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USAID 72048620R10014 Human Resources Assistant (two-year fixed term)

Please follow the check lists and submission guidelines, posted on the official website:




1. SOLICITATION NO.:  USAID 72048620R10014


2. ISSUANCE DATE: January 10, 2020


3. CLOSING DATE/TIME FOR RECEIPT OF OFFERS:  February 6, 2020/ 11:59PM Bangkok, Thailand local time


4. POSITION TITLE:  Human Resources Assistant (two-year fixed term)


5. MARKET VALUE:  THB 640,601 – 1,121,058 per annum equivalent to FSN-8

In accordance with AIDAR Appendix J and the Local Compensation Plan of USAID/RDMA. Final compensation will be negotiated within the listed market value. 


6. PERIOD OF PERFORMANCE:  Two (2) years contract.


7. PLACE OF PERFORMANCE:  USAID/RDMA, Bangkok, Thailand with possible travel as stated in the Statement of Work. 


8. SECURITY LEVEL REQUIRED:  The successful candidate shall be required to obtain a Security Certification for Employment from Regional Security Office. 



9.1.   General Statement of Purpose of the Contract 

The Human Resources (HR) Assistant (two-years fixed term) is located in the HR Section of the Executive Office, United States Agency for International Development/Regional Development Mission Asia (USAID/RDMA). The position is responsible for supporting Locally Employed (LE) recruitment and operation function to carry out recruitment and operational excellence for USAID/RDMA during the organizational transformation and expansion period. The key areas of responsibilities are managing all aspects of recruitment administrative from sourcing, selecting, and onboarding positions at all levels; support the implementation of HR projects as well as providing day-to-day personnel operation support to HR team.


 9.2.   Statement of Duties to be Performed

A. Recruitment, Hiring, and Onboarding : 40%

Recruitment: Performs a full range of recruitment administrative aspects to support RDMA HR LE (Recruitment and Operation) team. Works with the team to ensure recruitment activities, policies and procedures are implemented effectively and fairly and that all HR related practices are consistently applied. Primary responsibilities include:

  • Ensures adequate funding and approval prior to start the recruitment process.
  • Prepares solicitations and job advertisements. Coordinates with internal / external sections / institutions on posting solicitations and/or disseminate job advertisements.
  • Manages recruitment inbox to receive, organize, and screen applications.
  • Prepares and maintains candidate list, candidate database and application memorandum.
  • Responses general inquiries regarding selection process and timeline.
  • Assists HR team and/or selection committee to review, prepare, and/or format written test questions, interview questions, score sheet, reference check questionnaire and other recruitment material.
  • Schedules written tests and interview sessions. Prepare recruitment material for selection process. Proctor written tests and prepare all logistical arrangements for candidates’ written test and interview. Maintains, organizes, and distributes candidates’ test.
  • Performs reference checks and reviews selection memo for clearance/approval. Prepares document for job offer process.
  • Coordinates the medical and security clearance process. Prepares reviews and processes documentation for clearance process.
  • Maintains recruitment files, database, and trackers. Circulates and tracks document under clearances/approval process. Monitors and ensures recruitment requests are completed on time by following up with responsible staff.
  • Prepares documents and coordinates the pre-employment medical examination, package invoice for certify payment, prepares a request to procure recruitment service such as job advertisement.
  • Manages all scheduling, email correspondence, and/or phone communication in support of recruitment activities such as appointment confirmation, notification to unsuccessful candidates, notification to short-listed candidates, notification to ranked candidates, reference check requests and/or respond to general inquiries from candidates regarding recruitment status and activities. Monitors cases, follows up, or escalates issues to HR supervisors to bring the cases into completion.

Hiring process and onboarding:

  • Ensures necessary clearances, adequate funding and required documentation are in place prior to schedule a new employee’s start date.
  • Prepares and ensures a completion/appropriate distribution of hiring document, i.e., employment contract, supporting documents and Personal Action for new employees.
  • Takes/coordinates necessary actions for a new hire onboarding such as U.S. Embassy orientation, RDMA induction, benefit enrollment, visitor access request, IT and computer set-up, payroll and travel account set up, issuance of new employee bio and welcome packet. Ensure the smoothest possible placement of new employee or transition for internal transfers.


 B. Support HR Projects : 40%

  • Coordinates FSN Fellowship Program between HTCM and RDMA Sponsor offices. Provides guidance and logistical HR support to facilitate the Fellowship process.
  • Supports HR team in coordinating DVC and/or organizes mission-wide HR workshops. Prepares presentation and handouts for participants.
  • Supports HR team in coordinating Thai student internship program. Liaises with RDMA HR, the Embassy RHRO and RDMA Sponsor offices on program details and selection process. Assists RDMA HR with intern orientation, monitors intern performance, and collects intern feedback at the end of the program.
  • Support HR team to analyze and prepare document and/or rearrange/reproduce files and records per audit recommendation.
  • Supports the implementation of Agency Secure Image and Storage Tracking System (ASIST) for local employed staff contract and/or personnel folders. The key responsibilities include;
  • Analyses files and records (paper and electronic files) to be transferred into ASIST.
  • Initiate action plan to ensure actions are completed by project timeline.
  • Prepares documents for filing into ASIST. Convert paper documents to an electronic format, and/or relocate/copy electronic files into ASIST based on file structure requirement.
  • Reports work progress and ensure the project completion by planned schedule; train HR staff to properly use and follow filing practice according to ASIST requirement.
  • Support the implementation of HR priorities such as new HRIS deployment and new Merit Base Compensation and Performance Evaluation system as assigned.


 C. HR Operation: 20%

  • Develops and/or maintains a HR database to track HR operations and projects as assigned. Produces ad-hoc HR reports upon request. Ensures data are correct prior to presentation.
  • Maintains up-to-date Mission staff personnel and contract files. Ensure personnel and contract files are properly organized and maintained.
  • Prepares employment certification letter upon request. Ensures personal and employment information are complete and correct prior to obtaining EXO’s signature.
  • Conducts annual HR record disposition and retires obsolete personnel files. Completes annual HR file plans and essential record exercises. Coordinates with Correspondence and Records (C&R) team to ensure HR data are complete as required prior to submission.
  • Administrates and maintains up to date information of Flexible Work Schedule, Alternate Work Schedule (AWS), and Telework Programs. Provides guidance to employees on program requirements. Review all requests to ensure eligibility prior to approval. Maintain trackers and ensure the up-to-date information of all requests for management review.
  • Prepares employment contract and modification and other contract supporting document such as Negotiation memo, Budget sheet, and Justification for Other Than Full and Open Competition, (J&A) as assigned.
  • Processes a modification of contract (SF-30) to amend employment contract details such as closeouts, change of personnel data, mass amendment on annual incremental funding and/or change of post/contract policies.
  • Assists with distribution of contract, SF-30 contract modification, JF-62 Personnel Action to appropriate personnel.
  • Assist with distribution of personnel transactions for payroll; file and ensure proper distribution of contract document and personnel actions.


The contractor is eligible for temporary duty (TDY) travel to the U.S., or to other Missions abroad, to participate in the "Foreign Service National" Fellowship Program, in accordance with USAID policy.


9.3.   Supervisory Relationship

The incumbent reports to HR Specialist (LE Recruitment and Operation Team Lead).


9.4.   Supervisory Controls

Full supervision of other USAID staff is not contemplated.


10. AREA OF CONSIDERATION: This position is open to Cooperating Country National (CCN). Thai citizen or other country citizen lawfully admitted for permanent Thai residence is eligible to apply. Please note that USAID is not able to sponsor candidates for a Thai residency permit. 


11. PHYSICAL DEMANDS:  The work requested does not involve undue physical demands.


12. POINT OF CONTACT:  Natthika Changprasert/RDMA HR Assistant.



  1. Education: Two years of College or University Studies in Business English, Business Administration or relevant studies in Arts or Social Sciences is required.
  1. Experience: A minimum of three years progressively related experience in HR management functions such as recruitment, employment, onboarding, HR transaction, HR records and information system or administrative experience with a focus on HR support services with multi/international organization is required.



  1. Experience (25 points): Experience in HR management functions such as recruitment, employment, onboarding, HR transaction, HR records and information system or administrative experience with a focus on HR support services with multi/international organization is required.
  1. Knowledge (35 points): Solid knowledge of modern principles and practices of HR management and administration, including recruitment and selection, onboarding, HR transaction, HR administration, employee services, and HR Information and Records Management is required. Working knowledge/Demonstrate potential to acquire knowledge of applicable laws related to recruitment and employment is required. Demonstrates potential to obtain through knowledge of USAID HR policies, regulations and practices is required.

       3. Skills and Abilities (40 points):

  • The incumbent must be able to Excellent interpersonal skills with the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationship with customers at all levels of the organization.
  • Professional maturity. Must be able to work with diverse cultures.
  • Good time management. Must be able to maintain productivity and meet deadlines in a fast-paced environment.
  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills. Must be able to exercise good judgment in handling confidential materials.
  • Must be detailed oriented but flexible to organization needs and changes in priorities.
  • Must be able to learn and apply a variety of policies and procedures. Must be able to enforce compliance to applicable policies and practices.
  • Proficient in using computers and office software such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, e-mail, and Google applications.


Language: Level IV – Fluent in Thai and English with a valid TOEIC score of 855 is required.



To be considered for candidacy, applicants must address each criterion in their application as to how they meet the minimum qualifications required for the position mentioned in Section II, Item 1-2. If the application submitted fails to demonstrate eligibility, the application will be marked unqualified. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide all pertinent information.


Applications will be initially screened and scored for eligibility in accordance with the evaluation factors and points mentioned in Section III, item 1-3. Top-ranked candidates who meet the minimum qualification will be given a recruitment test. Applicants with passing marks from the recruitment test and with a valid TOEIC score mentioned in Section III, item 4 will be invited for an interview. Only shortlisted candidates for final interview will be notified of the selection result. The recruitment test and the interview will be structured around the evaluation factors mentioned above and will be conducted in USAID/RDMA Bangkok, Thailand. Reference checks will be conducted once the applicant pool is narrowed down to the top candidate(s). References may be obtained independently from other sources in addition to the ones provided by an applicant.


USAID/RDMA reserves the right to select additional candidates if vacancies become available during future phases of the selection process.



Please follow the check lists and submission guidelines, posted on the official website: carefully and submit complete application package before the deadline.


  Failure to follow the instructions will invalidate your application.

Contact :

ผู้ช่วย / Assistantทรัพยากรณ์มนุษย์ / Human resources


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