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Farm Manager

Farm Manager Job Description


Position Title: Farm Manager

Department: ECHO Asia Regional Impact Center

Reports directly to: Agriculture Program Manager

Reports ultimately to: ECHO Asia Regional Impact Center Director

Will work in conjunction with: Seed Bank Manager, Research & Technical Associate, Office Manager

Starting Date: June 2018

Duration: Indefinite

Date Document Prepared: June 2018



ECHO is a global Christian organization that follows Jesus by reducing hunger and improving lives worldwide through partnerships that equip people with agricultural resources and skills.



The primary purpose of this role is to oversee the ongoing development and daily operations of ECHO Asia’s Small Farm Resource Center (SFRC) and Seed Bank site, located on the outskirts of Chiang Mai, Thailand. The Farm Manager will work closely with ECHO Asia’s Agriculture Program Manager, Seed Bank Manager, and Research staff to support ECHO Asia’s mission of supporting a regional network of Agriculture and Development Practitioners. This position will play a crucial role in the development of an innovative training and demonstration farm site that will be leveraged to serve the agricultural needs of our network both locally in Thailand and regionally throughout Asia.

This is a management role under the direct supervision of the Agriculture Program Manager. It will require extensive background and experience in agricultural production, both crop and livestock systems, and the ability to conduct agricultural trainings on-site and in the community.

This position will also work closely with the Seed Bank Manager to support seed production and storage. Additionally, this position must ensure all additional aspects of the Small Farm Resource Center are functioning smoothly. Primary duties will include the management of livestock and feed production, appropriate technology demonstrations, and research activities.


Roles of the Farm Manager:

In consultation with the Agriculture Program Manager and Seed Bank Manager, the Farm Manager will:

  • Oversee, coordinate, and follow up with the activities and duties of technicians, hired laborers, interns, and volunteers in the daily operation of the SFRC.
  • Oversee the SFRC to maintain and ensure the overall appearance and order of the facility (including infrastructure and farm related activities).
  • Coordinate with Office Manager to purchase necessary farm supplies and contract labor schedules.
  • Work with Seed Bank Manager to create annual and seasonal plans and monitoring of planting cycles, soil health management, pest management protocols, and related farm activities.
  • Ensure that livestock and livestock technicians are taken care of and are thriving on a daily and-going basis.
  • Work with Research and Technical Associates to develop innovative and practical Appropriate Technologies designed to benefit smallholder farmers in Asia, and determine the best way to verify and share these innovative practices with the network.
  • Coordinate weekly needs related to data collection and research plot management.
  • In consultation with the ECHO Asia team, help plan and oversee the implementation of necessary facility infrastructure and improvements.
  • Welcome visitors and guests to the ECHO Asia Impact Center by leading tours, engaging in consultations, and assisting the Agriculture Operations Manager in providing consultations to ECHO community network members visiting ECHO Asia.
  • Build relationships with visitors and guests from the local community, seeking opportunities to appropriately engage and support local agriculture.


Expectations of the Farm Manager

  • Help organize and participate in weekly and monthly staff meetings.
  • Working to ensure that farm training events, demonstrations, and farmer field days are set up to succeed; this role will require active teaching and training on the part of the Farm Manager.
  • Occasional travel to local training events.
  • Spend 1-3 days per month at the Chiang Mai ECHO Asia Office to assist with the following activities:
    • Discussions with Office Manager and staff to make essential purchases of materials for the SFRC site.
    • Making necessary contacts with local agencies and partner organizations.
    • Locating necessary resources and information for ECHO Asia’s work.
    • Development and maintenance of the ECHO Asia Office garden demonstration plot (soil improvement, planting, weed/pest management, etc.).
  • Maintain overall quality control of the SFRC site by conducting regular facility inspections.
  • Assist in training and supervision of short-term volunteers and interns on the SFRC site.
  • Assist with ECHO Asia’s biennial conference.
  • As much as possible, engage in continued education and professional development activities.
  • Assist the ECHO Asia Office Manager with developing budgets related to the SFRC.
  • Assist the ECHO Asia Director with developing logical framework plans for the SFRC that include six-month and annual report formats.
  • Assist the ECHO Asia Director with evaluating the SFRC staff.
  • Oversee and manage the ECHO Asia SFRC photo library.


Core Qualifications:

  • A committed follower of Jesus Christ who affirms ECHO’s Statement of Faith or the Apostle’s Creed and possesses character traits consistent with ECHO’s core values.
  • Fluent in Thai and working knowledge of English
  • Undergraduate degree or commensurate work experience related to community development (in diverse dimensions: economic, social, environmental)
  • Agricultural production knowledge and experience – esp. regarding small-scale farming systems (has background in both chemical and organic agriculture)
  • Has agriculture extension and training experience
  • Demonstrated ability to work with and take directions from international and Thai national staff
  • Has ability to host both Thai national and international visitors
  • Has ability and experience to teach and/or run trainings and workshops
  • Has basic knowledge of and experience in construction projects (wood, sill and cement as well as electrical work)
  • Has experience working with Appropriate Technologies
  • Able to use agricultural tools and machinery properly, with the ability to provide basic repairs to tools and engines.
  • Has experience in training centre management
  • Has experience in working with governmental agencies including the governor's office, PEA electric, water, phone/wifi and other utilities.
  • Experience in basic agricultural research activities
  • Comfortable with computers and software (Word, EXCEL, Powerpoint and others)
  • Desire to work with a Registered Thai Foundation in order to increase the efficacy and legal standing of the Foundation
  • Humility and a desire to advance the mission and vision of the organization.
  • Demonstrated commitment to a thoughtful integration of word and deed as an expression of holistic Christian witness.


Additional Preferred Qualifications

  • Initiative personality
  • Able to work independently
  • Flexible personality
  • Able to do additional work out of office hours


References and Required Documents

  • Education Certificate
  • Resume
  • ID card
  • Reference letter from three professional or personal contacts (if you are currently working, one of these reference letters must from your current manager)


Location Description

This assignment requires physical presence at the ECHO Asia Impact Center Small Farm Resource Center in Chiang Mai Doi Saket, the ECHO Asia Seed Bank in Mae Ai, aligned Foundations, etc., as needed to successfully complete the job. ECHO is a faith-based Christian organization and requires that all employees must be willing to live in accordance with all ECHO Asia rules and regulations, including signing the ECHO Statement of Faith.


If interested, please send your application document and resume to Daniela Riley (, ECHO Asia Office Manager.

Contact :


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