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Communications Officer

Title: Communications Officer
Category: Communications / Marketing
Type: Nonprofits
Location: Chiang Mai
Organization: Philanthropy Connections Foundation
Deadline: 21st August 2020
Philanthropy ConnectionsFoundation (PCF), is a Dutch-Thai foundation with an operations office in Chiang Mai, Thailand. We serve as an implementing partner to locally-run organisations in Thailand, Cambodia, and Myanmar. Our programmes support education, migrants and ethnic minorities, refugees, healthcare, childcare, and women empowerment.
We are seeking a CommunicationsOfficer (CO) to assist with donor, sponsor and supporter communications on behalf of the organisation. This includes drafting sponsor proposals to fund community-run projects, writing project reports, overseeing social media and assisting with the communications strategy of PCF. The CO will work closely with the Communications and Strategy Manager.

The role includes the ability to influence or even drive the Communications strategy for the organisation.

Primary responsibilities and tasks, in order of priority
1. Understand the mission, vision and operations of PCF and communicate this clearly to stakeholders across multiple platforms
2. Provide updates to project sponsors by drafting project proposals, reports and fact sheets
3. Manage social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the website blog
4. Provide updates to supporters by writing the quarterly newsletter
5. Draft communications about our work and mission for external use for sponsors or companies
6. Design fliers, brochure, profiles, infographics, advertisements, calendar, logos and any other graphics as needed on an ad-hoc basis
7. Co-script writing of videos of our projects
8. Develop presentations and any related marketing materials and tools as needed
9. Assist in the development of our Communications Strategy

Qualifications / Experience
• Fluency in English is required
• Must have previous communications experience, preferably with international/multinational organisations whose work is relevant to the work of PCF
• A bachelor degree in Communications, Journalism, International Studies or a related field is a plus
• Previous experience managing social media and marketing projects is required
• Previous experience or ability to work with a diverse team in an international environment is a plus

Full details including how to apply can be found here

We strongly encourage Thai nationals to apply but non-Thai nationals already resident in Thailand, and with an existing work permit, are also invited.

Contact :

ผู้ประสานงาน / Coordinator


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