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Consultancy Assignment for Campaigning to counter stigmatization and vulnerability in the Context of COVID 19 Pandemic in Thailand

Organisation : ActionAid Thailand

Position : Consultancy Assignment for Campaigning to counter stigmatization and vulnerability in the Context of COVID 19 Pandemic in Thailand

Deadline of submission : 9th March 2021


Tender Announcement

Consultancy Assignment for Campaigning to counter stigmatization and vulnerability in the Context of COVID 19 Pandemic in Thailand




ActionAid is an international social justice organisation operating in over 45 countries in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Americas for a world free from poverty and injustice. With Human Rights Based Approach (HRBA), it aims to strengthening the capacity of active agency of people living in poverty and exclusion to assert their rights. We believe in the power of people to bring change for themselves, for communities and for whole societies.

ActionAid has been working in Thailand since 2001 and registered as ActionAid International (Thailand) Foundation-AAITF in 2011 as local non-profit organization. ActionAid works all over Thailand with communities, civil society organisations, small schools’ networks, government entities, academia, and media to support for changing the lives of the poorest and the most disadvantaged women and children.

In the realm of COVID-19 pandemic, ActionAid International has been responding to most of the countries it operates in Asia, Africa, Europe, and Americas. ActionAid is on the frontline of the coronavirus crisis helping to stop the spread and save lives as the pandemic hits the world’s poorest countries. We are also calling on governments to involve women and their movements in all stages of the response as they know best what their needs are.

Project Background:


With the support of European Union (EU) funded project “EU COVID-19 Response and Recovery in Thailand – Nationwide, ActionAid Thailand is responding to the critical needs and challenges that the most marginalised communities have been facing since the beginning of COVID-19 pandemic in Thailand. This project is being implemented in a consortium approach along with 3 co-applicants, Bio Thai Foundation (BTF), Chumchonthai Foundation (CTF) and Foundation for Labour and Employment Promotion (FLEP).

This project responds to different kinds of communities in 38 provinces with their specific needs for relief, recovery, and possible resilience- stateless people residing across the borders of Thailand and Myanmar, migrant working groups from Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia who could not leave Thailand when the lockdown was announced, informal sector workers in urban areas, poor communities in semi-industrial and rural areas, rural poor including smallholder farmers and ethnic minority groups.

As part of the project, ActionAid Thailand involves with different stakeholders on Campaigning to counter stigmatization and vulnerability in the contact of Covid-19 - AAIT (Act 1.2)                                                                            


Purpose of the consultancy:

Social media has been a hub for fake news across the world with Thailand being no exception. Due to the large segment of people who do not have access to clear, credible communication about what Covid-19 is, how to protect themselves against it or what measures the government is taking to provide relief and socio-economic support to vulnerable sections of the society, there is rampant sharing of fake news on the social media, which the target groups are falling prey to. The problem of stigma caused by need for quarantining those who test positive to Covid-19, there is also a fear of suppressing symptoms. Today, the current number of cases in the country are increasing and there is uncertainty about how the situation would evolve.


Furthermore, due to news and reporters mentioning that migrant workers could be the main reason who brought the second wave of the pandemic in Thailand, people stigmatize them. From this, we aim to shift and reduce intention of stigmatization of people towards migrant workers in Thailand by providing clear information about Covid-19 and counter the stigma caused by it. This is what the campaign on Covid-19 will be about.


To deliver the first pillar of the expected outputs of the project to provide access to information for vulnerable communities affected by Covid-19, ActionAid Thailand is looking for individual or organization to provide consultancy service to run a one-year campaign on counter stigmatization in the context of Covid-19 together with ActionAid Thailand.


The action will run online campaign continually throughout the action period through public messaging on social media, and mainstream media. ActionAid Thailand experiences on running a successful Safe Cities Campaign on raising awareness on sexual harassment by using digital platform and working with online and off-line media will contributed to effective campaigning. In the end, progress and achievement will be presented in the Project-end conference to CSOs, vulnerable communities, women groups, media agencies and government agencies.



  1. To hire consultancy service to design and run a one-year campaign to counter stigmatization in the context of Covid-19 together with ActionAid Thailand.
  2. To provide safety messages on covid19 by designing graphics, animation
  3. To design and disseminate informational and educational communication materials among the target’s communities.
  4. To promote and create public perception of the project to target groups, media and public.


Process of recruitment:

This consultancy services will be procured through Tender Process in two weeks’ time after tender is floated.



  • An outsourced consultant (Individual/company) who has at least 3 years of work experience organizing national campaign, especially for NGO or INGO projects.
  • Has a good reputation in promoting national campaign.
  • Strong social commitment, analytical and research skills.
  • Sound understanding on local context of Thailand.
  • The selection will be processed by the ActionAid Thailand Procurement Committee.



Expected Outcome:

  • 1 Campaign and communication strategic plan developed.
  • 10 Infographics produced (graphics and cartoons)
  • 5 Short clips produced.
  • Design and production of the informational and educational communication materials
  • 10 News coverage by mainstream and digital media.


Duration of the campaign: 22 February 2021 – 28 February 2022

  • Supplier receives the brief from ActionAid Thailand in March
  • Supplier starts the campaign on 1 March 2021
  • Supplier submits final report during 1-28 February 2022
  • ActionAid Thailand will review and endorse the deliverables before the payment under the condition that the Grant Contract (Special Conditions) is signed by European Union and ActionAid Thailand.
  • The installment payment will be paid according to service agreement contract.
  • The final payment will be paid after the final report is submitted within 30 days.


Estimated Budget: 532,800 THB


Code of Conduct:

The consultant shall abide by ActionAid’s Code of Conduct during the duration of the contract. The consultant shall also abide by ActionAid’s Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and Abuse (SHEA) and other safeguarding related policies including the Overarching SHEA and Safeguarding Policy, the Protection from Sexual Exploitation and Abuse Policy, the Child Safeguarding Policy, and the Sexual Harassment Exploitation and Abuse at Work Policy. The consultant shall also abide by other core ActionAid policies such as the Anti-Corruption, Bribery and Fraud policy and the Anti-Terrorist Funding policy. Breaches of any of these policies may lead to termination of the contract. Details of those policies will be provided upon request.


Tender Submission:


Tender submission can be made at no later than 9th March 2021, COB. The required documents for the submission including;


  1. Technical proposal for the design of a one-year campaign to counter stigmatization in the context of Covid-19
  2. Financial proposal with proposed rate following the required specification of service
  3. Individual(s) CV or Agency/Company Profile.


The proposer which fails to include any of those documents mentioned above may be rejected in accordance with ActionAid policy.


Contact :

ที่ปรึกษา / Consultantนักกิจกรรม / Activist


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