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Health Policy Consultant, Migrant Health

Job Vacancy Announcement

Health Policy Consultant, Migrant Health


Work location: Bangkok, Thailand.


Application deadline: 12 February 2021.


Consulting period & level of effort: 60 working days, between February-June 2021.



  • It is estimated that there are 4.9 million non-Thai residents within Thailand, which includes approximately 3.9 million migrant workers from Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and Viet Nam.1 Among these migrant workers, about 3 million are registered.2 Registered migrants are eligible for health protection under the Social Security Scheme (SSS) of the Ministry of Labor (MOL) or the Migrant Health Insurance (MHI) of the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH). However, it is reported that about 1 million registered migrants are not covered by these insurance schemes. Unregistered migrants are also not eligible and typically not covered, leaving an estimated total of about 2 million migrants lacking health protection in Thailand.

  • Dreamlopments (DLP) is a Thailand-based social enterprise and foundation working on aid and development for underserved communities. DLP is running the Migrant Fund (M-FUND), a project of low-cost not-for-profit health fund for migrants not covered by government health insurance. The project was launched in September 2017 and is currently operating in Tak, Sakaeo and Kanchanaburi provinces. As of January 2021, over 23,000 migrants have enrolled in M-FUND. The project is supported by UNICEF, l’Initiative of the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs through Expertise France, and the Global Fund through Raks Thai Foundation and UNOPS.

  • M-FUND is conducted in collaboration with Thai government hospitals and NGO/private clinics in Tak, Sakaeo, and Kanchanburi provinces. DLP maintains close contact with the MOPH, and regularly shares rich data from M-FUND on member characteristics, utilization and cost of healthcare services.

  • The Thai government/MOPH is now engaged in preparation of reform on migrant health insurance. With support from and in collaboration with UNICEF, DLP aims to formally share lessons learned from the implementation of M-FUND with the Thai MOPH, and contribute policy and legal recommendations for reform of migrant health insurance system in Thailand, including through exploration of the possibility for M-FUND to serve as one of the health protection schemes for migrants in Thailand. We are looking for a senior consultant specialized in health policy in Thailand to carry out this work.


Reports to: DLP General Director (GD).


Detailed Scope of Work:

  1. Learn about details of implementation of M-FUND project, and lessons learned.

  2. Compile details and gaps in implementation and coverage of government health insurance for migrants in Thailand (SSS, and MHI), as well existing government regulations during Covid19 pandemic.

  3. Review existing government regulations on implementation by relevant ministries of health insurance schemes for migrants in Thailand.

  4. Engage with policy makers and relevant stakeholders to follow ongoing orientations, efforts and plans for government reform on migrant health insurance/access to care.

  5. Participate in stakeholder consultation workshops on government reform for migrant health insurance.

  6. Formulate with Dreamlopments, for policy makers, policy and legal recommendations on reform towards migrant health insurance in Thailand.


Qualifications required:


University degree in law, public policy, public health, health economics or other relevant field.

Work Experience: 

  • Strong track-record and experience in policy making, policy advocacy.

  • Strong knowledge and experience in drafting laws and regulations and legislative processes in Thailand.

  • Experience in the specific field of health-related policy, laws and regulations in Thailand, highly desirable.

  • Experience or knowledge of government policies and schemes on migrant health insurance in Thailand, a strong plus.

  • Experience in policy advocacy for non-government organizations or international institutions, a plus.

Skills and competencies: 

  • Fluent in English and Thai (speaking, reading, writing).

  • Strong writing and communication skills.

  • Goal-driven, with an interest in development work, including for migrants or marginalized communities.

  • Strong analytical skills, with strategic and innovative thinking.

  • Excellent planning and organizational skills.

  • A team-player who can work under pressure and with a diverse range of stakeholders.

  • Positive attitude towards (health) micro-insurance schemes.

  • Good command of Microsoft Office tools.

  • Energetic, highly motivated.

  • Details and quality oriented.


Working Environment: 

The consultant will work from home, and occasionally out of DLP Bangkok office. Some travel in Bangkok will be required. One/some field trip(s) to Tak or another province may be needed.


Compensation: We offer competitive compensation commensurate with qualifications and relevant experience.


How to Apply: A cover letter and most recent CV in English should be submitted to:

Dreamlopments is an equal opportunity employer.

Contact :

ที่ปรึกษา / Consultant


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