Creative Communications and Media Assistant

: APCOM Foundation
: 18 May 2023
30 / September / 2023

(See detailed Term of Reference at APCOM website / "Work with Us")





APCOM is a not-for-profit regional organisation based in Bangkok, Thailand, representing and working with a network of individuals and community-based organisations across 35 countries in Asia and the Pacific. 


APCOM works to improve the health and rights of gay men, other men who have sex with men and SOGIESC people across Asia and the Pacific.


APCOM has a primary focus on HIV because it is a key health issue for gay men and other men who have sex with men in the region. APCOM also address other related health issues for our communities such as sexual health, mental health, and drug use.


APCOM also focuses on improving relevant human and legal rights across the region as discrimination, stigma, criminalization and exclusion impact on the health outcomes of the communities we serve.


More information about APCOM can be accessed here



2.1       ABOUT TestBKK

TestBKK is a HIV testing campaign in Bangkok, and it is a part of the regional TestXXX campaign. Other sites that are part of the regional TestXXX campaign includes Ho Chi Minh City (Vietnam), Hong Kong (China), Jakarta (Indonesia), and Manila (the Philippines).


As APCOM’s flagship regional sexual health campaign targeting young gay men in Asian cities with high HIV prevalence among gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM) demography. The campaign aims to complement the existing testing services in Bangkok in reaching a wider young MSM audience and generating HIV prevention, support, and care service uptakes among them. The TestBKK campaign is part of the U.S. Agency for International Development awarded to FHI 360 called the Linkages across the Continuum of HIV Services for Key Populations Affected by HIV (LINKAGES) project. This is a global cooperative agreement funded by the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief. The main activities under the conduct a range of activities to reduce HIV transmission among key populations — sex workers, men who have sex with men, transgender persons and people who inject drugs — and to improve their enrollment and retention in HV services.


The campaign combines innovative, humorous short videos which highlight key messages about the importance of testing, and a comprehensive web –based resource providing practical information about gay and MSM-friendly services in Bangkok providing HIV tests, as well as general HIV prevention information including the importance of consistent use of condoms and water- or silicone-based lubricants – all targeted at the younger generation that are more on-line based and using dating apps. It also capacitates the community organizations to upskill its staff to do on-line outreach, and being able to reach those that national programmes are not yet able to reach.







The primary responsibility of the Creative Communications and Media Assistant is to ensure that organisational campaign promotions, key messaging, and publications are creatively designed, curated and produced according to the standards of the organisation. The officer will also take part in  the internal and external communication efforts and to identify and develop online campaign activities.



The specific scope of work of this position includes, but not limited to, the following:

  1. On a regular basis, develop advertising and marketing assets of APCOM as well as the promotional materials of the TestBKK Campaign according to the advertising and promotional standards of social media platforms;
  2. Provide support in developing, designing and finalising APCOM’s and TestBKK’s knowledge materials, publications, and other communications collaterals before distribution;
  3. Assist in creating visual products based on text-based knowledge products and other strategic evidence (i.e., static/kinetic infographic, PSA video, vox pop video, etc)
  4. Assist in developing communication plans and campaign activities or events;
  5. Work with identified and contracted creative content service providers in conceptualization and development of creative concepts for purposes of campaigning, marketing and promoting APCOM and TestBKK and its activities;
  6. Maintain and ensure the APCOM’s and TestBKK’s branding clarity and consistency across all creative media landing and distribution points;
  7. Assist in media liaison
  8. Assist in visual documentation of projects’ activities and events
  9. Assisting in other duties directed by Executive Director.




  • Technical Training in Computer Graphics, Publishing, Animation, Copywriting or Audio-Visual Production, IT related field.


Professional Experience 

  • Additional qualifications in web design, mobile applications will be an added advantage
  • Minimum 1 years’ experience in the creative advertising industry / sector
  • Must have proven experience in a creative role preferably in the creative, art or advertising department or, brand services
  • Hands-on experience in conceptual creative process including art direction, copywriting, graphic design and brand development
  • Proven experience of developing content for digital platforms
  • Excellent working knowledge of software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign etc.
  • Experience in developing content for well-known brands will be an advantage
  • Strong digital and offline marketing and advertising skills
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Proficiency in both Thai and English (reading, writing, and speaking)







If you think you have the passion, skills and qualifications for this position and would like to join our team please prepare your application, by addressing each point listed in section 4 ‘Knowledge and Experience Requirements’ in the above position description/brief. You are required to state how your skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications relate to the position. It is recommended that you address each criteria separately in point form. You should use statements with examples that clearly demonstrate your competency in a particular area.


Applicants who fail to demonstrate the knowledge and skills required for this position in their application will not be invited to attend an interview.


Please attach this application along with your CV, covering letter and proposed monthly rate and submit to the APCOM Secretariat by emailing JoinUs@apcom.org no later than (please check at apcom website).


The completeness and relevance of your application will determine whether or not you are called for an interview. Where a large number of applicants meet the essential and desirable requirements, only those applicants who most strongly meet the requirements will be selected for interview. The shortlisted candidates will undergo an oral interview.




Please ensure that you have attached and included the following information to ensure you application is complete.


  1. Complete application (addressing each of the points in Section 4: ‘Knowledge and Experience Requirements’)
  2. CV with 3 references
  3. Cover Letter (Please include proposed monthly salary in THB)


For questions or enquiries for the position, please contact the recruitment focal point at HR@apcom.org 

Contact : JoinUs@apcom.org


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