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Organization : มูลนิธิรักษ์ไทย : A member of CARE International.

Role Purpose:

The role takes leadership in the 3 main areas as identified below.

Financial Planning & Analysis; aims to provide planning, implementation of Raks Thai project financial analysis, budget planning, financial reporting in accordance with donor requirements.  The role is to provide coaching to FP&A Analysts to ensure timely, quality completion of all cyclical processes including gap analysis, other variances, reporting & KPI reviews are met the standard performance of Raks Thai and donors.

Financial System & Operations; aims to boost speed and improve the accuracy of financial operations. The role is to provide clear, complete, transparent data in real time along with analytical tools needed to turn those data into insights.  It is to be achieved through the implementation of technology associated with digital transformation namely process automation, advanced analytics, and artificial intelligence. 

Risk & Compliance; aims to mitigate risk & fraud whilst ensuring Raks Thai operations are fully in compliance to donors’ requirements.


Key Accountabilities:


Financial Planning & Analysis

  • Lead the preparation of the budgets and financial forecasts, prepare monthly financial statements, other periodic financial reports. 
  • Analyze, provide financial commentary on project financial status by identifying findings, summary, specific recommendations, corrective actions as needed to ensure donors that Raks Thai are tracking financial obligations in accordance to terms and conditions.
  • Create, maintain performance and financial metrics.  Frame them in dashboard, slide presentation, and other reporting mechanism that best ensure the data is meaningful and fits the audiences.
  • Improve financial status by analyzing results, monitoring variances, identifying trends, and recommending actions to Senior Management Team.
  • Working closely with programs senior managers to analyze program portfolio including activities pipeline analysis, expenditure review to develop sound financial planning and strategies.
  • Analyze financial information to generate information on overall finance management issues, e.g. spending trends, program operations vs program costs, funding gaps, funding pipelines analysis for the next 3 years, etc.
  • Ensure the FP&A analyst team operate within a robust environment and being the principle point of contact for key internal & external stakeholders.
  • Use trend and management budget to develop monthly projections for overhead expenses. 


Financial System & Operations

  • Integrate new system with existing accounting software to further streamline workflows, ensure accuracy of financial budgets, cash flow management, tax reporting.
  • Monitor and improve the internal controls with user-friendly metrics, real-time dashboard that will lead better performance management and value creation through process optimization.
  • Develop financial strategy, including risk minimization plans.
  • Manage cash flow, improve financial process efficiencies while reducing cost across Raks Thai.
  • Continually seek to improve productivity and efficiency through the development of processes and controls.
  • Centralize data management to eliminate rouge spending, invoice fraud, costly human errors.
  • Streamline finance & accounting functions and operations work processes.
  • Develop internal control policies, procedures within Raks Thai.
  • Lead the development and implementation of software, application, and systems that will enable FP&A delivery. 
  • Increase productivity by developing automated accounting applications, coordinating information requirements. 


Risk & Compliance

  • Ensure compliance with relevant tax, accounting, auditing, and external reporting requirements.
  • Evaluate and manage risks; work closely with key internal stakeholders to monitor grant compliance and partnership agreement terms and conditions including reporting. 
  • Manage to track outstanding grant reporting and compliance items and prepare appropriate reports on status.
  • Carry out internal control missions to assess adequacy of compliance with applicable regulations, policies, procedures.
  • Ensure compliance with statutory law and financial regulations.



    Person Specifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree plus a minimum of 5 years leading the team of financial control, financial planning & analysis in any industries.
  • Proven understanding of budget development and management, reporting, and experience as a strategic financial business partner.
  • Very high ethical standards with a strong desire to create positive change on a large scale and to see his/her work in fiance directly links to and supportive of Rak Thai’ s impact and vision.
  • Excellent problem solving, process improvement, statistical analysis, financial planning and strategy.
  • Extensive experience in budget formulation, strategic and project planning process.
  • Well developed English written and oral communication skills. 
  • High ability to influent key internal and external stakeholders as well as a solid reprsentation of Rak Thai.
  • High curiosity about new technology, able to implement technology to improve work quality. 
  • Confident to challenge status quo and maintain positive working relationship
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively manage complex finance teams, demonstrate finance best practice delivery of key strategy outcomes, effective implementation of operational plans.
  • Demonstrated ability to lead and coach a high-performing team.

Benefit package:

- Social security                                 - Life & Health Insurance (+Dental allowance)

- Provident Fund                               - 13th Month salary

- 11 days+ Annual Leave                 - Salary increment – performance based rate

- Learning & Development              - Work: Mon-Fri from 8.00 – 17.00 or 9:0018:00+ Flexi hour

- Etc.         


Please send your CV to


Contact : / 063 642 6587 , 02 014 7322 ต่อ 103 สำนักงานกรุงเทพฯ 185 ซ.ประดิพัทธ์ 6 ถนนประดิพัทธ์ ใกล้ BTS อารีย์ , สะพานควาย (ลง BTS อารีย์ สามารถเดินทางเข้าซอยพหลโยธิน 11 ได้) รถเมล์ที่ผ่านหน้าซ.ประดิพัทธ์ 6 สาย 52,524,97,3,117,90 ID Line : hrraksthai

บัญชี / Accountantการเงิน / Financier


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