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Senior Laboratory Technician

The Shoklo Malaria Research Unit (SMRU) is a field station of the faculty of Tropical Medicine, Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand, and is part of the Mahidol-Oxford Research Unit (MORU) supported by the Wellcome Trust, UK. The main objective of SMRU is to provide quality health care to the marginalised populations living on both sides of the Thai-Myanmar border in the Mae Sot area, Tak province. This is achieved by the dual activities of research and humanitarian services, with an emphasis on maternal-child health and infectious diseases.
SMRU is based in Mae Sot where the main laboratories are based and received samples from sites along the Thai-Myanmar border.

Job title: Senior Laboratory Technician
Location: Mae Sot
Status: Full time
Probation: SMRU can terminate employment at 3 months if performance inadequate
Report to: Head of Microbiology and Molecular Laboratories
Staff under supervision: Laboratory technicians

Tasks and responsibilities
The person selected for this job will be responsible for all activities related to microbiology and molecular microbiology, both routine and research activities. On a daily basis, this person will be involved in routine and project management.

1. Management and supervision
• Supervise microbiology team and coordinate activities.
• Procure lab supplies and maintenance of equipment.
• Monitoring and keep record of stock.
• Monitoring specimen storage and inventory
• Data management: record, analysis, entry, reporting and authorising of the data/results.
• Quality management including: developing and improving standard protocols for microbiology and/or molecular work; authorisation of results, overseeing internal and external quality control/assurance programs.
• Monitoring routine laboratory work to ensure that standards are maintained.
• Ensure microbiology and molecular microbiology activities run smoothly and the deadlines are met. Identify any problems at the early stage.

2. Perform routine and research analysis
• Conducting laboratory work in the fields of bacteriology and/or molecular microbiology.
• Training other laboratory staff in microbiology and/or molecular techniques.
• Reporting on microbiology results and/or molecular diagnostic results to SMRU clinical staff.
• Understand and follow laboratory rules including its safety and ensure other do the same.
• Other duties as directed by the supervisor.

Essential criteria
• A degree in medical technology, microbiology or related subjects or sufficient vocational training in one of these disciplines.
• Fluency in Thai and English.
• Experience in a clinical and/or research laboratory.
• The ability to work as part of the multinational team.
• The ability to work flexible hours including weekends.
• The ability to work under pressure.
• The ability to present results to colleagues
• Computing skill.
• Willingness to live in Mae Sot.
• Willingness to learn different techniques.

Desirable criteria
• A track record of contributing to scientific publications.
• Experience in research.
• Experience in laboratory accreditation.

Applications must be sent to SMRU/HR Department 68/30 Bantung Road, Mae Sot, Tak 63110 or email to
Dead line for application: 25 April 2021
Please note that only short-listed candidates will be notified for the interview process.

Contact :

ผู้ช่วย / Assistantนักวิจัย / Researcher


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