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Terms of Reference Stateless/Ethnic Minority Health and Integration Project (SHIP), Chiang Rai Province, Thailand

Mid Term Evaluation

Terms of Reference


Stateless/Ethnic Minority Health and Integration Project (SHIP), Chiang Rai Province, Thailand  


ADRA Thailand



1. Background


ADRA Thailand is a humanitarian organization delivering relief and assistance to people in need across Thailand. With a physical presence in six provinces, our work focuses on areas such as human trafficking, human rights, education, livelihoods and health. ADRA works with people in poverty and distress to create just and positive change through empowering partnerships and responsible actions.


The SHIP project is designed to respond to the needs of remote target villages which are home to a sizeable stateless population within a wider minority tribal population. Adolescent girls have a high rate of pregnancy. Impoverished grandparents take on childcare responsibilities along with low-paying livelihoods, while youth migrate to the cities. This complex situation leads to a high probability for poverty/trafficking vulnerability. Poverty is exacerbated by remoteness which limits access to health services and increases the expense for medical or preventive health related transport. Village residents rely on limited services, often medicating themselves with inappropriate and expensive pharmaceuticals and forgo important basic and preventive Maternal and Child Health (MCH) services and care. Building on the gains from the work of the Protection Against Trafficking in Hill tribe Communities (PATH) particularly in the villages of Mae Kham Noi, Pong Hi and Hua Kra which are among the target communities, the project focuses primarily on improving childcare and increased basic health care services as well as sensitization on child rights, trafficking and statelessness.


The project is made possible with funding through the foundations Else Kröner-Fresenius-Stiftung and Stiftung Kinderzukunft and joint collaboration with the Sub-District Administration Office and the Health Promotion Centres.


2. Project Overall Objective

SHIP’s overall objective is to contribute to improved resilience of poor ethnic minorities in rural Chiang Rai Province to child/human trafficking through improved health conditions.


3. Project Specific Objective

SHIP’s specific objective is to improve the health conditions of poor ethnic minority villager from six marginalized hill tribe communities in Chiang Rai Province.



4. Purpose of the assignment


The mid-term evaluation of the program will cover 18 month (October 2019 to March 2021). The mid-term evaluation is forward-looking and will effectively capture lessons learned and provide information on the nature, scope, and, where possible, the potential impact and sustainability of the SHIP project.

The evaluation will assess the projects design, scope, implementation status and the capacity to achieve the expected outcomes. It is further intended to collate and analyze lessons learnt, challenges faced and best practices obtained during implementation which will further inform implementation of the remaining period and provide input towards the next project phase


5. Methodology

The consultant is required to briefly present the methodological approach that they will undertake for the assignment and elaborate on the mid-term revision process, tools and data analysis and presentation methods. The consultant is encouraged to present suitable methodology relevant to the assignment but not limited to those as provided in this Terms of Reference (ToR).


The data collected will be both quantitative and qualitative. Quantitative data collection will result from the collected results of the mobile clinic and trainings conducted during this phase of the project based on the project Logframe. Qualitative data collection methods may include interviews, questionnaires with open-ended questions, focus group discussions, and observation. 


The mid-term evaluation team will use all project documents. Once selected, the project team provide the documents. Also secondary data sources will be used for further data analysis.

Primary data and data analysis process will be disaggregated by the sex, age and target villages. Collected data will be processed preferably using the SPSS statistical data analysis software. Draft findings will be presented with project team and key partners to validate.


6. Deliverables

The consultant is required to provide as part of the assignment an inception report indicating the structure for the evaluation report and final report both in print and electronic version in Thai and English. The report is to be presented formally through a briefing meeting/workshop.

7. Timeline

The consultant is required to proposed a required timeframe and activity map necessary for the completion of the given deliverables. ADRA estimates that the work should take no more than 20 working days for the assignment with expected start no later than 1 May 2021.


8. Qualification and experience of the consultant

The consultant should have the following qualification and experience

  • Advance degree in social science (sociology, development studies, economics) or related field relevant to the assignment.

  • Demonstrates knowledge and experience with the application of rights based approach, an understanding of human rights and trafficking issues, and public health

  • Experience in conducting qualitative and quantitative data collection and analysis

  • Proven writing skills


9. How to Apply

Interested individuals or firms will be required to send in their proposal to undertake the task. A detailed cost breakdown and workplan to complete the task, CV detailing previous work conducted. Applications should be sent to as well as with the subject “SHIP- Mid Term Evaluation” no later than 23 April 2021


Please note: Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.


Contact :

ที่ปรึกษา / Consultantผู้ประสานงาน / Coordinatorนักวิจัย / Researcher


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