Local Hiring: Impact, Monitoring & Evaluation Manager

: Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP)
: 8 Nov 2023
01 / December / 2023

Sustainable Rice Platform

Terms of Reference

Impact, Monitoring & Evaluation Manager



The Sustainable Rice Platform is seeking a highly motivated Impact, Monitoring & Evaluation Manager to strengthen our Secretariat team based in Bangkok. The successful candidate will manage monitoring and evaluation of SRP programs and establishment of a robust body of evidence on impact of adoption of sustainable best practices in rice.  


About the Sustainable Rice Platform (SRP)

The Sustainable Rice Platform e.V. (SRP) is a global multi‐stakeholder alliance comprising over 100 institutional members from the public, private, research, civil society and the financial sector. SRP is registered as a not-for-profit member association working to transform the global rice sector by improving smallholder livelihoods, reducing the social, environmental and climate footprint of rice production, and by offering the global rice market an assured supply of sustainably produced rice.


SRP works together with its members and partners to transform the global rice sector. SRP promotes resource-use efficiency and climate change resilience in rice systems (both on-farm and throughout value chains) and pursues collaborative market-led and development-based initiatives to boost wide-scale adoption of climate-smart, sustainable best practices among small farmers. See www.sustainablerice.org


Roles and responsibilities

The overall roles of the Impact, Monitoring & Evaluation Manager are as follows:

  1. To further develop the evidence base to substantiate and validate impacts of adoption of the SRP Standard for Sustainable Rice cultivation within the framework of the SRP Performance Indicators.
  2. To enhance our understanding of the factors affecting expected impacts of SRP Standard practices and their adoption by smallholders.
  3. To identify key learnings to feed into the Standard tool revision, external communications, claims and the SRP Strategic Plan.

These roles will be delivered across three main areas: impact data management, monitoring and evaluation, and stakeholder engagement.

Impact Data Management

  • Develop and maintain a data collection system under SRP’s Data Platform, validating data returned by on-the-ground SRP projects for calculating and reporting on SDG-linked metrics.
  • Oversee development and implementation of an SRP app-based ICT tool for use by SRP members, field operatives or farmers to facilitate data capture, SRP Standard scoring and related functions.
  • Coordinate institutional collaboration, especially with the International Rice Research Institute and other research agencies, and seek funding for field studies to be implemented in key rice-producing countries to expand the existing evidence base and assess synergies and tradeoffs among sustainability outcomes as defined by the SRP Performance Indicators.
  • Monitor relevant studies relating to sustainable rice conducted worldwide and maintain an updated repository of findings, focusing on impacts on key sustainability metrics.
  • Review sustainability claims made by SRP and its members and ensure they can be validated and substantiated by a robust evidence base.
  • Identify opportunities for data generated by on-the-ground SRP projects to contribute to global sustainability databases and reporting frameworks (e.g., Global Compact, Green Bonds Initiative). This includes negotiating data-sharing by SRP members on their own SRP-related field projects.
  • Implement data management systems and tools to store, organize, and retrieve data efficiently, ensuring data security and confidentiality in compliance with applicable national law and GDPR.
  • Ensure compliance with SRP policies and processes for data management.


Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Design and establish a robust M&E system tailored to the specific goals and objectives of the organization. This includes defining objectives, indicators, and targets, key performance indicators (KPIs) and data collection methods in compliance with ISEAL requirements.
  • Oversee collection of relevant field and project data by SRP members. This may involve surveys, interviews, focus groups and analysis of existing data sources to ensure data quality and integrity.
  • Analyze collected data to identify trends, patterns, and insights.
  • Prepare regular progress reports, evaluation reports and impact assessments by compiling inputs from other Secretariat staff, and communicate findings to members and stakeholders.
  • Conduct evaluations, assessments and impact studies to validate/assess credibility of all data. Use findings to make recommendations for improvement in different units.
  • Establish baseline data and benchmarks to measure progress and provide a reference point for assessing impact of SRP best-practice interventions.
  • Manage resources and budget for M&E activities within the program.


Stakeholder Engagement

  • Collaborate with SRP registered projects, stakeholders, and potential donors to ensure alignment of M&E activities with organizational goals and objectives.
  • Stay updated on farmer-facing ICT tools that can support data collection, management, and analysis.
  • Develop messaging to communicate SRP impacts across a diverse stakeholder community.


Required qualifications, competences and experience

  • Minimum Masters Degree in Agriculture, Forestry or Natural Resources.
  • At least 5 years of professional working experience in a similar position.
  • Professional qualification or experience in data management and M&E in agrifood or natural resources sectors.
  • Strong analytical and ITC skills.
  • Capable of working under pressure in a multicultural environment.
  • Excellent leadership and communication capabilities – to be able to effectively manage and communicate with staff, members, and stakeholders at all levels; mentoring competencies and experience are an advantage.


Reporting and working arrangements:

This fulltime position will report to the Managing Director, SRP (Services) Co Ltd. at the SRP’s global Secretariat in Bangkok, Thailand.



Please submit your application including cover letter and CV to info@sustainablerice.org, including a minimum two references. The deadline for submission is 1 December 2023. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Contact : info@sustainablerice.org


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