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Web Application Developer (consultant)



Job Title: Web Application Developer (consultant)

Duration: 6 months

Duty Station: Yangon, Myanmar and/or Bangkok, Thailand




Issara Institute is looking for experienced full stack web application developers to grow our Tech and Innovation Team! We have a small but growing team of veteran software engineers, and we’re building tools and applications to help fight human trafficking and support workers in Southeast Asian supply chains.


Issara takes an innovative approach to working on labour exploitation within global supply chains – utilizing various streams of data including a range of worker voice channels to empower workers, and to inform global buyer partners regarding human rights due diligence and remediation needs. The ideal candidate is: interested in integrating the technology and non-profit worlds; willing to work closely with our teams in Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, and the United States; keen to understand the needs of users (our team, workers, jobseekers, businesses); and, has experience building web applications and at least an intermediate knowledge of Python, JavaScript, and familiarity with React/Redux, database development, and ReSTful APIs. Thai or Burmese language skills a plus.




The Issara Institute is an independent non-profit organization based in Thailand, Myanmar, and the United States tackling issues of human trafficking and forced labour in global supply chains through data, technology, partnership, and innovation. The Institute was established in 2014 by a team of anti- trafficking experts coming out of the United Nations who created an alliance of private sector, civil society, and government partners committed to addressing labour issues in global supply chains with practical, measurable, and scalable results. It is staffed by leading regional and international experts in labour rights, business consulting, and ethical sourcing, with additional technical advisors in the US and UK supporting the Institute’s work on an ongoing basis, and a software development team with members in California and Bangkok.





The Web Application Developer Consultant will:


  • Use ReSTful API code to build and maintain a platform for the organization

  • Build and support our existing web applications that leverage the platform

  • Work with the team in an agile-like process, shipping robust features in a timely fashion

  • Coordinate with international teams in a project management setting and deliver on scope products within a project timeline

  • Support identification and recruitment of local software developers to support applications and features in local languages, including Burmese, Khmer, and Thai.

  • Work with program managers, developers, directors, and other stakeholders to translate organizational needs into technical requirements.

  • Support user studies and feedback sessions, from staff to jobseekers to migrant workers to businesses, to analyze and understand user needs and translate those into tech development.

  • Gather and respond to team feedback on features and use of technology tools.




We have a lean, dynamic, seasoned team that is committed to change, innovation, and impact. We are conscientious, we hold a high standard of care for our beneficiaries, and understand that we have to be able to work effectively with partners spanning the largest multinational corporations to the smallest grassroots CBOs. Our work ecosystem is multi-cultural, respectful, and energetic, whether we are working on tasks in teams, or working alone. We aim to ensure that there are many opportunities for sharing, learning, and growth on our team, and are looking for individuals who would flourish in our unique environment.


Required Experience and Skills


  • 2-3 years building web applications in a professional capacity

  • Intermediate knowledge of Python, (bonus point for Django web framework)

  • Intermediate level with JavaScript, preferably ES6, async/promises, etc

  • Working knowledge of React/Redux (or other Single Page App Frameworks)

  • Database development and schema design, ideally MySQL or other RDBMS systems

  • Experience developing ReSTful APIs

  • JSON

  • Ability to write semantic HTML and modern CSS

  • Comfortable using Github or other version control system

  • An ability to work closely with product users and multi-cultural teams, solid listening and teamwork skills, and an ability to independently complete tasks assigned.


Preferred Experience and Skills

  • Experience with Google Cloud Platform

  • Working knowledge of Docker or other containerized deployment system

  • Android development experience

  • Understanding of Object-oriented design / software design principles

  • Unit Testing, TypeScript

  • Familiarity with compiled, strongly-typed programming languages (Java, C++, Go, etc)

  • Agile/Scrum experience


If you are interested in applying for this position, please send a CV, the names and contact details of three references, and a cover letter explaining your interest in the position and relevant expertise to Please note that a cover letter specific to motivation and relevance for this position is required for consideration.


Contact :

ไอที / ITผู้ประสานงาน / Coordinator


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