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Senior Budget Manager,based in Bangkok

Job Title: Senior Budget Manager

Location: Bangkok

Background/IRC Summary:  

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) Thailand country program was established in 1976 to assist refugees from Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and currently assists refugees and migrants from Burma. IRC Thailand operates as one of the largest and programmatically diverse humanitarian organizations providing essential services to displaced populations in Thailand. Assistance programs encompass health, education, institutional capacity building, gender-based violence prevention, water and sanitation, income generation, advocacy, protection, legal assistance, and resettlement program.

Job Overview/Summary:

Senior Budget Manager plays a key role in assisting Deputy Director for Finance (DDF) in budget and planning functions. Key responsibilities include leading the budgeting process and supporting budget holders in planning on program spending, review of financial activities per authorization schedule, and staff training.

Major Responsibilities:

  1. Budgeting and Reporting:
    1. Assist in the preparation, revision and maintenance of country office Operating Budget.
    2. Supervise the preparation and revision of all grant budget proposals.
    3. Work with program staff in preparing and/or revising grant budgets to support new proposals or realignments to ensure adequate coverage of country operating costs and headquarters costs.
    4. Consolidate and update all grant pipeline information from Program and Finance departments on a monthly basis and to propose and prepare budget revisions, as necessary.
    5. Review and supervise the preparation of all Budget versus Actual reports on a monthly basis in donor currency to ensure maximum utilization of budgeted amounts and to provide recommendations for realignments as required.
    6. Supervise the preparation of the required donor financial reports for review by the DDF.
    7. Preparation of US federal funding Letter of Credit –LOC report to HQ to ensure accurate appropriate balances are included to facilitate grants implementation.
    8. Assist in preparation of the monthly Foreign Currency Grants Cash Transfer Request to ensure minimizing the country program foreign exchange exposure to currency gains and losses.
    9. Review of monthly field expense reports and analyzing the use of unrestricted funding versus approved allocations.
    10. Assist in the development and preparation of Shared Program Cost allocation processes and methodology for overarching costs that comply with donor regulations on allowable costs
    11. Review of the monthly timesheet planning worksheet and sending it to all country office supervisors.
    12. Prepare Technical Unit Budget versus Actuals.
    13. Monitor and manage analysis codes.
    14. Supervise the implementation of BVA online system including the data upload and verification.
    15. Assist in preparation of data required by SCAN Tool.


  1. Responsible for the documents that needs finance verification, finance verification for payment requests for payments which are less or equivalent or US$10,000/- submitted to finance, to ensure that:
  1. The IRC policies and donor regulations are adhered to.
  2. Expenses are allowable, allocable and reasonable as per specific donor regulations.
  3. The charging codes for payments submitted are correct.
  4. The calculations are correct. (this includes test of the mathematical accuracy of invoices, receipts and supporting documents to payments )
  5. The relevant supporting documents are attached.


  1. SUN System / General Ledger Processing:
    1. Supervise and maintain entries of SUN accounting System changes including chart of accounts, coding, exchange rates, transactions, etc.
    2. Ensure that all field office accounting transactions been reviewed before uploading it to SUN system and ensure that SUN System uploads proceed on time or the timely submission of the country office SAF file to the IRC HQ.
    3. Supervising and Managing Country Financial monthly closing procedure
    4. Generate accounting and financial report from SUN System Application.
    5. Ensuring the SUN system backup and retention procedure is in place and followed for all SUN master files
    6. Production of required monthly and adhoc reports, including the country program monthly (FM01), financial management report, Ministry of Interior Report (MOI) and Ministry of Labor Report (MOL).


  1. Ensure the proper and timely review of the financial data information submitted by field offices to identify weakness and problems and to devise correction action:
  1.  Ensure providing a monthly feedback to the field Finance staff regarding their spreadsheets transactions coding or /and its supporting documents by email.
  2. Ensure providing DDF feedback remarks on the financial data submitted by field office by review and analyze the monthly spreadsheets from the main and field offices prior to uploading in the SUN System.
  3. Lead the implementation of Integra system.


  1. The Monthly Balance Sheet accounts reconciliation:
    1. Supervise the Preparation of the country office monthly Balance Sheet accounts reconciliation report and its supporting documents to be reviewed by the DDF and the Deputy Directors / Country Director.
  1. Review the remarks and notes on for each account on the balance sheet to be discussed with the DDF.
  2. Monitor the follow-up of the staff, vendor advances and other balance sheet items before month end.
  3. Review the inter-country transactions worksheet and ensure sending the communication with the original country for charging confirmations.


  1. Cash Forecasting
    1. Ensure that the country program cash forecasts and CTR reports are accurate by working with field and program coordinators to help them develop more accurate cash forecasts of their program needs.
    2. Monitor field offices’ cash spending.
    3. Monitor cash advances.


  1. Training and Staff Management:
  1. Assist in providing training and support for the country office program and operational staff on the IRC Finance policies; accounting procedures and requirements, assists the staff in finance related issues and activities.
  2. After the field office visit, preparation of written field trip reports for review by the DDF which identifies key issues during the field trip visits and provide follow-up recommendations for improving control processes or procedures.
  3. Ensures comprehensive performance reviews are completed on a timely basis of the direct supervision staff to be discussed with the DDF.
  4. Assist the DDF with new staff orientations when required


  1. Payroll
    1. Supervising the review of the outsource national payroll report ensuring accuracy and standard financial controls are maintained
    2. Review the preparation of the monthly international and national staff payroll accounting entries including salary allocations.
    3. Liaison with the Thai revenue department to ensure compliance with national income tax and other related regulations.


  1. Other:
    1. Assist the DDF with the internal and external audit when required.
    2. Perform other duties, as appropriate or requested

Key Working Relationships:

Position Reports to:                  Deputy Director, Finance
Position directly supervises:       Budget Manager/Budget Officer                         

Indirect Reporting: N/A
Other Internal and/or external contacts:

Internal:              Regional Controller, finance department of other country programs, Program/Grants Managers/Coordinators, Supply Chain Managers/Coordinator, DDO, DDP, field finance officers, and Internal Auditors, etc.

External:              Bank Managers, Revenue Department, payroll provider, donors and external auditors



Bachelors degree in Accounting, Business Administration, Commerce or Finance with a recognized professional certificate in accounting (CPA or equivalent certification would be preferred).


  • Minimum of three (3) years of finance and accounting experience and one (1) year direct supervisory experience.
  • Experienced with various PC and financial related software (spreadsheets, accounting packages).
  • Skills and Abilities:
  • Must be able to function comfortably in a loosely structured but complex work environment, working and prioritizing multiple tasks.
  • Able to communicate effectively (written and verbal) in English with program staff, management and employees
  • Comfortable making decisions.
  • Good supervisory, time management and interpersonal skills

Demonstrated Skills and Competencies:

  • Strong interpersonal and leadership skills, cross group collaboration compliance, proactive and innovative approach
  • Strategic thinker with excellent interpersonal, leadership, problem solving, decision making and follow-up skills
  • Excellent multi-tasking, organized, and hands on experience with high achievement
  • Being a self-starter with drive and initiative and able to work as a team with a positive attitude and open minded
  • Considerate and deliberate in dealing with people with good negotiation skills
  • Deadline oriented
  • Positive attitude and excellent service mind
  • Very strong proficiency in MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint is required.                                                                                                                        

Language Skills: Excellent in English communication of speaking, listening and writing    

Certificates or Licenses: an asset

Working Environment:  Based in Bangkok office, occasionally required to travel to field offices and joined with regional conference and workshop, if required.                                                                        

Contact : Human Resources Department

การเงิน / Financier


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