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Position:                               Program Manager- Teacher Empowerment for Student Success


Reports to:                           Director of Programming & Training  


Supervises:                           Programming & Training Specialist- TESS

                                              Programming & Training TEFL Specialist

                                              Program Assistant- TESS


Workweek:                           40 hour workweek



Position Summary:

The TESS Program Manager closely coordinates with the PTS, Program Assistant, and the entire P&T team to develop and manage the TESS project in Thailand and provide support to Volunteers and their Thai community partners. They help to ensure that TESS project goals and objectives are fulfilled and that the project meets the needs of Post’s Royal Thai Government (RTG) implementing and collaborating partners, as well as the expressed priorities of the schools and communities being served. As a senior staff member, the Program Manager actively contributes to the overall direction of the Peace Corps program in Thailand, helps to ensure the safety and security of Trainees and Volunteers and is committed to an inclusive, equitable and equal workplace for both Staff and Volunteers.


Major Duties and Responsibilities:


Peace Corps Thailand closely collaborates with Royal Thai Government (RTG) agencies; the Department of Technical and Economic Cooperation (DTEC); the Office of Basic Education Commission (OBEC); and the Department of Local Administration (DLA), to ensure that the TESS project meets the expressed needs of our local Thai partners. The Program Manager will collaborate closely on the following duties and responsibilities:


  1. Ensure that the RTG and Peace Corps are working from a shared vision toward common goals through regular consultation, meetings, and correspondence;             
  2. Communicate with RTG partners on all project-related matters, including approval of the project plan; support of Trainee request numbers; support of Volunteers in the field; Supervisor and Counterpart conferences; site development and selection procedures; Volunteer terminations, extensions, etc.;
  3. Engage the TESS Project Advisory Committee (PAC) to determine project’s evolving needs, review and revise project goals and objectives, review progress, with the Safety and Security Manager (SSM) establish Site placement criteria, and determine Volunteer permanent site assignments;
  4. Foster positive, collaborative relationships with local Education Service Area Offices, Municipalities, and individual schools in the particular region and ensure that host agencies understand the project purpose and have realistic expectations of Volunteers;
  5. Develop and maintain close working relations with national and international non-profit organizations and other community-based organizations, keeping abreast of projects and innovations in the field of education and community outreach and development;                      
  6. Help to compose periodic reports to RTG partners on project and Volunteer activities. Organize meetings with RTG partners to present the reports and provide project updates.         



The TESS project is designed and implemented so that Volunteers and Thai community partners collaborate closely on shared goals and objectives. The Program Manager collaborates closely with the PTS, PA, and with other programming and training staff, to ensure continuous improvement and innovation in the quality of the TESS program. Collaborative programming duties and responsibilities of the Program Managers include, but are not limited to, the following:


  1. Collaborate with partners to design, plan, and implement a sound project plan according to Peace Corps programming criteria and expressed RTG priorities;
  2. Review and modify the project plan as needed, work with the PTS to estimate projected numbers of Volunteers needed to implement the projects, and  update the Job Specific Request (JSR) and Volunteer Assignment Descriptions (VADs);
  3. Ensure that Volunteers have appropriate work assignments and host communities during their two-year service. Assist PTS, DPT and CD in negotiations regarding Volunteer extensions, replacement, , separations and terminations;
  4. Conduct Site development surveys, with programming staff, of potential Volunteer site placements for incoming groups. Work with project partners and potential Supervisors and Counterparts to develop the Volunteer’s work Site assignment and ensure that selected housing meets Post’s Housing Safety and Security criteria in coordination with the SSM.;
  5. Oversee the tracking and management of Volunteers’ primary and secondary/community project activities. Evaluate progress of Volunteer projects against stated goals and objectives using data to inform program changes and/or training needs;
  6. Identify causes of deficiencies or delays in the project and coach Volunteers in taking steps to overcome them;
  7. Continually seek ways to strengthen the program’s impact by through cultivating 3rd year extension sites, considering Peace Corps Response to strengthen the program, developing sites for highly qualified Volunteers. 
  8. Work with PTS and M&E Specialist to design the most effective monitoring and evaluation systems. Keep accurate files and data on project accomplishments, including reports, statistics, photographs, and more;
  9. Provide Volunteers with feedback and coaching for community project ideas. Act as a resource for information on project design and development and a link to valuable in-country information and contacts;
  10. Administer and compile data from Volunteer Report Forms and other sources for the preparation of the annual Project Status Report (PSR). Collaborate with the other PM to compile and write the PSR, under the direction of the DPT.



Peace Corps conducts extensive Pre-Service Training to prepare Volunteers for their technical assignment, as well as various in-service events that provide Volunteers and their Thai partners updated knowledge and skills in technical and other areas. The Program Manager’s duties and responsibilities in the area of training include, but are not limited to, the following:        


  1. Assist PTS in structuring, designing, and planning a comprehensive training strategy for education Volunteers for their complete cycle of service;
  2. Assist in the implementation of quality training programs, including Pre-Service Training, In-Service Training, Mid-Service Training, Close of Service Conference, and other related workshops or seminars;           
  3. Work closely with the PTS, Training Manager, technical trainers, and other training staff to create integrated competencies for PST;
  4. Collaborate with PTS, DPT to develop a specific task analysis and technical training requirements for the technical component of PST;                                     
  5. Act as a support and resource person for technical training staff throughout PST and assist them in planning, designing, and implementing training sessions when needed;         
  6. Under the supervision of the DPT, help to design, plan, and facilitate occasional specialized in-service training events as well as Diversity, Equity and Inclusion trainings
  7. Provide input for the annual Training Status Report (TSR) and participate in review meetings.


Volunteer Support

Volunteers are provided quality training and ongoing project support that equips them to be self-sufficient and to have a productive and fulfilling experience at Site. The Program Manager is the primary support and contact person for TESS Volunteers. Volunteer support duties and responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:       


  1. Facilitates and demonstrates sensitivity to cultural diversity, race, gender, disabilities and other diverse identities.
  2. Maintain accurate and complete Volunteer program files and Site history files. Support program staff to organize information per HQ policy;
  3. Provide technical and material support to Volunteers through the identification and distribution of appropriate and relevant education methodologies, resources, and information;
  4. Work with Volunteers to improve job performance, including social and cultural adaptation, through technical support, coaching, assessment of work performance, and regular site visits;
  5. Conduct Volunteer site visits, at least annually, empowering them to manage issues regarding work and living situations. Monitor and assess safety and security requirements for Volunteers’ sites;
  6. Provide written feedback in a timely manner to Volunteers on all Volunteer Reports, email correspondence, and phone requests;
  7. Provide assistance to Volunteers regarding work issues and personal needs. Offer continued information and guidance on cross-cultural matters and allyship;              
  8. Respond to and approve Volunteers’ out-of-site requests. Work with Program Assistant to track annual leave and other absences from site using Peace Corps’ Volunteer database;  
  9. Supervise and, when necessary, carry out disciplinary actions for Volunteers in accordance with Peace Corps regulations;
  10. Provide support for Volunteers’ well-being; work with Peace Corps Medical Officer to assist Volunteers during emergencies.


Staff Support

The Programming and Training staff must be sure that programming and training functions reflect and support each other and that P&T efforts are fully integrated. The Program Manager’s duties and responsibilities in this endeavor include, but are not limited to, the following:         


  1. Facilitates and demonstrates sensitivity to cultural and generational diversity, race, gender, disabilities and other diverse identities.
  2. Oversee the work of the TEFL Specialist, PTS and PA to ensure the highest level of quality in project design and implementation and Volunteer support;   
  3. Delegate tasks to the PTS and PA and ensure that they carry out responsibilities as stated in the Scope of Work;
  4. Provide guidance and support to the TEFL Specialist, PTS, and PA; approve annual leave requests; and conduct regular performance evaluations;
  5. Coordinate with the TM and Training Assistant (TA) on all training planning and designs; conduct regular meetings to evaluate the effectiveness of training events;
  6. Participate in and help DPT to lead P&T team weekly meetings;
  7. Be open, flexible, and willing to provide help and assistance to all units of Peace Corps Thailand.
  8. Commit to a diverse workforce of inclusion and equity.


Safety and Security

Every Peace Corps Thailand staff member has duties and responsibilities directly and/or indirectly associated with Safety and Security. The duties and responsibilities of the Program Manager, particularly as they concern Volunteers and Trainees in their projects, include, but are not limited to, the following:


  1. Assist the DPT in fulfilling assigned EAP duties and serve as the Alternate to the DPT in the event the DPT is not available at the time of an emergency;
  2. Coordinate with the Safety and Security Manager (SSM) to identify Volunteer Wardens and provide them with specific emergency evacuation responsibilities and plans; assist in the coordination of meeting places for all Volunteers and Trainees during Consolidation and/or Evacuation phases, if necessary;
  3. Work with programming staff and the SSM to update communication systems, the Volunteer and Trainee Roster, as well as Warden system;
  4. Coordinate communication related to safety and security concerns from CD to Volunteers, Trainees and staff;
  5. Work with the SSM to ensure that Volunteers and Trainees provide up to date site locator forms, site maps, and transportation to site information;
  6. Review thoroughly all housing checklists during site visits, checking safety and security criteria and communicating any concerns to the SSM. Collaborate with the SSM on any follow-up site visits and recommendations necessary.
  7. Addresses safety and security proactively by ensuring appropriate assignments for Volunteers and adhering to Peace Corps Site development policies and procedures.  Identifies and immediately communicates Volunteer safety and security concerns for issues to the SSM and the CD.  Ensures prospective sites meet established programmatic and safety/security criteria (e.g. safe housing, a clearly defined assignment with an organization that shows real interest in working with a Volunteer, etc.).  Reviews and references site history files when evaluating potential sites.  Incorporates appropriate site-specific safety and security- related information into site history files.  Ensures designated host country counterparts participate in counterpart orientation/training and are prepared to work with and support Volunteers, including their role in Volunteer safety and security.  Maintains communication with each Volunteer and solicits periodic feedback, including information about Volunteer safety and security.  Maintains a calendar of Volunteer site visits, and completes appropriate number of site visit to assess Volunteer progress, safety and security, and to provide technical guidance and moral support.  Monitors Volunteer compliance with Peace Corps policies, especially related to safety and security, and initiates corrective action as necessary.  Participates in the design and implementation of the Emergency Action Plan (EAP).  Acts as duty officer, as needed.  Knowledgeable and supportive of Peace Corps safety and security policies and procedures.  Including the timely reporting of suspicious incidents, persons or articles.



May be designated limited supervisory responsibilities if assigned by the Country Director and with the approval of the Regional Director.  Personal Services Contractors (PSCs) may only supervise other PSCs.  (See MS 743a and MS 744a)


Performs management and supervisory functions for the above listed positions. Provides vision and communicates mission and organizational goals to all subordinates. Sets standards and leads by example. Implements/complies with appropriate Peace Corps programs. Secures/allocates/manages resources for effectiveness and efficiency. May be designated other limited supervisory responsibilities if assigned by the Country Director. Develops team members through mentoring, coaching, opportunity, training and work assignments with timely performance evaluations. 


Occasional Money Holder

The personal service contractor (PSC) may be requested to courier cash and/or purchase orders to various vendors who furnish supplies and/or services to Pre-Service Training/In-Service Training site, or other locations as directed by the Contracting Officer.  The PSC may also be requested to courier cash to Peace Corps trainees or volunteers.  The PSC will not be functioning as a procurement or disbursing official but will only be acting as an intermediary between the Contracting or Disbursing Officer and the recipient.  In the case of dealing with vendors, the PSC will not exercise any procurement discretion concerning the supplies or services to be purchased or the cost limits of these purchases; these will be determined by the Contracting Officer.



  • Bachelor’s degree in English Education or relevant field mandatory;
  • Three years’ experience in the Thai government education system and with English education strategy and priorities;
  • Extensive teaching or education program management experience;
  • Fluency in written and spoken English and Thai. Excellent translation skills;
  • Six or more years of related work experience; and
  • Ability to use computers for spreadsheets, presentations and other office functions.



  • Master’s degree in English Education or relevant field preferred.
  • Five years supervisory experience
  • Knowledge of monitoring and use of data to make decisions and inform program direction
  • Significant skills in time management of self and others
  • Experience working across cultures and demonstrated commitment to diversity, inclusion and equity work.


Other Information, including Benefits:

  • Expected Start Date:       After successful background security check
  • Duty Station:                   Bangkok (Dusit District near Krung Thon Bridge)
  • Insurance:                        Group Health Insurance, Life Insurance, and Workmen Compensation Plan
  • Bonus:                              Eligible for 13th month bonus
  • Holidays:                          Approximately 20 paid holidays/year
  • Annual Leave :                 11 annual leave (personal vacation) days/year to start 


Application Period: April 5 to May 4, 2021.


Application Instructions:

Submit a (1) required PC Job Application, (2) required cover letter or email explaining qualifications for the role, expected salary, interest in Peace Corps, and (3) optional resume to:


Required PC Application form and the full Statement of Work are here:


Applications that fail to follow application instructions or address the required qualifications or are submitted after the closing date will not be considered.


Notes: (I) Only Thai nationals only; no visa sponsorships. (II) Only short listed candidates will be contacted. (III) Contractors who resigned or voluntarily terminated full-time employment with Peace Corps in the past 12 months are ineligible for consideration. (IV) Current PC Contractors must have been in their current roles for at least 12 months to be eligible for consideration.




Contact :  

ผู้จัดการโปรเจค / Project manager


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