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Logistics Officer (1 open position: only for Thai citizen)

Logistics Officer (General Services) Vacancy


Position: Logistics Officer (1 open position: only for Thai citizen) 

Closing date:  8th December, 2019


Handicap International that runs its program under the operating name Humanity & Inclusion (HI) seeks for a Logistics Officer for Thailand site. Based office is in Mae Sot.

HI reserves the right to not accept applications submitted after the deadline. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for testing and an interview.



HI is an independent and impartial aid and development organization working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. We work alongside disabled and vulnerable people to help meet their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights. For further information about the association:


HI implements 4 projects in Thailand alongside Thai-Burma border: a) Risk Education in 9 camps,

b) Disability and Social Inclusion in 5 camps, c) Rehabilitation project in 5 camps and

d) Growing Together project in 7 camps as well.

All projects implemented alongside Thailand-Burmese border are enrooted into the Myanmar & Thailand Regional Program Strategy for the period 2018-2020.


The strategy aims at working alongside refugees’ people with disabilities and other vulnerable groups, responding to their essential needs, improving their living conditions and promoting respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.


All projects are managed by designated manager coached by the Operational Manager, Country Manager, Thailand. Thailand mission is supported by the Regional team in Yangon for all issues related to logistic, administration, finance and accountancy as well as Technical issues.



The Logistics Officer (General Services) is under the direct supervision of the Logistics Manager. S/he is in charge to ensure that HI vehicles, premises, equipment and facilities are monitored and maintained in compliance with HI's internal regulations. S/he supervises drivers, guards and cleaner. S/he’s in charge to follow-up ICT equipment and provides technical support to HI employees.

S/he travel is in charge to book flight tickets, venue and accommodation for staff travel, meeting, seminar…

S/he participates to the procurement process and equipment follow-up. The Logistics Officer will supervise the logistics assistant who will in charge of the transportation of HI employees, partners and visitors.



Under direct supervision of the Logistics Manager (LM), the ensures the following tasks;


Responsibility 1: Manage HI vehicles fleet and the management of any other means of transport in compliance with HI internal regulations

Aim: To provide safe means of transport of the persons and goods

Benchmark: VMC is done every month and explanations from LO-GS are clear and consistent, respect of HI vehicles maintenance planning, HI vehicles are booked in advance and the planning is update and accurate.

  • Ensure that HI policies and procedures related to HI vehicles are applied and respected (Security Plan, Internal Regulations, Adapted Fleet Management Procedure, Travel Policy, etc.),
  • Provide training and refresher training to HI staff on policies and procedures related to HI vehicles,
  • Ensure that security rules are strictly applied and respected (helmet wearing, seat belt wearing, speed limits, etc.),
  • Support field staff with the implementation and the follow-up of HI policies and procedures related to HI vehicles,
  • Follow-up and manage the maintenance and reparation of HI vehicles from the PSR to the payment of suppliers,
  • Ensure the vehicles servicing are done in accordance with HI Fleet Management procedure,
  • Prepare, on a monthly basis, the summary of fuel consumption for HI vehicles as well as the Vehicle Monitoring Chart (VMC) for Thailand activities, submit these documents to LM for approval according to the approved time schedule,
  • Keep track of vehicle license and insurance dates and send it for renewal before it expires,
  • Be in charge to prepare incident report in collaboration with the concerned staff when HI vehicles are damaged,
  • Ensure that logbooks (car and motorbike) are correctly filled in by HI vehicles’ users,
  • Ensure that new authorized drivers (HI driver and international staff) perform a driving test before using HI cars,
  • Ensure that drivers of HI vehicles have a valid driving license,
  • Support the driving license application and its renewal for international staff,
  • Ensure the follow-up with the insurance company (report of accident, request of reimbursement, etc.),
  • Archiving for the fleets documentation,
  • Follow the vehicle rental procedure if needed to hire external vehicle,
  • Responsible for import & export customs and clearance process,
  • Responsible for Tax registration/exemption.


Responsibility 2: Manage the general services (HI premises)

Aim: HI premises are safe and well maintained

Benchmarks: security of the premises; quality of the search for premises; quality of the management of premises.

  • Carry out the follow-up of rental contracts of HI premises (payment of rental fees, maintenance to be managed by the landlord, etc.),
  • Ensure the follow-up with the insurance company in regards with HI premises (report of accident, request of reimbursement, etc.),
  • Be the focal point for problems that arise in HI premises (HI offices and staff accommodations) and propose and/or provide effective solutions to those problems,
  • Be responsible for the reparations and the maintenance of HI premises and storage facilities,
  • Anticipate and supervise the maintenance and reparation of HI premises (external service providers), follow-up procurement process from PSR to payment of suppliers,
  • Follow-up the procurement process for furniture, small materials and supplies (including cleaning products and consumables) of HI office from preparation of PSR to payment of suppliers,
  • Ensure that entry inventory and exit inventory are systematically done for HI premises (offices and international staff accommodation),
  • Supervise the renewal of expired safety equipment/items (fire extinguishers, first aid kits, etc.),
  • Ensure the respect of safety measures within the office and provide related refreshing session especially to the guard (office closure, use of the generator, use of fire extinguisher, etc.),
  • Participate to the fitting-out of HI office in Mae Sot when there is a new organization of the office space,
  • Assess any potential new premises (staff accommodation, office) based on HI standards,
  • Prepare the annual inventory of equipment in HI premises (offices and international staff accommodation),
  • Ensure deposits are reimbursed by landlords before ending rental agreements.



Responsibility 3: Management of Information and Communication equipment

Aim: IT equipment is well maintained and IT needs are well anticipated; communication system (internet, server, etc.) is performing well and reach professional standard. 

Benchmarks: there is a follow-up of HI laptops and desktops detailing the needs of maintenance, renewal, etc. The server is operational and automatic back-up is done at on a regular basis, Internet access is fast and reliable.

  • Ensure that IT equipment is efficiently monitored; renewal of IT equipment is anticipated and forecasted (a yearly report is prepared to forecast the needs of IT equipment for the following year),
  • Ensure that HI staff is appointed with well-maintained IT equipment (laptop/desktop, phones, etc.),
  • Develop and follow-up the schedule of the external IT service company (monthly maintenance) and request unscheduled intervention of the external IT company anytime it is needed,
  • Ensuring that the mission's means of communication (phone, internet, etc.) are operating correctly and provide corrective measures if necessary,
  • Anticipate the arrival of new staff and make sure that their work-station is ready for the first day work with the necessary working equipment (laptop/desktop, phone, etc.)
  • Ensure that HI premises (office, staff accommodation) are equipped with reliable internet connection, anticipate any situation that could impact the quality of the connection and identify solution,
  • On a yearly basis, prepare a market assessment for external IT services, photo-copy machine rental (leasing), IT equipment companies…


Responsibility 4: Management of Equipment and Fixed Asset

Aim:  Ensure proper usage of HI equipment/ Asset 

Benchmarks:  Managing equipment/Asset. To introduce and monitor adequate means for the smooth running of the programme.

  • Ensure the proper use of equipment (transport, storage and use) in compliance with HI regulations,
  • Monitor and follow up HI material, furniture and equipment’s in HI premises (HI offices and international staff’s accommodation),
  • Maintain for each fixed assets an individual equipment file,
  • Keep the Equipment Monitoring Chart (EMC) updated and ensure that data are accurate,
  • Perform a physical inventory of all HI equipment and material at least once a year,
  • Prepare the documentation related to removal of the EMC (certificate of donation, disposal, destruction, loss, etc.),
  • Organize repairs of equipment.


Responsibility 5: Travel management 

Aim: To ensure a timely and safe running of travel and accommodation management

Benchmarks: Usages of authorized airline for travel and accommodation is fit with minimum standard


  • Ensure Travel Request forms are correctly filled in by HI staff and communicated in advance to Log department (LOGS) in order to book flights, accommodation and venue at the best price,
  • Ensure flight tickets, accommodation (hotel, guesthouse, etc.) are booked accordingly to the travel request form,
  • Ensure a clear communication with concerned staff about the completion of the booking process or any issue you could face during the process,
  • Ensure travel plan is updated and accurate and shared with HI staff,
  • Ensure HI travel Procedures are respected,
  • Be the focal person for mailing (post/delivery) in Mae Sot and ensure the delivery to the concerned person. 


Responsibility 6: Manage the general service team (drivers, guards and cleaners)

Aim: To develop the team’s autonomy and performance

Benchmarks: direct reports' satisfaction with management; quality of the assessments carried out;

  • Supervise and give guidance (training and coaching) to drivers (> 10 staff), guards (> 4 staff) and cleaner (1 staff),
  • Prepare and supervise the planning of drivers, guards, and cleaner,
  • Supervise HR information related to drivers, guards and cleaner (paid leaves, special leaves, sick leave and absence, overtime, etc.) and share these information with HR department on a monthly basis,
  • Supervise drivers, guards and cleaners, set-up objectives and carry out appraisal, if the need arises, initiate disciplinary procedures with the support of the LM and SSC.


Qualification Required: 

Education: Bachelor Degree or significant proven experience.

Experiences:  At least 2 years’ experience working in a similar position with International NGO

Technical Skills & Cross Cutting Skills:

  • Mechanical skills and IT skills are a plus,
  • Proven managerial skills (management of drivers, guards and cleaner)
  • Excellent organizational skills
  • Very strong interpersonal skills: strong communication and diplomatic skills
  • Practical and problem-solver
  • good knowledge of Microsoft Office (including MS Word, Excel, Outlook and Skype)
  • Able to work in a multicultural context,
  • Ability to work well under pressure,

Language skills: Proficiency in English (oral and written)

Behavioral Skills: Active listening, sense of negotiation, self-initiative, adaptation skills, ability to create team spirit and to support team building, autonomy in work and experience in accompanying a team and finding practical solutions.



Local work contract, fixed duration contract (potential to be extended)

Remuneration: Starting from 24,645Baht depending on the experience of the candidate. 

Attractive package with possibility of transportation, accommodation allowance.

We offer also: nice working environment such as 15 days of annual leave, 5 working days office closure in December, 15 days of public holidays, 5 days special leave for family event, Social Security & Worker Compensation Fund, Group life & health, phone card credit, bonus, seniority of 2% after the 1st year of employment and training possibilities.

Start preferably:  6th January 2020

How to apply: In the subject line of the email please write “Logistics Officer”

IMPORTANT: In the content of the CV please outline responsibilities and tasks from previous & current work, volunteer experiences and training received.

Please send all applications (cover letter, CV, copy of Thai ID card, educational certificate, training certificate) to: and


Only candidates who passed the administrative selection will be taken into consideration for a technical assessment and will be afterwards notified of the final decision. Selected applicants may be invited for an interview. HI reserves the right to contact the applicants for further information before the final selection of the selection committee.


Handicap International encourages qualified persons with disabilities or chronic illness and

women and men to apply.


As part of our commitment to keep our beneficiaries safe, our selection processes reflect our commitment to the protection of our beneficiaries from abuse. Employment is subject to our protection standards including background checks and adherence to our protection policies and Code of Conduct”


All information shared by the applicants remain confidential


Contact :

เจ้าหน้าที่ประจำสำนักงาน / Officer


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