ASEAN is Southeast Asia’s primary multilateral institution for regional cooperation. Founded on the vision of a rules-based order, ASEAN provides a platform for economic cooperation, the peaceful arbitration of disputes, and the promotion of the rule of law to ensure a free and open Southeast Asia. These policies play an important role in setting common high-level goals that stimulate and guide national reform efforts and encourage regional integration and cohesion. Implementation at the national level varies from issue to issue and from state to state. The overall goal of United States Agency for International Development (USAID) assistance to ASEAN is to build the capacity of ASEAN and ASEAN Member States (AMS) to contribute to sustainable and inclusive growth and encourage rules-based systems to support a prosperous Southeast Asia.


The ASEAN Policy Implementation Project (API) funded by USAID/ASEAN is to accelerate implementation of key ASEAN policy agreements at the national level to advance economic prosperity and rules-based governance in the Indo-Pacific region. USAID, through the API project, works toward:

  • Identifying concrete needs and opportunities to advance the implementation of targeted ASEAN policies at the national level.
  • Providing technical assistance to ASEAN Member States to strengthen the implementation of targeted ASEAN Policies.


API works in collaboration with other USAID projects including Inclusive Growth in ASEAN through Innovation, Trade and E-Commerce (IGNITE) and Partnership for Regional Optimization within the Political-Security and Socio-Cultural Communities (PROSPECT) to achieve common outcomes and shared goals in the region.


API optimizes AMS operations of the ASW by providing technical support to assist specific ASEAN Member States with their National Single Windows implementation. This action will improve customs compliance and increase transparency in trade transactions, thereby reducing opportunities for corruption while increasing incentives for smaller firms to participate competitively in trade. This will ensure efficient, reliable, and secure automated customs systems for trade across ASEAN, under the ASW platform, which reduces border clearance times, boosts clearance reliability, and helps ensure that trade regulations are administered equitably.


API helps strengthen national laws through alignment with the ASEAN Framework on Digital Data Governance. Under this framework, USAID, through the API project, provides ASEAN Member States with assistance in advancing ASEAN endorsed commitments on digital data governance at the national level. This includes sharing best practices and policies in areas such as cybersecurity, data protection and privacy, and data localization. Implementing an ASEAN endorsed framework can further the alignment of national laws across ASEAN and strengthens the data ecosystem that underpins national level capacities in the era of Industrial Revolution 4.0.

This would result in an optimal, physical and institutional infrastructure that is in place to boost digital transformation in the ASEAN region.


Objective: The objective of this position is to conduct a research that informs the current status and implementation of digital data governance in AMS, with an interest in its relation to ASEAN Single Windows (ASW)/National Single Windows (NSWs).


Period of Performance: This assignment is expected to begin in mid-May 2021


Level of Effort: 20 days of LOE


Location: Thailand


Reports To: The STTA will be supervised by the Chief of Party in coordination with the Program Manager and the Research Manager


Key Responsibilities:

  • Conduct a desk review of the implementation status of the ASEAN Framework on Digital Data Governance with regards to data classification and restrictions to cross border data flows, if any and investigate further the ASEAN Single Window (ASW) and the National Single Window (NSW) digital data governance structure
  • Identify relevant stakeholders and create a stakeholder map to seek an understanding on the concrete needs and opportunities under the ASEAN Framework on Digital Data Governance
  • Develop a list of recommendations based on the findings to address the needs and challenges of data governance, focusing on free cross-border data flow mechanism, information security (including data protection and data privacy), and digital signature (Certificate of Authority), especially in the e-commerce sector as well as the digital payment industry.
  • Update the Digital Integration Framework Action Plan (DIFAP) Matrix provided by the project team  
  • Identify a list of projects supporting the implementation of the ASEAN Single Window and ASEAN Digital Data Governance
  • Desk research on new ASEAN agreements, outcomes of ASEAN meetings, the progress of implementation of ASEAN policy/agreements, if relevant 
  • Other duties as assigned.



  • Report on the status of implementation of the ASEAN Framework on Digital Data Governance. This includes the latest progress of implementation on the ASW and NSW.
  • Stakeholder map on Digital Data Governance ecosystem
  • Recommendations to address needs and challenges of digital data governance in the country, including in relation to ASW and National Single Window
  • Update and complete country matrix on DIFAP
  • List of projects supporting the implementation of the digital data governance and National Single Window.



Must Have

  • Master’s degree in fields of economics, international trade, international political economy or related fields, PhD preferred. (Bachelor’s degree may be acceptable with higher levels of work experience)

At least 5 years of related work experience

Economic Growth background, especially in areas covered by the AEC Blueprint 2025. Preference with understanding of the ASEAN Single Window and/or Digital Data Governance

Familiarity with ASEAN regional integration efforts with technical expertise in the subject matter will also be considered

Native speaker & writer of local language

  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Intermediate to Advanced MS Office/Word skills.



  • Experience working with a national university, think-tank, or other research institution, on issues related to economic growth and governance.
  • Understanding of USAID’s Indo Pacific Strategy and familiarity with bi-lateral missions in ASEAN Member States (AMS).


To Apply:

Interested candidate please email your CV with subject:  National Research Consultants for Digital Data Governance to:

IBI appreciates all applications, but only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

For full consideration, applications close on April 30, 2021, and are screened on a rolling basis (so we encourage applicants to submit an application early).


For more information about IBI International, please visit

IBI is an equal opportunity employer.



Contact :

ที่ปรึกษา / Consultantนักวิจัย / Researcher


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