Project Officer-Coordinator

: ACWC Thailand - Women’s Rights
: 26 May 2023
16 / June / 2023

Posting period: May 26th to June 16th, 2023.


The Asian Research Center for Migration (ARCM), Center of Excellence on

Asian Migration (ARCM-CE) at the Institute of Asian Studies, Chulalongkorn University, and the Office of Thailand Representative to the ASEAN Commission on the Promotion and Protection of

the Rights of Women and Children (ACWC)


Call for Application


Project Officer-Coordinator (full time – onsite)


Main project: Research and Development for Society on Regional Dialogue Supporting Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Climate Action Planning (Phase 2) – Supported by USAID Mekong For the Future



The project “Research and Development for Society on Regional Dialogue Supporting Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Climate Action Planning” is an ASEAN collaboration project under ACWC work plan (2021-2025) with Chulalongkorn University, which has been supported by USAID Mekong for the Future and World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) in collaboration with concerned ASEAN sectoral bodies, international organizations, CSOs and others.


The project Research and Development for Society on Regional Dialogue Supporting Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Climate Action Planning - Mekong for the Future (Phase 1) was initially implemented in the 5 Mekong Countries; Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam (CLMTV). While the Research and Development for Society on Regional Dialogue Supporting Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Climate Action Planning (Phase 2) upscale to 5 remaining AMS; Brunei Darussalam, Indonesia, Malaysia, The Philippines, and Singapore. This research study and dialogue Phase 2 will afford the opportunity to utilize community-based data and create a nexus between major cross-cutting issues: GESI and Climate Change contributing to awareness-raising of the Global Climate Justice.


The current project on Research and Development for Society on Regional Dialogue Supporting Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Climate Action Planning (Phase 2) also promotes collaboration among the USAID, WWF Asia Pacific and the ASEAN Commission on the Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Women and Children (ACWC), to develop policy pathways and influencing capacity of Civil Society Organizations and related vulnerable groups such as, women, children, elderlies, and persons with disabilities from the ASEAN Member States (AMS).


The project phase 2 will engage in thematic country-led research and regional dialogues. Following the project’s key implementations that will foster and enable platforms for focused stakeholders to exchange data and related experiences, best/good practices, key challenges, and policy recommendations sharing among participants of GESI Mainstreaming in Climate Change, Natural Resource Governance, and Environmental Policies across key sectors in AMS.


To conclude, the outcome of the project’s implementations will build a practical understanding from context-based and evidence-based data sharing of GESI Mainstreaming in Climate Change, and the role of Civil Society in influencing these policies in ASEAN. The project will also provide a research report, documentation, and policy guidelines in strengthening institutional systems on GESI responsive climate action and natural resource governance based on community-led data and documentation. The research project phase 2 will also strengthen collaboration and leverage engagement among the development partners of GESI Mainstreaming in Climate Change, Natural Resource Governance, and Environmental Policies and program in AMS in policy implementation and dialogues.


Duties and Responsibilities

Support the work of the ARCM, and the Office of the Thailand Representative to ACWC for Women’s Rights to implementing the project and other assigned tasks.


A: Project Management and Administration


  1. Guide the development, strategic planning and implementation of the project focusing on achievement of the following results:
    1. Guide the development of the Research and Development for Society on Regional Dialogue Supporting Gender Equality and Social Inclusion in Climate Action Planning (Phase 2) in the AMS, including project implementation design and strategic approach.
    2. Review and provide feedback to ongoing project on related strategies and documents, work plans, partners’ agreements and related deliverables.
    3. Provide technical and administrative support in the preparation of various project documents such as project work plans, reports, presentations (e.g., weekly report, quarterly report, annual report, etc.) and other correspondences on the project’s implementation.
    4. Support implementation of activities in accordance with the project outputs/deliverables.


  1. Oversee and financial management of the project.
    1. Ensure the effectiveness and timely implementation of the project budgets with project’s deliverables and workplan.
    2. Monitor the project’s finances to ensure the delivery rates and utilization of resources to efficiently meet the targets and results.
    3. Advise the project manager on the need for budget revisions or other budget changes.
    4. Prepare the related documents and support financial department on the submission of the financial report.


  1. Manage the monitoring, reporting and communicating results of the project.

3.1 Liaise with the regional researcher (s), national researchers, and/or focal point (s) and lead the monthly monitoring process ensuring the successful deliverables.

3.2 Ensure efficient flow of information across all levels of implementation and facilitate dissemination of resources within the office and project’s implementation partners.

3.3 Understand and serious implementation of practices as indicated in the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).

3.2 Produce monthly updates, quarterly donor reports and other reports as suggested by the project manager and donor (s).

3.3 Coordinate with the project manager, regional researcher (s), national researchers, other project officers and ACWC representatives, ASEC, and donors for meetings, consultations, and others.

3.4 Closely monitor status of project’s implementation; ensure that the deadlines are met; take necessary and strategic actions to ensure project activities and project documents are completed and submitted to relevant parties for consideration and/or approval on time.

3.5 Support in the daily communication with projects’ stakeholders and all relevant parties, including project administration and implementation of the work plan and budgets.

3.6 Efficient comply with policies, rules, regulations, protocols and suggested practices of project’s main stakeholders; ASEAN, USAID, WWF and Chulalongkorn University.

3.7 Deliver assigned tasks by the Project Manager in an efficient, effective and timely manner.


  1. Provide technical inputs and organizing events

4.1 Provide technical inputs to advocacy and resource mobilization efforts to the project.

4.2 Identify resource mobilization opportunities and provide technical support to the project, including preparation of donors’ proposals, and other relevant documentation.

4.3 Coordinate and organize events as indicated in the deliverables of the project, and other public events (if any), such as workshops, seminars, meetings, and provide related logistical support as needed;

      1. Develop meetings/workshops/seminar/events’ concept note, administrative note, invitation letters, and press-release.
      2. Prepare the participant list for clearance and invitation, and draft welcoming, opening and closing speech;
      3. Attend the events and provide administrative and technical supports as a focal point for onsite, online, and hybrid events;
      4. Coordinate and provide administrative and logistical service support of organizing the events including procurement of goods and service such as accommodation, events’ venue, travel agencies, and webinar organizer, etc. and recruitment processes, subsequently managing contracts, maintaining timesheets, tracking invoices and payments; and other tasks as required.


B: Research and Development


  1. Provide technical assistance with relevant stakeholders for research and development implementation which including but not limited to data collection, research analysis, and other technical issues related to the project and women’s rights issue in ASEAN.
  2. Assist in organizing the weekly research team meetings, prepare related discussion’s topics, develop presentations, send the invitation and reminder email to researchers for countries and support in recording meeting, drafting and taking meeting minutes, data collection for reports, and other administrative support as needed;
  3. Provide support in the preparation of research reports; including transcript of the interviews from data collection (if requested).


C: Other Roles and Responsibilities


  1. Perform administrative tasks such as scheduling and organizing meetings; Assist the set up and management of online meetings, events and webinars using Zoom or other video conferencing tools / platforms; Update Google Team Calendar and reminder of the upcoming events.
  2. Assist in the coordination of travel arrangement for meeting participants, experts, resource persons, and other visitors, including prepare itinerary, prepare agenda of the meeting and the necessary documentations.
  3. Perform additional activities that may be required to ensure the successful of the project.
  4. Perform additional tasks related to human/women’s rights’ issue assigned by the project manager / the Thailand Representative to the ACWC for Women’s Rights.


D: Time Commitment and Duty Station

  1. Working full time, on-site, at the office located at Chulalongkorn University; ACWC Thailand for Women’s Rights Office, CU Social Innovation Hub (CU Si-Hub), 2nd Floor. Visid Prachuabmoh Building, Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, 10330, Thailand.


E: Key Performance Indicators

  1. Timely, quality and consistency of management’s support implemented throughout the project implementation.
  2. Effective coordination and reliable information, communication and understanding; strengthening harmony among the team members and our stakeholders.
  3. The project is implemented in a timely and effective manner which in line with the project’s budgets and timeline.
  4. Regular monitoring and evaluation including addressing issues of challenges in a timely manner and suggest for strategic measures and/or practices.
  5. Timely and quality reporting.
  6. Quality of communication and advocacy initiatives.
  7. Strictly implement the NDA.


F: Competencies

  1. Professionalism
  2. Spirit of teamwork
  3. Respect diversity in all aspects
  4. Deep listening and truly understand the message (effective communication both in verbal and written communication)
  5. Respect and comply with offices’ protocols, policies, and regulations
  6. Creative problem solving
  7. Strengthening network and engaging stakeholders
  8. Inclusive communication
  9. Very good in projects’ implementation, planning, monitoring, reporting and evaluation
  10. Understand research and development’s core values; research ethics, design, data collection, analysis, risk assessment, team collaboration, etc.
  11. Ability to analyze and synthesize projects’ performance into analytical reports and inform management and strategic decision –making.
  12. Ability to develop detailed operational plans, budgets, and timely and quality projects’ implementation.
  13. Strong knowledge on ASEAN protocols and operational systems
  14. Ability to plan, prioritize tasks, and professionally work under pressure with all stakeholders and timely deliver the results.
  15. Strong communication and interpersonal skills and ability to contribute to team success and cooperation.


G: Required Skills and Experience

  1. Master’s degrees in Social Science, Political Science, International Relations and Global Affairs, Policy Development and Public Administration, Gender, Human Rights or related discipline.
  2. A first-level university degree in combination with one full year (full time position) of qualifying experience may be accepted.
  3. An ASEAN’s project/program management certification would be an added advantage.
  4. At least one full year (full-time) working in area of ASEAN, ACWC, Gender Equality, Women Rights, Human Rights, and Climate Action with excellent work performance evaluation.
  5. At least three years (full-time) progressively responsible in program/project management; planning and design, coordinating, budgeting, monitoring, reporting and evaluation, with complex and multi-stakeholders’ projects.
  6. Competence in analyze and synthesize projects’ performance data and all types of information in order to produce analytical reports to inform management and strategic decision –making and planning.
  7. Experience in planning priorities, budgets, work plans’ implementation, participating in regional, international, national meetings/workshops/consultations would be an asset.
  8. Experience working in women’s rights, ASEAN, ACWC, research and development program in both qualitative and quantitative research methods would be an asset.


H: Language and knowledge Requirements

  1. Fluency in Thai and English (Written, Listening and speaking, Reading, and Grammar).
  2. Other languages in ASEAN and/or beyond would be an asset.
  3. Working knowledge of ASEAN, ACWC, other ASEAN Sectoral bodies, and stakeholders; including USAID, WWF and Chulalongkorn University would be an asset.


I: Application

  1. All applications must include:

46.1 Letter of interest

46.2 C.V. and relevant certified documents

46.3 Deadline for Application submission is Friday 16th  June, 2023 (17h00-Bangkok Time).

46.4 All documents must be submitted to acwc.tha.assisttwo@gmail.com


Note: only shortlisted candidate (s) will be invited for an interview and written test.


Contact : acwc.tha.assisttwo@gmail.com


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