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Urgently Required! Tender Announcement for Face-to-Face Outsource Agency 2020 : Merchandise Campaign

Organisation : ActionAid Thailand

Position : Urgently Required! Tender Announcement for Face-to-Face Outsource Agency 2020 : Merchandise Campaign

Deadline of submission : 10 July 2020






Tender Announcement

Face-to-Face Outsource Agency 2020


Merchandise Campaign



ActionAid is an international organization, working with over 25 million people in more than 40 countries for a world free from poverty and injustice. ActionAid Thailand (AAT) is part of the ActionAid International Federation and has been working with people and communities in Thailand for a decade addressing issues related to poverty, human rights, education, and women’s and youth’s empowerment.


More information on the organisation will be made available upon request or can be accessed through our website and


As a charity, one of our main objectives is to use our resources wisely and effectively and we are continuously looking for ways to save time and money. To that end, it is the responsibility of the Fundraising & Communications Manager and the Contracts & Procurement Manager to ensure that all Face-to-Face vendors are managed by trusted suppliers who will work with us to deliver services with high integrity and ethics.


This request for proposal (RFP) is established on behalf of ActionAid Thailand to contract an

organisation or company to work with us in the management and delivery of our Face-to-Face activities.


Programme Objectives:

1.         Merchandise/One-time-Giving: To effectively represent AAT in driving one-time-donations through the Merchandise program.



  1. A Face-to-Face Outsource Agency who has at least 3 years work experience organizing events and booth activities in Bangkok shopping malls and Event Venues etc.
  2. Has good reputation in F2F ethics.



Contract period:

Period of Contract: 6 - 12 months contract.



Tender Submission:


Tender submission can be made at no later than 10th July 2020, COB. The required documents for the submission including;


  1. Agency/Company Profile.
  2. Proposal for 6 and 12 month plan and expenses.


The proposer which fails to include any of those documents mentioned above may not be contacted in accordance with ActionAid policy.


Contact :

ระดมทุน / Fundraising


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