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Procurement Officer (Thai nationality)


Procurement Officer


  1. About RIMES


The Regional Integrated Multi-Hazard Early Warning System for Africa and Asia (RIMES) is an international and intergovernmental institution that is owned and managed by its 48 Member and Collaborating States for building capacities in the generation and application of user-relevant multi-hazard early warning information.  RIMES was established on 30 April 2009 through the signing by collaborating countries of the RIMES regional cooperation agreement.  RIMES was registered with the United Nations under Article 102 of the UN Charter on 1 July 2009.  RIMES operates from its regional early warning center, located at the campus of the Asian Institute of Technology in Pathumthani, Thailand.


RIMES’ purpose is to provide early warning services according to differing needs and demands of its Member States, for enhanced preparedness and response to and mitigation of natural hazards.  Its specific objectives are: 


a) Facilitate the establishment and maintenance of core regional observing and monitoring networks to ensure data availability for early warning;

b) Provide earthquake and tsunami services within the framework of the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (IOC-UNESCO);

c)   Support National Meteorological and Hydrological Services (NMHSs) for providing localized hydro-meteorological risk information within the framework of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO); and

d) Enhance warning response capacities at all levels (national to community) within each national early warning framework. 


RIMES provides a portfolio of options for Member States to avail from or contribute to any of these objectives.



  1. Background


Socio-economic impacts of climate-related hazards in South Asian countries continue to threaten the countries’ economic growth, particularly in key sectors such as agriculture, water, and infrastructure.  During the 16th Summit of the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) in 2010, these countries collectively resolved to strengthen climate resilience. The Climate Adaptation and Resilience for South Asia (CARE) Project aims to contribute in translating this policy into actions through enhanced regional cooperation and knowledge on climate resilience and adaptation, and development of standards and guidelines to facilitate climate-resilient planning and investments.


The Project’s Development Objective is to create an enabling environment for climate-resilient policies and investments across South Asia, with the following indicators:


  • Increased access to regional climate data and analytics for climate-informed decision-making;
  • National-level decision-making and planning that are better climate risk-informed;
  • Regional climate resilience guidelines incorporated into national standards;
  • Sectoral investments supported to include climate risks and resilient design; and
  • Institutional capacities strengthened to undertake climate-informed policies and planning.


The project has three components, for implementation over 5 years: 


  1. Promoting evidence-based climate-smart decision-making, to enhance access to data required for risk-informed planning and investments;
  2. Enabling climate-resilient policies and standards for development, to enhance transformation of policies and capacities for climate resilience and adaptation across South Asia; and
  3. Project management and implementation support.


Component 1 shall be implemented by RIMES. This component involves the creation of a regional resilience data and analytics service (RDAS) platform and decision-support systems (DSSs) for selected sectors of agriculture, water, road transport, planning and finance in Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan.  Component 1 also includes capacity development of users of these systems and their products. The RDAS is a cloud-based open-access platform for acquiring, storing, managing, processing, analyzing, visualizing, and reporting data, for use in screening climate risks to inform investments. The DSSs are sector-specific systems, linked to the RDAS, and used to assist users in sectoral planning and decision-making.


Component 3 is jointly implemented by RIMES and ADPC. Under this Component, RIMES is establishing a Project Implementation Unit, which includes a Procurement Officer.


  1. Objective


The Procurement Officer, reporting to the Project Director through the Project Coordinator and Monitoring and Evaluation Specialist, is responsible for procurement of goods and consulting and non-consulting services that are required for project delivery, following World Bank’s procurement regulations.


  1. Scope of Work


The Procurement Officer shall:


  1. Implement the project’s Procurement Plan, in line with World Bank rules
  2. Scope the market for availability and qualification of vendors/ consulting firms
  3. Prepare specifications/ Terms of References, with inputs from Technical Leads
  4. Prepare, issue, and receive responses to procurement/ Expression of Interest notices
  5. Shortlist firms/ individual consultants in collaboration with Technical Leads and the Project Director
  6. Draft requests for proposals and accompanying documents in collaboration with Technical Leads and the Project Director
  7. Develop criteria for evaluation of quotations/ proposals in collaboration with Technical Leads and the Project Director
  8. Facilitate the receipt of quotations/ proposals and their opening and evaluation
  9. Prepare evaluation reports
  10. Negotiate with firms/ consultants to achieve value for money in contracts
  11. Facilitate the signing of negotiated contracts
  12. Initiate payments to suppliers/ consultants based on payment milestones/ terms of contract
  13. Close contracts on their completion
  14. Prepare periodic procurement management reports
  15. Prepare and maintain an inventory of assets
  16. Perform any other relevant duties as required


  1. Qualifications



  • At least Bachelor’s degree in business administration, commerce, law, or related field
  • Knowledge of the markets on ICT goods and consulting services, and sectoral experts in Thailand, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan



  • At least 3 years of experience in procurement or contract management
  • Experience in World Bank’s Systematic Tracking of Exchanges in Procurement (STEP) system is preferred, but not required
  • Experience in working within development agencies is desirable


Skills and abilities

  • Excellent communication and negotiating skills
  • Proficiency in spoken and written English language
  • Understanding and knowledge of basic computer applications such as MS Words, Excel and data base management


Personal qualities

  • Conscientious and efficient in meeting commitments, observing deadlines, and achieving results
  • Persistent when faced with challenges
  • Takes ownership of all responsibilities of the position


  1. Contract Duration


The contract duration will be yearly basis for 4.5 years subject to a 6-month probationary period, and annual performance review.



  1. Application Process


Interested candidates must submit their application letter and resume to before midnight of 30 September 2020, Bangkok time.


RIMES promotes diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Well-qualified candidates particularly females are encouraged to apply.


Contact :

ผู้ประสานงาน / Coordinator


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