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SROI Consultant for Advocacy Project

Terms of Reference

SROI Consultant for Advocacy Project

Baan Dek is a Thai-registered Foundation with the mission of providing access to education, health, and safety services for all vulnerable children. Baan Dek Foundation (BDF) supports over 1800 children each year across over 60 construction site camp, slum or low income communities around Bangkok and Chiang Mai in Thailand.


The Bangkok branch of Baan Dek is relatively young, only 1.5 years old, whereas Baan Dek has been operating for 18 years in Chiang Mai. BDF’s focus in Bangkok is with the construction sector, working in partnership with construction companies and real estate developers to support sustainable, systemic improvements in construction site camps, in terms of social impact, for children and their construction worker parents. The framework for this work is developed as per the research project BDF did in partnership with UNICEF published in 2017, Building Futures in Thailand, and is called the Chiang Mai Framework for Action (CMFA). It provides 12 key focus areas for companies to improve their social impact.


BDF are looking for a Social Return on Investment (SROI) Consultant to help Baan Dek to demonstrate the forecasted impact of the framework in construction site camps, and to develop a monitoring system and evaluation plan to measure this impact.


The successful Consultant would support BDF’s Impact & Innovation team, and the Advocacy and Engagement team, to work with the team to conduct an SROI forecast for the use of the Chiang Mai Framework for Action (CMFA) in construction site camps in order to improve quality of life for workers and their children living in the camps.

This will include interviews with all interested and affected stakeholders according to the expected impact of the framework and participatory valuation of this impact. Affected stakeholders include the public community surrounding the camps.


Deliverables include:

  1. Survey for each stakeholder group designed with Baan Dek team input and stakeholder input, aligned to the CMFA – end of week 2
  2. Surveys conducted with stakeholders for 3 demonstration site camps – end of week 6.
  3. Values map draft produced for review by the Impact & Innovation Manager - by the end of week 7.
  4. Final values map and SROI figures for forecast produced by end of week 9.
  5. SROI evaluation plan and monitoring plan draft produced for review by the Program team, Director of Advocacy & Engagement, Impact & Innovation Manager by end of week 11.
  6. Final SROI evaluation plan and monitoring plan for demonstration site camps by end of week 12.

This consultancy will start on 1 December 2020 and will end at the end 29 Febuary 2021.


Payments will be made in 2 tranches, 30% on completion of point 1 above, and 70% at the end of the contract, based on satisfactory completion of point 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 above, and any further ad hoc tasks.

This is a flexible hours, home-based position, but it is recommended for the consultant to work in the Baan Dek office in Bangkok at the beginning and during analysis in order to coordinate with the team.


Key relationships


The Consultant will report to the Impact & Innovation Manager, Impact Advisor Bangkok, Director of Advocacy and Engagement and the Bangkok Programs team.


Engagement method


The Consultant will be working in the Baan Dek office at least 3 days per week for the first month. Whenever the Consultant is not in the office, they must be contactable within 3 hours maximum. If the level of contact is not at this level of efficiency the contract may be terminated at the discretion of Baan Dek Foundation.


Nationality:  Thai national or International consultant (No need to speak Thai)

Language: Native Thai, fluent spoken and written English is an important requirement


Skills / Experience


  • Accredited associate or practitioner of Social Return on Investment (SROI) methodology with Social Value International
  • Significant experience in Monitoring and Evaluation in the NGO or public sector
  • Understanding / interest in corporate social responsibility or business and human rights
  • Analytic, strategic thinker
  • Organized / strong project management skills
  • Strong soft skills / ability to work across cultures and with multiple levels of seniority
  • Fast-learner and efficient worker


Please send quote and CV to Harriet Milsted and Tanaporn Ormtavesub


If your application is shortlisted you will be selected to interview before 15 November and should be available to start work on 1 December 2020.


Contact :

ที่ปรึกษา / Consultant


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