Project Manager - Mae Ping Forest Project

: WWF Thailand - World Wide Fund for Nature International
: 3 Nov 2023
07 / January / 2024

Position title: Mae Ping Forest Complex Project Manager, WWF Thailand
Directly reports to: Conservation Director, WWF Thailand
Supervises: Project Officer
Location: Bangkok and Mae Ping Forest Complex 

1. Background

For over 50 years, WWF has been protecting the future of nature. As the world’s leading conservation organization, WWF works across 100 countries and is supported by close to 5 million members globally. WWF’s unique way of working combines global reach with a foudation in science, involves action at all levels locally to globally, and ensures the delivery of innovative solutions that meet the needs of both people and nature. WWF has been working in Thailand since 1983 and established a country office in 1995. WWF Thailand has been working on tiger conservation for more than a decade, with activities in support of tiger and tiger prey monitoring though use of camera traps, technical and funding assistance for SMART patrol, tiger prey augmentation, and community education and outreach.

2. Major Function

The Project Manager will oversee and manage all aspects of an integrated project to support the Thai government in enhancing the effectiveness of conservation in three core protected areas in the Mae Ping-Om Koi Forest Complex (Om Koi and Mae Teun Wildlife Sanctuaries and Mae Ping National Park),  with a particular focus on creating the enabling conditions to restore tiger, leopard, and Clouded leopard populations; all three cats are either highly endangered or extirpated in the Complex. The project will have three broad goals: wildlife inventory, enhancement of protected area management and SMART patrol, and increased participation by local residents and other stakeholders in conservation of the park’s natural resources.

The Project Manager will manage day to day operations of the project; develop work plans, safeguards documentation, financial reports, monitoring plans, and donor reports. He/she will build and maintain strong relationships with the three protected area managers and staff, as well as senior leaders of the Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation, and coordinate on  a routine basis with other WWF Thailand programs.

3. Major Responsibilities
Program Development and Implementation

  • Participate in field activities in collaboration with the Project Officer, DNP staff, and contractors;
  • Confer with the Conservation Director and counterparts to develop annual work plans;
  • Monitor progress against work plan to ensure that the project attains its objectives as cost-effectively and efficiently as possible;
  • Provide logistical and technical guidance to the Project Officer and contractors, as required for successful achievement of project objectives and activities;
  • Effectively oversee the management of all project resources;
  • Work with finance staff on budget preparation, monitoring, and reporting; ensure the financial integrity and accountability of project budgets;
  • Ensure DNP research permissions are acquired and maintained;
  • Oversee databases of all project technical reports, presentations, maps, data, photos, and videos;
  • Facilitate donor and VIP visits to project sites;
  • Secure project funding through significant contribution to new proposal development;

Partnership Development and Networking

  • Establish close relations and maintain regular contact with key governmental and non-government conservation organizations and communities in and near the protected areas;
  • Meet regularly with Government counterparts;
  • Represent the project in meetings, workshops, conferences, and symposia.


  • Liaise and introduce activities to the donor and other interested groups, both public and private sector, inside and outside WWF;
  • Coordinate with WWF Thailand Communications Program to develop communications materials.

People Management

  • Lead recruitment and selection of program staff;
  • Serve as direct line manager of one or more Project Officers, including review of individual work plans, managing performance, providing training, and coaching;
  • Work with the HR Program to identify training needs and development opportunities for program staff;
  • Provide training to staff as needed.

Monitoring, Evaluation, and Reporting

  • Conduct program monitoring and evaluation activities as indicated in donor proposals and WWF Thailand policies;
  • Prepare or review semi-annual technical and financial reports;
  • Disseminate technical reports among partners and others as appropriate;
  • Provide regular reports and analyses to the Conservation Director;
  • Lead program compliance with WWF ESSF, Quality Assurance, and Risk requirements.


4. Working Relationships


  • WWF Thailand: Interact on a regular basis with the Conservation Director, project staff, Finance, ESSF, and M&E staff and Project Managers of similar projects.
  • Tigers Alive Initiative: Engage with WWF’s Tigers Alive Initiative a needed for technical and financial support and to ensure program consistency with WWF range wide tiger conservation goals;
  • WWF Network: Coordinate with and consult subject matter experts.


  • Interact with donors, Government agencies at the central, provincial, district, and local levels, as well as NGO partners, communities, and other stakeholders.


5. Requirements

Education and Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in wildlife biology, forestry, natural resource management, or related fields.

Knowledge and Abilities

  • Knowledge of conservation and natural resource management issues in Thailand;
  • Proven understanding of wildlife and landscape conservation policies and organizations in Thailand;
  • Strong ability to collaborate with government agencies, development partners, donor institutions, and the not-for-profit sector;
  • Knowledge of M&E and quality assurance methods;
  • Ability to travel and work in remote areas;
  • Self-motivated and able to work with minimum supervision;


  • A minimum of 5 years of field and management experience in a landscape-scale conservation program, preferably in Thailand;
  • Experience working with Government officials, local communities and/or donors;
  • Experience in conducting biological field studies and coordinating research activities;


This TOR covers the main tasks and conveys the spirit of the tasks that are anticipated for this position. Other tasks may be assigned as necessary according to project/organizational needs.

Contact : hr.th@wwf.or.th


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