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Consultancy: Audio Producer for Upcoming Podcast Series

Consultancy: Audio Producer for Upcoming Podcast Series

Terms of Reference

The USAID-funded Asia Counter Trafficking in Persons program (USAID Asia CTIP, 2016-2021) implemented by Winrock International, brings together governments, civil society and business to support regional initiatives that aim to reduce trafficking in persons (TIP). The program focuses on strengthened learning around trafficking in persons; enhanced cooperation and collaboration between various sectors in source, transit and destination countries; and increased opportunities for private sector leadership to address the problem.

USAID Asia CTIP is currently recruiting for an experienced audio producer to lead development of a new podcast miniseries (maximum 8 episodes). The podcast aims to focus on stories of human trafficking in the Asia region, explore misconceptions around human trafficking and how it happens, and hear from frontline staff and subject-matter experts on how they are working to combat TIP - especially under changing dynamics of the pandemic. The producer will work closely with USAID Asia CTIP project staff and partners to strategize the overall theme and direction of the podcast, identify episode themes and guests, schedule interviews, record all audio and edit audio into story-ready episodes.

The applicant should have demonstrated experience producing podcasts from the concept development stage to editing and mixing sound for final episode release.

Scope /length of assignment: Eight (8) episodes; maximum 40 hours for each episode between November 2020 and April 2021.

Qualifications of Consultant

1. Proven experience in podcast design, production and management

2. Proven technical skills in sound/audio recording and editing; experience capturing quality audio via online platforms such as Zoom, WhatsApp and Skype is required

3. Experience in and knowledge of audio hosting requirements and registering material with podcast directories for streaming on major outlets such as Apple and Spotify

4. Prior experience reporting or working on labor rights, migration, or human trafficking in the Asia region is desired but not required

5. Ability to work remotely across different time zones; preferred location of consultant is in the South East Asia or South Asia region

6. Fluency in English is required

Essential Responsibilities:

  • Assist USAID Asia CTIP to identify, recruit and coach podcast host;

  • Develop production schedule for a planned 8-episode miniseries (estimated duration for each episode will be 30 minutes);

  • Work with Asia CTIP team and partners to contact potential podcast guests, including trafficking survivors and organizations, and manage all scheduling of interviews with guests;

  • Record all audio for episodes, including interviews with all guests and dialogue with host; ensure interviews and conversations are capturing engaging dialogue in line with our thematic goals. All interviews are anticipated to be conducted remotely via online calls (Zoom, Skype, Hangouts) so consultant should have experience capturing quality audio using these methods;

  • Produce episodes from captured audio; advise on and facilitate external sound mixing and engineering assistance;

  • Facilitate translation needs for non-English speaking guests and advise on best methods for sharing translated stories in an audio format;

  • Advise and assist on developing marketing approaches for podcast, including graphics, title, brand lines and communication products;

  • Advise on hosting and streaming services and facilitate needed requirements to ensure podcast is available on major outlets.


Please submit a resume, a cover letter with two linked relevant examples of your work to

Contact :

ที่ปรึกษา / Consultant


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