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Restore Manager

Restore Manager

A21 Bangkok, Thailand



A21 is a nonprofit organization fueled by radical hope that human beings everywhere will be rescued from bondage and completely restored. We are the abolitionists of the 21st century, and we work to free people in slavery and disrupt the demand. For 12 years now, we've rolled up our sleeves and set our feet to action. Why? Because in a single moment a number can turn into a name, a tragedy into a victory, and a belief into an action. Freedom. That's our goal for every human being on the planet.



  • Manage A21 Aftercare Program for survivors of human trafficking in Thailand according to the mission and purpose of A21 within the Reach, Rescue and Restore mandate.

  • Liaise with Government institutions and Non-Government Organizations to create a network of partners that will assist in providing aftercare services for A21 cases.

  • Facilitate A21 Survivor Relocation Services (A21 SRS).

  • To assist in the management of crisis situations as directed by the Country Manager and/or Director of Aftercare as appropriate.


*As the A21 Community Model and A21 Freedom Centre’s develop, this job description may change as necessary.




  • Manage the Aftercare staff in Thailand.

  • Oversee program management and planning of each Aftercare case under the supervision of the Director of Aftercare and the Country Manager.  

  • Case Work Management; oversee all case files within Thailand Aftercare, ensuring Aftercare staff are completing all survivor case management administration requirements in a timely manner, e.g., progress notes, Aftercare forms, Survivor Care Plans, survivor assessment measures.

  • Facilitate counseling and trauma recovery assistance to all victims of trafficking directly after acceptance into A21 Aftercare Program.

  • Monitor survivor’s progress and have individual sessions with each survivor when appropriate.

  • Prepare survivor Financial Agreements and submit to the Director of Aftercare and Country Manager.

  • To facilitate legal support for victims of trafficking and support law enforcement during the interview and prosecution procedures in collaboration with the A21 Thailand Victim Advocate.

  • Assist in court processes and the preparation of documents for all VoTs and assist lawyers in legal matters during the prosecution process. (In collaboration with the A21 Thailand Victim Advocate and A21 Government Relations Director.)


A21 Survivor Relocation Services (A21 SRS)

  • Responsible for the A21 Survivor Relocation Services (A21 SRS) program in Thailand, to ensure safe relocation of all survivors. 

  • Conduct appraisals on all partner organisations / prospective partners and ensuring all partner organisations meet minimum standards of care. 

  • Oversee all legal documentation during the relocation process for victims of trafficking in Thailand and abroad.



  • Contact and establish a network of partnerships locally and abroad together with the A21 Country Manager and utilize A21 contacts to provide aftercare options for survivors. Network and partner with police, immigration and NGOs in (country) and abroad to find the best possible solution for each VoT.

  • Represent A21 in all key Government and Non-Government meetings and present the work of A21 with excellence.

  • Present and discuss A21 cases during multidisciplinary meetings in order to advocate for each survivor.

  • Present on behalf of A21 during conferences, seminars and training sessions when required by the Country Manager.



  • Report to the Country Manager weekly and submit weekly reports to the Country Manager and Director of Aftercare.

  • Complete Monthly Aftercare Report by 1st of each month and submit to the Director of Aftercare.

  • Ensure that Global Ops Report and Aftercare Stats Report numbers are entered correctly by the 6th of each month.

  • Attend monthly case review meetings with the Director of Aftercare.

  • Submit monthly Breaking News reports to the Director of Aftercare and A21 Comms team.

  • Submit quarterly survivor campaign stories to the Director of Aftercare and A21 Comms team, ensuring all stories adhere to A21 Ethical Storytelling guidelines.

  • Report any concerns of malpractice by A21 staff or partner organizations to the Director of Aftercare and Country Manager.


Aftercare Staff

  • Manage and monitor Thailand Aftercare staff work practices.

  • Roster weekly Aftercare team meetings.

  • Train all Aftercare staff and other A21 staff in Psychological First Aid for Human Trafficking.

  • Ensure all Aftercare staff are trained in A21 Standard Operating Procedures and Policies.

  • Review Aftercare staff training needs and report to the Director of Aftercare and Country Manager. 

  • Responsible for overseeing the supervision program for all Thailand Aftercare staff, ensuring all full-time Aftercare staff attend monthly supervision.

  • Interview candidates for new Aftercare positions with Country Manager and Director of Aftercare.

  • Assist in recruitment, onboarding and off-boarding of Aftercare staff in collaboration with Director of Aftercare and Country Manager.


Other Duties

  • Oversee Aftercare Program Risks in collaboration with Country Manager, ensuring implementation and monitoring of appropriate risk treatments.

  • Oversee Aftercare budget and report to the Country Manager.

  • Oversee all crisis management and subsequent reporting procedures. Notify the Director of Aftercare and Country Manager of critical incidents and crisis situations immediately for professional advice.

  • Assist in the writing of Aftercare Program Proposals.

  • Ensure all Aftercare policies and procedures take into consideration local Government procedures.

  • Attend monthly personal supervision sessions.

  • To have read, signed and understood the A21 Child Safeguarding Policy, Code of Conduct and Nondisclosure Agreement and how it relates to the role of Country Aftercare Manager, and ensure compliance with those standards at all times.

  • Perform all duties within the highest level of excellence and best practice ensuring total confidentiality at all times.


PERSONAL SPECIFICATIONS -  Qualifications, Experience, Knowledge & Skills


  • Education - Bachelor degree in Social Work, Psychology, Clinical Counseling or relevant discipline

  • Minimum three to five years experience in Social Work, Psychology, Clinical Counselling or relevant discipline

  • Excellent interpersonal skills

  • Fluent in spoken and written English and native language

  • Ability to communicate clearly, verbally and in writing

  • Excellent understanding of trauma

  • Excellent crisis management skills

  • Excellent case management skills

  • Strong leadership skills to maintain and support staff

  • Ability to demonstrate a high degree of integrity, maintains confidential information

  • Excellent Microsoft computer skills including excel

  • Experience working with Government and Non-Government organizations

  • Provide a working with Children Check or Police Check with no infringements

  • Willingness to be flexible with work hours including weekends at times of need

  • Commitment to equality and diversity issues

  • Uphold, safeguard and promote the organization’s values and philosophy relating particularly to ethics, integrity, corporate social responsibility.



  • Training and facilitation skills

  • Experience working with community groups or social work case management

  • Hold a driver’s license with no pending infringements

  • Current First Aid Certificate 


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ผู้จัดการโปรเจค / Project manager


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