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Coordinator, Partnerships

Job Title: Coordinator, Partnerships

Level and Grade: Level 6, Grade 6

Job Type: Permanent Full-Time

Reporting Manager: Senior Manager, Public Engagement

Department: Public Engagement

Office: Bangkok, Thailand

Start Date: As soon as possible


The Mission

International Justice Mission (IJM) is a global organization that protects the vulnerable from violence by partnering with government authorities to rescue victims, bring criminals to justice, restore survivors, and strengthen criminal justice systems so they protect the vulnerable from violence and abuse long-term.  IJM is a global team of lawyers, social workers and other professionals.  IJM has 17 field offices across the globe, including multiple offices in Southeast Asia.  IJM is headquartered in Washington, DC.  In Thailand, IJM Foundation and International Justice Mission work with Thai authorities and non-government partners to eliminate human trafficking and forced labor from the Thai fishing and seafood industries, with support from the Walmart Foundation.  IJM lawyers, fieldworkers, social workers and other professionals support Thai law enforcement, social services, prosecutors and the courts to identify and prosecute cases of forced labor and human trafficking crimes, and restore labor trafficking survivors to safety and strength, while IJM’s Public Engagement team works to build strategic partnerships with civil society organizations, corporate and business stakeholders, local community and faith leaders and other partners of good will.


Job Brief


International Justice Mission is seeking a strategic thinker, networker, and skilled relationships and partnerships builder to join our team in the role of Coordinator, Partnerships.  The Coordinator, Partnerships will identify, establish and build strategic relationships and partnerships to accelerate, enhance, and catalyze stakeholder efforts and government leadership to protect the vulnerable in Thailand from forced labor and human trafficking, especially in the Thai fishing and seafood industries. IJM is looking for a talented professional who can bring a passion to IJM’s mission to protect people in poverty and create ground-breaking partnerships, especially with civil society organizations (CSO)s, other NGOs, and the local and multi-national corporate and business sector, whose supply chains have been affected by forced labor. This position is based in Bangkok, Thailand and may require some travel within Thailand and the Southeast Asia region. 


Key Result Areas (KRAs): The success of this role will be measured by the following KRAs:

  1. Identify, establish, manage and build strategic relationships and partnerships that accelerate, enhance, and catalyze stakeholder efforts and government leadership to reduce forced labor and human trafficking in Thailand.
  2. Contribute to the development of a comprehensive IJM strategy for activating the corporate sector and civil society in alignment with IJM’s program goals and design.
  3. Identify opportunities for high impact projects with the corporate sector and civil society that will influence government policy decisions towards IJM’s system reform goals.
  4. Identify and activate strategic stakeholders from civil society, the corporate sector, local communities, religious communities, and the general public to join in the fight against forced labor trafficking.
  5. Engage strategic stakeholders in formal and informal partnerships with IJM.


Roles and Responsibilities

Strategy & Implementation

  1. Develop, implement and measure IJM’s strategy for high-impact partnerships that will accelerate, enhance and catalyze IJM and partner efforts to achieve maximum impact. 
  2. Develop a range of practical partnership opportunities, such as joint work on forced labor or trafficking cases with partners, community outreach, policy work, advocacy, strategic media and communications, networking, informal or formal partnerships, or funded or unfunded partnerships, in alignment with IJM’s program goals and design.
  3. Support and assist in managing IJM partnerships to ensure strategic external engagements that lead directly to project outcomes.
  4. Interact and closely coordinate with IJM’s program teams in the development and execution of IJM’s Public Engagement team strategies.
  5. Regularly communicate project updates and opportunities for collaborative engagement with a broad range of current and potential partners.
  6. Identify key platforms for promoting stakeholder engagement with IJM.
  7. Provide direct and indirect support to the objectives of other IJM program teams.
  8. Collaborate and interact with IJM colleagues in other Asia Pacific offices and with IJM’s global team.


Networking & Partnership

  1. Map and select potential partners.
  2. Identify, establish, manage and build strategic relationships and partnerships with CSOs, NGOs, the corporate sector, local communities, religious communities, academics or other partners to achieve IJM’s program goals.
  3. Identify key platforms for promoting corporate sector engagement with IJM’s program.
  4. Represent IJM in stakeholder meetings, conversations, roundtables and other engagements with government officials, local and multi-national business owners and corporates, religious leaders, and other civil society groups.
  5. Speak intelligently, credibly, and passionately about the importance of engaging in the fight against forced labor trafficking and IJM’s theory of change to a wide variety of audiences.
  6. Develop partnership projects and a shared planning process with partners for support to forced labor survivors, including provision of needed services and/or opportunities for safe employment and jobs for survivors of forced labor trafficking through partnerships with businesses, foundations, civil society organizations and other related groups in Thailand and neighboring home countries.
  7. Coordinate and provide support to activities that generate civil society advocacy to strengthen the Thai government and Thai justice system response to forced labor and human trafficking.
  8. Recruit and maintain volunteers as needed to augment IJM staff or partners on short term projects.


Training and Development

  1. Work together with other IJM teams to develop capacity building strategies, plans and supporting materials as necessary to assist civil society, local and multi-national business owners and corporate groups, and other potential partners in being more effective in fighting forced labor and human trafficking.



  1. Document and report on the outcomes of projects and activities for program analysis, monitoring and evaluation on a consistent basis (every after engagement with monthly consolidation).
  2. Maintain updated records of all contacts.
  3. Provide support and participate in periodic program reviews to identify achievements, lessons learned, areas of improvement, and areas of new opportunities.
  4. Refine and adapt approaches in program implementation based on feedback, insights, and learning.
  5. Perform other necessary assignments as required.



This position reports to the Senior Manager, Public Engagement.  This position does not supervise or manage any other positions.


Education & Experience:

  1. Bachelor’s level university degree in relevant field and 5 years’ relevant professional experience.
  2. Experience identifying, establishing, managing and building strategic relationships and partnerships with diverse stakeholders to achieve a program goal.
  3. Experience coordinating projects together with CSOs, the corporate sector and businesses, NGOs, local community and faith leaders, and/or other partners.
  4. Background knowledge and experience engaging in corporate social responsibility work and/or business and human rights.


Technical Competencies:

  1. Excellent communication skills, including fluency in spoken and written English and Thai.
  2. Proficiency with Microsoft Office applications, particularly Word, Excel and PowerPoint.


Non-Technical Competencies:

  1. Able to build and maintain good relationships inside and outside organization.
  2. Strong networking and activation skills – able to interact with other professionals to develop strong connections.
  3. Strategic planning – able to see the “big picture” and coordinate all activities towards the ultimate goal.
  4. Analytical skills - able to envision, understand, develop concrete actionable steps and work towards solutions for complex problems.
  5. Presents self professionally and positively represents IJM.
  6. Solution-focused.
  7. Evidence of results-driven and results-based self-management.
  8. Organizational and leadership skills, attention to detail, follow-through and accountability for results.
  9. Disciplined with priorities, excellent time management and ability to work effectively under deadline pressures.
  10. Self-motivated and able to work independently, as well as under supervision and as part of a team.
  11. Flexible, enthusiastic, and willing to receive feedback and learn from others.
  12. Exceptionally high level of honesty and integrity.
  13. Ability to perform and thrive in an international organization with an international-standard, professional working style and business culture, in addition to ability to work effectively in Thai and other Southeast Asian working styles and business cultures.



Contact :

ผู้ประสานงาน / Coordinatorเจ้าหน้าที่ประจำสำนักงาน / Officerนักกิจกรรม / Activist


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