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Child Sponsorship Department Manager

Child Sponsorship  Department Manager

Organization : มูลนิธิศุภนิมิตแห่งประเทศไทย

PURPOSE OF POSITION  ( วัตถุประสงค์ของตำแหน่งงานนี้ )


World Vision Foundation of Thailand’s child sponsorship programmes focus on improving the well-being of children in need, especially the most vulnerable.  We aim to alleviate the suffering of children, protect them from any potential harm and/or violence and empower their community. Children are at the heart of everything we do. We are called to bring life in all its fullness for children who are in dire need. World Vision Foundation of Thailand’s FY19-23 Country Strategy ensures that Registered Children especially the most vulnerable are prioritized, included and are properly monitored. WVFT is committed with its sponsorship operations standards and aims to bring about a more meaningful programming to our field staff and beneficiaries as well strengthen the relationship and connections between the sponsored children and their sponsors.

The WVFT Child Sponsorship Manager will have the overall leadership, guidance and management of Child Sponsorship Operations in WVFT (NO, APs and PFAs)  and enabling inter- sectoral collaboration across relevant departments contributing to the transformation of Children, Families, Communities and Sponsors towards  the attainment of Child Well- being.



MAJOR RESPONSIBILITIES ( หน้าที่ความรับผิดชอบหลักในงาน )

1.Team Leadership and Management

  • Drive the implementation (including communication and technical support) of Partnership (SOs) and TFO (local) Child Sponsorship strategies, guidelines, initiatives and policies.
  • Take lead of the implementation of management decisions/recommendations at the National Office in order to meet quality standards, and promote alignment with strategies and standards.
  • Provide leadership to NO Child Sponsorship Team, and manage staff development/ growth in order to build a cadre of high performing staff for effective delivery of Child Sponsorship operations.
  • Provide technical guidance and periodic updates to WVFT MMT and SLT on matters that pertain to addressing Child Sponsorship operational risks, opportunities and effective delivery of Child Sponsorship programming.


2.Strategic Planning and Sponsorship Programming

  • Take lead in the development of Key Sponsorship documents inclusive guidance from GC sponsorship team, Annual Sponsorship operating plan,
  • Provide technical guidance to Field Operations team in planning for major sponsorship deliverables such as APRs, CC, CMS, FLs, BB, GNs,
  • Coordination with MEAL team for the integration of sponsorship in DME processes which includes utilization of monitoring and evaluation data for decision making
  • Provide technical support to Technical and AP teams to ensure programs and projects have clear alignment to sponsorship minimum programming standards
  • Disseminate National Office guidelines for sponsorship programming, sponsorship for transformation, sponsorship & DME process at NO, AP and PFA levels.
  • Actively participate in the Review of NO TPs, CESP, ADP APs/DIPs.
  • Work with the SSUI Coordinator in utilizing the SSUI information for planning in order to address child issues in sponsorship programming particularly on SOI and CMS.
  • Implementation of audit recommendations and prevention of reoccurrence
  • Ensure sufficient, timely and accurate flow of management and operational information and reports, both internally within WVFT and with Support Offices and Marketing, in accordance with the set communication protocol.

3.Manage Sponsorship SOI

  • Develop plans and guidelines for effective and efficient management of Sponsorship SOI
  • Track and monitor SOI and advise Field Teams as well as SLT/MMT on ways to improve performance.
  • Guide teams in the management of SOI in keeping with partnership and National Office contextualized standards.
  • Build teams, coach, mentor and train staff to manage sponsorship operations efficiently & effectively.
  • Develop tracking and monitoring tools for Sponsorship Key Performance Indicators.
  • Conduct field visits and online support for Staff.
  • Manage Annual Partnership Sponsorship processes like Annual Reconciliations SIMMA, SO systems and SSUI

4.Communications to/fro NO/OMs, PMs to/from RO/SOs/Marketing, SDD

  • Manage all Sponsorship related Communications between NO, field Offices and SOs/SDD and relevant marketing team.
  • Monitor and advise on communications (quality) to/fro NO/OMs, PMs to/from EASO/SOs
  • Regular follow up on all Sponsorship communications from RO/SOs
  • Manage (balance) all communication demands vis-à-vis ongoing NO activities.
  • Perform an intermediary role between NO and RO/SOs.
  • Communicate to OMs/PMs/EARO/SOs on Key
  • Sponsorship events (Annual Reconciliation) or operations, follow-up on Reports, documents.


5.Lead Annual Major Sponsorship Activities

  • Develop timeframes and guidelines on annual Sponsorship activities/correspondence (APR guidelines, Annual data reconciliation, APR and Christmas Cards)
  • Lead the designing of APR and Christmas Cards templates and provide guidance to field teams

Manage efficient and effective implementation of Sponsorship annual activities inclusive of Christmas Cards, APRs, RC records update, and Annual Data reconciliation


6.Sponsorship Reporting

  • Develop and review Sponsorship reporting templates and build capacity of staff on how to use them.
  • Review, analyse and submit WV Sponsorship monthly/periodical reports.
  • Offer timely feedback to cluster over Sponsorship reports.
  • Engage senior leadership and management, OMs, PMS, CDFs, PIO and SFS on Child Sponsorship reports.








KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES  ( ความรู้  ทักษะ และ ความสามารถที่จำเป็น )

  • The ideal candidate for the Child Sponsorship Manager Job should possess a Bachelor’s degree in any development related field (social sciences, development studies, management, education, agriculture or public health). Masters degree is an advantage.
  • Good organizational and time management skills in order to manage priorities within own workload, identify deadlines and cope with conflicting demands.
  • Excellent analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Detailed knowledge and understanding of project/programme design, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Familiarity with community based programming and development approaches.
  • Excellent people manager with good team-building skills and proven record of managing and developing teams of professionals, including those in dispersed/distant locations.


Contact :

ผู้ประสานงาน / Coordinatorนักพัฒนาโครงการ / Creative content developerเจ้าหน้าที่ภาคสนาม / Field officerผู้จัดการโปรเจค / Project manager


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